nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


8. going back to new york

amy's p.o.v.

it was sunday, damon and i started packing up and going to the airport. this weekend was wonderful, im glade that i get to spend more time with damon,cause i never don't except for seeing him in the mornings and afternoons. we hopped in our plane and off to new york, i miss home. we arrive home, when i opened the door everything was destroyed. the pictures, the couches, t.v., and the bedroom. damon was furious and i know who did this, tony. gosh, why can't this man, no he's not a man, he's a fucking dick face bitchy demon. why can't the fucking bastard leave us alone, especially me, cause i'm the one who he's coming after. damon left the house and slam the door, guessing he's going to tony's house. i was all alone, until i heard a voice and it wasn't damon's.

t: hi precious

a: *runs in the kitchen and grabs the sharpest knife*

t: u won't kill me

a: not yet, bastard

t: let's just settle this, amy

a: there's nothing we can settle, tony

t: yes we can, i changed

a: no, u didn't u became more worse than ever before

a: u destroyed my house

a:but no way in hell ur destroying my life

t: can we talk about this

a: ur not listening, i don't want u near me, seeing me, and i want u out of my life where's the sweetest, kind and lovable tony that i meant in kindergarten

t: he's still here

a: dosen't look like it

t: amy, i can be him again, just give me a chance

a:no more chances, and i can't trust you

t: well on that hand, i don't have anything to lose except for u. i tried giving u a chance to start over for me but u left me no choice 






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