What if death was just another world which is almost exactly like ours? When people "die" in there they're born here. And when people die here they're born in there. Another one I wrote a long long ago. Probably won't continue this unless there's demand for it.


1. ...

"..." He didn't say. Not that he could speak so it was only expected. But after you hear The News you're supposed to say something, since it was tradition. 

"Did you hear me? I said you only have 2 months to die." At this point people usually cry, though some pray for a spot in the next world. They want to be reborn. But those people are just crazy, because everyone knows there is no death after life. He wasn't a person though so expectations weren't exactly peaking at the moment. 

"..." He didn't say again. His nurse was frustrated. "This job's hard." They told her, but she had no problems with crying or praying. It was the silence that got her. A living silence... growing and expanding... infecting. No one knew why she took the Messenger's job. Most people who worked at delivering The News weren't treated well by death.

Life was a scary thing. Some say you could see the scorching sun. The Last Holy Book IV says"...And so he lived #$%@! ever after..." suggesting immortality after death. Sickening when you think about it, though that might be the smeared vomit that covered up that word. However his nurse didn't believe in death after life. To her life was a big white nothingness: like not being able to do anything but think... except with less thinking involved.

"...." He didn't say. His nurse was surprised, this was a first. Maybe he's reacting to The News? 

"Oh, oh no... I'm sorry sir but it seems like we've miscalculated The News, you actually have exactly 2.6 seconds to die." The nurse said, her eyes were so sorry, but the rest of her body wasn't really into that kind of stuff.


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