nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


16. date night


amy's p.o.v.

it was the next day, tuesday. i got out of the bed and went to the twins room, i changed their diapers and lay them back down on their bed. i went back to damon and mine room and notice i got up hella early, it was only 5:40 in the morning. so, i just turned on the hot shower and pick my clothes out. i hop in the steamy shower, i washed my hair and body and got out of the shower. i put on a towel, then blow dried my hair. after i blow dried my hair, i curled my hair and started to get dress. today i'm wearing a beige ruffle top, bleach skinny jeans, black cardigan sweater and black pumps. now, it was 6:20AM, i got the kids and put on their clothes. they were so adorable with the new clothes i got for them, then i did their hair. damon just got out of the shower and i kissed him on the cheeks and got the twins. i went into the starbucks drive-thru and got two chocolate milk and one blueberry muffin for the twins and i the got usual, caramel frappe and cream cheese danish. after i left the drive-thru, i drove to the preschool. the kids are watching a movie, playing games and taking naps today. two hours later, it was time for the kids to take there naps, and so they did. this time i called damon to pick me up panera bread. i've hadn't been to panera bread since i was only nine years old. a few minutes later, damon came into the room with food. we talk and ate then it was time for him to go, since jennifer was the first one to wake up.

jenni: *yawns* hi mommy, hi daddy

d: *picks up jennifer* hi baby girl

a: did you have a nice nap

jenni: yep

jack: daddy!

a: *picks up jackson*

a: someone else is awake too

jack: mommy, i'm hungry

a:you just ate

jack: i'm still hungry 

a: ok, do you want a bite of my sandwich

jack: thank you mommy

d: jenni are you hungry a little

jenni: really hungry

a: well, the day is almost over for me, why don't you take the kids to mcdonalds damon

d: i would love too, but i have to get back soon

a: ok, i'll take them, some of the kids are waking up anyways and i see their parents in front of the door

d: ok, bye jenni and jack *kisses amy's forehead*

jenni&jack: bye daddy

~skips to mcdonalds~

jenni: you'll never catch me

a: i'm going to get you

jenni: *giggles*

a: hmm, now where is jenni and jack

a: *walks behind the slide*

a: found you two *picks up jenni and jack*

jenni: *yawns*

jack: *yawns*

a: someone is sleepy, let's go home

me and the twins drove home, i took them to their room and put them to bed. i went to the bathroom to wash up, tonight me and damon have a date night. i took a quick shower and got dress after my shower. i'm wearing a black lace dress and some black platforms. my hair was still curled so i just put it in a high pony tail and i did my makeup. i call carly to take care of the twins, damon came home to freshen up. it was about 7PM and our date night started a 7:20PM. i put on a diamond necklace and earrings to match. carly knocked on the door and i welcome her in and told her everything she needs to do.

a: and make sure they are feed, right now they are sleeping

a: if there is an emergency just call me, ok and thanks

c: no problem 

a: your a savior

c: that's what i do, now go on have fun

d:oh, we will

a: damon

d: *laughs* not like that

~skips after date night~

a:thanks again, here's 20 dollars

c: oh no, keep the money

a: i insist, take it

c: thanks, good night

a: night

date night was fun, damon took me to this expensive Restaurant. it was delightful and the food there was delicious. i took off my makeup and put my pink nightgown on and went to sleep right next to my love

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