nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


15. he's back..... again

amy's p.o.v.

once again it was monday and like usual, i got up at 6AM and hoped in the shower. once i got out of the shower i did my makeup and did my hair first and finally i found an outfit to wear, the outfit i wore was a floral top, black skinny jeans, a teal cardigan sweater and black wedges. after when i got dress, i grab my bag and headed to my car. i close the car door and was about to start it, suddenly someone was at the window of my car, i turned around and saw him. i thought tony was dead, i was there when damon killed him. i was so confused, i rub my eyes if i was hallucinating but he was still there. i stop the car and open my door to see him.

a: what are you doing here, is it really you

t: can this prove it.... *kisses amy*

a: *pushes tony off* u bastard

t: what nice little babies, are one of them mine or damon's

a: *slaps tony's face* it's damon's and mine kids

t: i probably deserve that

a: yes you did, now will you excuse me i'm late for work and my kids are late for their first day of school

t: ok, but we'll talk later,alright

a: *walks away*

t: *catches amy's arm*

t: alright

a: fine, we'll talk later

after tony and i conversation, i drove to the preschool, jennifer and jackson made a lot of new friends, i think they are going to like this preschool. while i was getting the kids to take a nap i got a phone call, it better be damon i'm starving. i answer the phone and it wasn't damon at all, it was tony.

t: hey there, i got you some mcdonalds, can i come in

a: stay away from me, and no you can not come in

t: i'm already here

a: stay away from me tony 

t: can a best friend buy lunch for another friend?

a: well, since you gave me something to eat you can stay for a while, you're lucky damon didn't give me lunch today cause he is really busy

t: *bites lip*

a: why are you biting your lip

t: you know why


t: please let me kiss you once, this time i won't be harsh


t: i promise

t: *kisses amy's lips*

a: *kisses tony back*

t: *moans quietly*

t: *nibbles on amy's neck*

a: *groans quietly*

t: *backs away*

a: well, that, intresting

t: y-yes it was

t: so i better get going, ok 

a: ok, bye tony

t: bye amy

after my day was finished i took the kids and i home and i just order pizza. while i was ordering, damon came in the house with four boxes of pizza, i hung up the phone and help damon with the pizzas. damon, the twins and i just lay on the couch eating pizza and having a fun family get together, about two hours past, jennifer and jackson were asleep also damon too. i pick up jenni and jack to their bedrooms and tucked them into their bed. i went downstairs again and woke up damon, damon and i walked upstairs and went to bed.

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