Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


22. talks



I am 16.

I've been waiting for years.

I hop out of my bed and get dressed.

I threw on a crop top and high waisted shorts. Then did my makeup. I put on my vans then walked downstairs. I was greeted by Jillian.

"Happy birthday sweetheart!" She said.

"Thank you." I said giving her a hug.

"So what are you up to today." She said.

"I'm going to Cold Hearted with Calum and I might break up with Chase today."

"Oh why?" She said.

"He's kind of a terrible boyfriend."


"Ya. Well I'll see you later Jillian." I said.

"Oh are you going to see Calum now?" She asked.

"Yep." I said grabbing a jacket.

"Ok see Ya."

"Bye." I said.

I opened to door to leave.



Michael is standing in front of me.

What do I do.


He had flowers?


"Oh hey."

"Why are you here?"

"So I can talk."

"Well I'm meeting up with Calum."

"Calum? Don't you want to hang out with me?"

"Not really."

"Come on Veda."

"I'm not talking to you."


"Because I don't like you. You're a dick to be honest." I said.

He walked closer.

"Veda please!"

"What do you want?" I said.

"I just need 2 minutes."


We sit down on the front porch.

"What." I said.

"I want to be friends."

"I don't like you."

"Okay you don't have to. I just feel really bad."

"Michael stop. Leave me alone."

"Wait, I got something." He said, reaching for his pocket.

"What?" I said.

He handed me plane tickets.

"What's this?" I said.

"So you can visit your mom. In Wisconsin. Look I felt bad for what I did." He said.

"Wow, I'm going to take this because I miss my mom and my friends but you can't buy your way through things. Bye Michael. See you never." I said and then walked off.

"happy birthday." He said as I walked off.

I started walking to Cold Hearted.

Someone poked my shoulder while I was walking.

I turned around and no it wasn't Michael, it was Chase.

"Chase? What the fuck do you want." I said

"Love you too?" He said.

"I never said that. I don't love you and In fact I'm breaking up with you." I said.

"What the hell? I was supposed to break up with you. I was cheating on you." He said.

"Trust me I knew."


"I found her panties laying on your floor. I'm not an idiot." I said crossing my arms.

I started walking away.

"She's prettier than you!" He shouted.

"Look at me, that isn't possible. I was out of your league any way." I said, looking back.

"You're a bitch." He shouted.

"Okay." I said and then finally left him standing there.


I approached broken hearted and went inside.

I saw Cal and we got the ice cream and then got a table.

"What took you so long?" He asked.

"Ran into Chase. Then broke up with him. It was actually very funny." I said.

"So you're single?"

"I'm a free woman! Plus it's my birthday." I said, then taking a bite of my superman icecream.

"So, will you be my girl friend?" He asked.

"That's what I was going to ask you! Of course I'll be your girlfriend." I said.


I finally get what i deserve. I great guy.

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