Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


8. Chase and the truth


After last night, I decided to go to the mall again and see if that Chase guy is there. I mean I like Delia, Quinn and Aria but, I have been thinking about what Chase said. I need to find out more.

Jillian was driving me, she told me we were having this neighborhood dinner tonight. She also said she was going to introduce me to the neighbors. Ugh, I don't like people that much.

Well, we arrived at the mall, Jillian was just going to look for shoes while I went to go find Chase from Starbucks.

We got out of the car and quickly approached the mall and walked in. "Look I'll be here to meet you at 5:00 and then we have to go." She said. "Ok great." I said. Perfect, gave me a hour and a half to find Chase and talk to him. He seemed like a nice guy, what did they have against him. I honestly really hoped he was there.

I walked down the mall stairs and walked over to the Starbucks and got in line. The line was short, actually no line. I walked up and asked for a grande salted caramel. "That'll be $4:00." The clerk said. I gave her my money. "Also, do you know were Chase is?" I asked. "Actually he is on break, he's sitting by the table over there." She said pointing to a table were Chase was sitting.

A minute later she gave me my drink, and then I walked over to Chase.

"Hey Chase." I said. "Hey Veda. Nice to see you here." He said. "I wanted to talk to you." I said taking a seat. "You are talking to me." He said. I laughed even though it was a stupid joke. " I want to know about Aria, Quinn ,Delia , Ashton , Michael , Calum and Luke." I said. "You want to know the scoop, the 411 on them?" He said. "Yeah..." I said. "Ok, there the most popular kids in the school. But, bad news. Quinn, Delia and Aria are bitches, rude. They make fun of every girl at school. All of them skip. Like a lot. And the boys, the boys hit on every girl. It's like a game. That Michael boy, he broke my sister's heart. They may seem nice, but trust me, they are anything but nice." He said. "I see. So, why shouldn't I hang around with them? I mean people have there flaws?" I asked. "You really want to be around the people who are always skipping, busy doing bad things? The ones who ruin teenage girls self esteem? They'll turn you into one of those people. Just saying. Have you ever seen Mean girls?" He said. "Please I've seen it 300 times. I know every line. What about it?" I asked. "You're like the Cady Haron of the situation." He said. "Ok then." I said. "Listen, I have to go back to work. Can I see you here tomorrow?" He said. "Ugh sure. I guess." I said. "Coolness, see ya Wisconsin." He said getting up. "Bye. Wait? How do you know I'm from Wisconsin?" I asked. " they gossip too. They're saying you lived on a farm." He said. "Ok then." I said as I walked away.

I made my way upstairs to the entrance of the mall where Jillian told me to meet her. She was already there. I looked at my phone, wow I'm on time.

"Hey." I said as I approached her. "Ready to go." She said grabbing her keys. "So you need to get ready for the dinner." She said. "Ok." I said. "And the cool thing is your friends are coming." She said. "What friends" I asked as we were approaching the car. "You know Delia, Aria, Quinn, Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum." She said. " oh Great."

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