Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


7. wrong crowd?


So, Jillian gave me like fifty dollars for the mall. I have never spent more than twenty bucks. So, we finally

Got to the mall. It was weird, the car ride was totally gross. Delia's brother , Brett drove us and him and Aria were like talking about there relationship problems right there. Ugh, sounds like my mom with one of her boyfriends back at home

We arrived to the mall. It was huge."thanks, Honey." Aria said to Brett kissing his forehead. "Thanks bro." Delia said rolling her eyes.

We entered the mall."So, you girls wanna get Starbucks?"Aria said. "Wait, you guys have Starbucks here?" I asked. "Yeah of course. This is Australia not Mars!" Quinn said. "Oh.." I said. "Wait, tells us about life back home, how was life in the states." Aria asked. "Yeah, any relationships, stuff like that." Quinn said. "Uhh, life was kind of hard. My mom was never home. Always working so she could put food on the table. Some of the things I didn't need. She had like 3 jobs in order to let me have cute clothes. Stuff like that. Our apartment was kind of small. One bedroom, she had to sleep in the couch. And when she was home she brought home a guy. Guys mistreated her. I felt so bad. Sometimes it got so bad that she send me to a neighbors so I wouldn't get hurt. My high school was ok, I guess. Kind of shady though. And, I did have a relationship, but it ended in flames. Everything kind of got messed up when I moved. " I said. "Oh, but wait, I'm confused. So did your mom come with your dad to Australia?" Quinn asks. "Oh, my dad left to go to Australia. Ditched me and my mom, for a job here. I actually just met the guy like, a week ago." I said. "Oh, that's right, your dad is Delia and Luke's neighbor." Quinn said. "Yeah." I said. "That's cool, wait so Jillian is your dad's girlfriend?" Aria asks. "Yeah, why?" I ask. "Oh pretty much everyone knows her in the neighborhood. They always have parties at there house, so I have been to your house a lot." Aria said. "Do you guys know anything else about them?" I ask. "Um, they talk about you a lot when we go to the parties. Your dad, he really, felt bad about everything, he was talking about you, Veda. And and, Jillian was very excited about you. She always wanted a child, but they always talk about they don't have time for a baby. With your dad's job and all." Quinn said. " we are all actually all very close with you your dad and Jillian." Aria said. " I can tell. Wait, my dad has, parties?" I asked. "Yep all the time, like Neighborhood parties. Stuff like that. " Delia said. "I have a question, is your name Cordelia?" I asked Delia. "Yep, my family is fancy, wait how'd you know that?" Delia asked. " Quinn told me." I said, for a minute there I forgot we were in line for Starbucks. Quinn was getting it first, then me.

Soon it was my turn, "I'll have a grande salted caramel mocha." I said as I looked up at him. His name tag read chase. " No problem, that will be 4 dollars, hey wait you're here with Delia, Quinn and Aria?" He asked " ah yeah, I'm new so there showing me around." I said as he made my drink. " that's cool I guess, but don't get mixed up in the wrong crowd, just saying." He said, what's that suppose to mean. "Oh, well thanks for the Starbucks I guess." I mumbled. " it's kind if my job, what's your name?" He asked, "Veda." " cool, I hope to see you around." He said handing me my drink. " thanks." I said as I walked away.

After all of us got our drinks we started going to the stores

After a while we went to a couple of stores, like aero, forever 21, h&m, hot topic, top shop, pink and Charlotte Russe and pacson. I got some clothes and we talked a little. "So, you were talking to Chase Greyson? Flirt much. I bet you like him. But, stay away from him he's weird." Quinn said " how's he weird?" I asked, trying to learn more. "I don't know he's just very weird. Hits on everyone, kind of a pervert." Aria said. "In what way, do you talked to him." I said. " I don't need to talk to someone to know there different. And, why do you care?" Aria said standing by pink. "Because, I know what it feels like when people judge you." I said. "Wow, sorry." Quinn said, maybe Chase was right.

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