I Can't Love You!

Mystic Weasley, what is there to say? Oh yeah, she looks and acts nothing like her twin brother Ron. She is a Gryffindor,but, she has a little bit of each house in her. What happens when she lays eyes on Draco Malfoy? ________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks Mxfia Ariana for the cover Also, thanks JustAsSaneAsLuna for pointing out all the editing mistakes.


5. First day at Hogwarts

Mystic P.O.V.

Before I knew it, it was time to go to Hogwarts. I was so excited, I can't believe this is happening. Fred, George, Ron, mom, and me were all at platform 9 3/4 when a boy that looked about Ron's and I's age came by. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, Ginny just started at him. I pushed her a little to snap her out of her day dream. "Now, you be good for mom and dad, and Ill see you on Christmas break." Ginny nodded her head and hugged me.

We were always had a close sibling bond so, it was hard to leave her. I let go when I heard mom say my name to the kid. I guess its his first time to, I said bye to mom and ran through the platform. I waited for Ron and the kid, when they came through I found out his name was Harry Potter. All that went through my head was he's the boy who lived.

"I would love to hang around but, I need to go find my friend. It was nice meeting you Harry, good luck and hope to see you soon!" I said skipping off. I finally reached the last compartment and saw Pansy and ewe Malfoy. "Why are you here Weasley?" Malfoy asked. "Well Malfoy, why im here is none of your business but, if you really want to know its cause I came her to talk to my friend Pansy." I said walking over to Pansy.

"What happened to you hair?" Pansy asked. "Well one day I woke up to find my older twin brothers with the hair dye in their hands" I said recalling the events. We talked for a hour or so, then I decided to go check up on Ron. When I entered the compartment I saw Harry, Ron and another girl with brown hair. "Hey, Ron I came to check up on you. Also, I couldn't stand Malfoy anymore." I said sitting next to Ron.

Its true the whole entire time we were talking Malfoy was either mocking me or sending me death looks. "Hi, I'm Hermione Granger." The girl said. "Hi, I'm Mystic Weasley. Ron is my younger twin and my names Mystic cause of my eyes." I said greeting her. We all talked fro a couple hours and then We reached Hogwarts, the only way to finish going there was to paddle there. I was in a boat with Pansy cause I felt bad for leaving her. 

We finally reached the staircase when I hear Malfoy making fun of Ron, "You can mess with me but, I will not let you MESS WITH MY BROTHER!" I said stomping up to Malfoy, all the other students started whispering "She just stud up to Draco Malfoy" or "Did you see her eyes they changed red." "Yes, my eyes change colors! No big deal, I know I'm a freak! " I said snapping at the students. Before Malfoy could reply Professor McGonagall came and brought us to the Diner hall where the sorting hat is.

Pansy and Malfoy got sorted to Slytherin. Hermione, Harry and Ron got sorted to Gryffindor and a girl named Luna got sorted into Ravenclaw. I heard people make fun of her I don't know why, but I have a feeling that me and Luna are going to be good friends. It was finally my turn I didn't like going up in front of the whole school, especially with everyone looking at you. I got up and they put the hat on me. My eyes wondered around until I started to hear it talk.

"You are intelligent like a Ravenclaw but you also are sly like a Slytherin. But, the your loyal like a Hufflepuff. What should I put you in.... GRYFFINDOR!" The hat finally said. I cheered and hugged my brothers and friends. After that we all ate and headed up to bed. I share a room with Hermione and as I went to bed I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come cause I could tell it was going to be fun here.


Hey, its Caitlin im having lots of fun writing this book! But, I hope you guys like it also.

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