Maybe it's a Good Thing

Hey, I'm Veda. And my life sucks. My father, that I never meet wants me to come live with him Australia. I know, terrible. Things seem different when I meet 3 girls and there 4 friends. Maybe it's a good thing I came here, I guess.


15. are you kidding me?


"Michael! What the hell!" I shouted as both Mikey and Delia looked up from there make out session.

"It's not what it looks like." Michael said.

"Oh really? Then what is it." I said.

I ran off, left the house and went to my house.

I swung the door open and then slammed it closed.

Jillian approached me with Misty and Chloë behind her.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I finally get a good boyfriend and what does he do? The minute I try to go PISS HE LEAVES ME FOR THAT FUCKING SLUt. I know you don't get it, but I'll explain later. I got to go." I shouted and then ran upstairs to my room.

I got inside my room and cried myself to sleep. When, all of sudden I heard something being thrown at my window. My guess Is that it was rocks and Michael throwing them.

I walked up to the window, opened it and without looking down I said, " go away Michael."

"It's not Michael, bird brain." A voice said.

I looked down, it was Chase.

"Let me in." He said.

I walked downstairs, opened the door for him and then brought him to my room.

"What." I said.

"I saw you at the party. Your big outburst. Listen, I told you he was a dick." He said.

"Why were you there, I thought you didn't like them."

"I don't, I just wanted to socialize for once. And so after you ran off, I decided to go home. And I went home to hear your crying. Apparently we are neighbors."


"Yep. Well I think you should at least talk to Michael."

"Ok. But, you are going to come with me. Meet me here at 11 tomorrow."

"Sounds good. Well I'm going to go." He said.



"Thanks, Chase." I said.

He left. And then I fell asleep.

Hey guys! Sorry if this was short! Be sure to check out my other fan fics ! I have 7 of them! See ya


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