Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


19. stalking


It was now 7 o clock and Chase had arrived. We had already ate dinner and then we went up to my room to watch the movie.

"So how are things between you and Michael?" He asked.

"We are not talking." I said.

"Oh. So you guys are done?" He said.


"So your single?"


"Oh, because I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah, that sounds cool." I said.

Wow, I sounded like a dick, but oh my gosh! Yay.

"Ok. Sorry, it's just I have liked you for a while now."

"I have always like you too." I said.

All of the sudden I hear laughter.

"What the hell is that noise?" He said.

"I hear it too," I said.

"It's coming from the window." He said.

Shit,Luke's window is right across from mine, I'm going to beat the shit out of him.

I walked up to my window and opened it. I could see that Luke and Michael were laughing.


"Hi." Luke said, he was laughing.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"Nothing." Michael said.

"Oh really? Listen, stop stalking me. It's really weird." I said.

"Well-" Michael said.

"If you want to not be a dick, you don't stalk and laugh at your ex." I said.

"But, I'm not a dick. I just want you back." He said.

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