Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


2. Hi. Are you Veda?

After about 14 stupid hours on a plane, I finally got to Sydney, Australia. My mom told me my dad would have a sign that said Veda. So, I'm looking for it now. I see lots of signs. Signs that say, 'welcome home' and some say stuff like ' blah blah blah's family. I'm looking for mine. I see one that has my name but the person holding it was a woman . She approaches me. " Hey there! Are you Veda?" She says, I nod. " Ok, hi. I'm Jillian, I'm your dad's girlfriend. Your Dad had a very important meeting, so looks like I'm picking you up." Jillian said. She seems really nice. She has fire red hair that is wavy. She is wearing a sweater and jeans. Glasses and earrings .

We left the airport and walked to the car. It was really helpful that she carried my luggage, because I had to carry my cat in its little travel bag. Jillian put my stuff in the trunk of her bright red car. She went to the drivers seat and I decided to sit in the back. I felt really weird around new people.

"So, Veda, tell me about yourself. What do like to do, what are you favorite things. Stuff like that." She asks. " Um well, I'm 15. I like one direction, american horror story. I play the drums, I've been playing since I was like, eight. I have a cat, obviously. Umm, I like pizza . And that's pretty much it." I said-" so what about you." I asked. "I'm 35, like your dad. I'm a school social worker , at an elementary school. I play a couple instruments, piano ,guitar , double bass , violin , trumpet and the flute. I have a cat as well, her name is Chloë. Umm, I have dated your dad for 5 years now. And my favorite show is pretty little liars." She says. I'm stunned wow. "You play 6 instruments! Wow! That's cool! Wait do you and my dad live together, any children, are you married?" I say. "Yep, 6 instruments. And yes, we do live together, no children together though. And no, we are not married, yet." She says.

" So do you have a house, condo,apartment?" I ask. "We have a house. It's pretty big. 2 floors, not including basement, 4 and a half bathrooms. 5 bedrooms. One is mine and your father's. One is a music room, one a guest. One is you dad's office and then there is extra room. Which will be yours!" She says. Wow, pretty big house for two people. Maybe there rich or something.

" Now, your dad said you can decorate your room however you want, and he ordered you a drum kit. You can put it in the music room or your own." She said. Wow, he ordered me a drum set! Seems pretty cool, maybe this is a good thing. "Anything else?" I ask. "Um, we enrolled you in school, I know, school stinks. You will start next week so you will have enough time to buy supplies." She said. I wasn't upset about school, I mean I kinda like school. " I don't think school sucks, it's actually cool." I said. She turned back and smiled at me. She told me we would be at the house in 30 minutes. Thank goodness, I need some sleep.


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