Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


5. new school


So lucky for me, I start school today. And plus I've been here for one week. But hey, I'm going back to hell today, lol. I've actually got everything I need for school, locker supplies, clothes and school supplies. And my schedule seems pretty easy. Take a look.

1st hour- study lab

2nd hour- biology

3rd hour- English

4th hour- history

5th hour- physical ed.

6th hour- Lunch

7th hour- algebra

8th hour- home room

I know, I know, why do I have 8th hour home room? I don't know.well, I think I looked ok for my first day. Jeans, my grey vans , v neck and a purple flannel. My backpack was like galaxy-ish. And the cool thing was that, Jillian did my hair, she curled it. Jillian is so nice, she is kind of like a mom figure for me.

The thing that sucked was I had to take a bus to school. I mean, nothing against busses but, I did not want to go on a bus. Bad experiences. Ugh. Well, soon the bus came and I obviously got on it. I took the first seat I saw. Straight dab in the middle, I played it safe. I just sat and looked out the window, until someone said something. "Hey are you Veda?" A boy asked. He was very tall, blue eyes and blond hair and he was sitting next to a girl. The girl looked a lot like him. I turned to him and said, " ah yeah. I'm Veda, who are you?" I said. Wow, I sounded really nervous. "Oh hello. I'm Luke and this is my sister Delia. Wait, Wait, You're Will's daughter? Right?." Luke asked. " Yep. That's me." I said. "Well then, we are going to be your so called mentors. Jillian's request." Delia said smiling. She seemed super cool. Super pretty too. " So, tell us about your self." She said. "Um I'm Veda. I have a cat, I play the drums and I like american horror story." I said. "Wait, are you serious? You play the drums?" Luke asks. "Yeah." I said. "Wow that's super cool. We have a friend who plays the drums, his name is Ashton. He's in our band. It's called 5 seconds of summer." Luke said smiling. Delia giggled. "That's cool, a band, that's awesome." I said. "Now, do you guys have like, a group of friends or something?" I asked. "Actually yes. There is me and Luke, Ashton, this boy Calum, this boy Michael, and my friends named Aria and Quinn. We are all really good friends. You can be in our group if you want." Delia says. " yeah, that be great! Wait, did my dad and Jillian put you up to this?" I ask. " No, no. We want to be your friend. We chose our friends. You seem really cool, Veda." Luke said. Wow, cool, I guess I'm hanging with the cool kids.

Well, the bus soon arrived to the school. It was an okay size, nice. Lucky for me, Luke had the Sam schedule as I did,great. I mean it's not that I don't like him, this is just sorta weird for me.

Before each class, Luke would come up to me and say something. "You don't want to sit in the front." Or "Only raise your hand if you have the right answer." I mean I appreciate the help and all but, who do you think I am? Cady Haron from Mean Girls? Anyways, next was Lunch, and I was going to meet there friends. Easy for me, Jillian packed me a lunch. A turkey sandwich, chips , yogurt and a water. Well when I walked into the cafeteria, my first impression was 'wow this is huge.' So many tables. Luke showed me the table him and his friends sat at. There was no one there though. " they are actually all at detention, but you are going to meet them today, after school. You'll be coming to my house." He said while taking a seat. "Great." I said, but not great.

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