Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


13. date with Mikey



So, me and Michael are at the ice cream shop, we are just in line.

"So what do you want?"he asked me.

"A one scope of bubble gum, please. What are you getting?"

"I'm getting a two scope of mint chocolate chip."


Three minutes later we got our ice cream and went to got take a seat at a table by the window.

"So,"I said.

"So like, how do you like it here?"

"It's different. I miss home though, I'm planning on visiting for spring break. Maybe you can come with." I said touching his nose.

"Maybe. So how do like the group?"

"They aren't my type of people."

"What do you mean?"

"The girls are bitches dude."

"I agree with you, they are."

"The boys are cocky, not confident."

"But, what about me?"

"You're cool. Cute as a button."

"It's just like, there not my people."

"I see."

"So, what's up with the Chase guy?"

"Some freak, don't worry bout it"

"Ok. So like, do you know anything about my dad?"

"Oh your dad? Ya, he's super cool. But, let's focus on you."

"Darn, but I hate talking about myself. Makes me look like a bitch."

"See, your so cool."

"Thanks dude."

"So I have a question."


"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Sure why not." I said.

"Do you not care or?"

"Dude I'm kidding! I think you have a funny girlfriend lol."

We laughed, cause that was funny. Or he was just being nice and fake laughing.

"So, Luke and Delia are having a party tonight. Wanna go?"he asked.

"Not really, but we could."

"Great, but you have to stay by me."

"What? Why?"

"Luke's parties are always crazy. "

"Wait, then I don't know if I should. Parties aren't my thing. I don't like socializing."

"Oh. But don't worry bout it. You'll fit in. Now, come one." He said grabbing my arm and pulled me out of my chair.

He pulled me outside.

"Ok, we only we have to walk a block, now. Hope on." He said kneeling down.

"What are you doing?"

"Piggy back ride."

"Oh." I said and then I hopped on.

I don't know what would happen at the party, but I was scared to see what was in store

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