I Can't Love You!

Mystic Weasley, what is there to say? Oh yeah, she looks and acts nothing like her twin brother Ron. She is a Gryffindor,but, she has a little bit of each house in her. What happens when she lays eyes on Draco Malfoy? ________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks Mxfia Ariana for the cover Also, thanks JustAsSaneAsLuna for pointing out all the editing mistakes.


6. First Class, first new friend

Mystic's P.O.V

"Come on Mystic! Get you or else you will be late for breakfast!" That's what I woke up to. Hermione shaking me and yelling. "I not going to eat! But, I will go down there cause I have a friend to see." I said putting on a pair of black pants and a band t-shirt with my robe over it.

"Ron wait up!" I yelled since he down the hall. "Hey sis how was your first day here?" He asked. "Good, how bout you? Hi, Harry!" I said cheerful. Honestly, I like Harry a little bit but, he would never like me though.

"Hi Mystic." He said a little off. It could be cause he's still new to magic. "PANSY!" I yelled and ran to her. Me and Pansy just walked into the great hall.

I could hear Hermione behind us talking to Ron and Harry about me saying about how we aren't suppose to talk. I HONESTLY DO NOT CARE! "Bye Pansy!" I said walking to the Gryffindor table. "How can you hang out with Slytherin's!? Hermione asked.

"Cause Pansy is my best friend! Also, it is my business who I hang out with!" I was so, angry. That is one thing you never do, judge me.  "Whatever I'm going to Snape's." I said storming off. "Weasley!" I look behind me to see a grease pit, Malfoy.

"What do you want grease pit?" I said in no mood. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today! No that's how all Weasley's are." He sneered. "Do not talk about my family like that!" I was behind furious. "Or what." He mocked.

I just grabbed my wand and pointed it towards his throat. "I am in no mood Malfoy!" I said heading towards Snape's. "You always run away from things! Your weak!" That was the last straw. " Tarantallegra!" I said making his legs go out of control.

"Make it stop!" He sounded defeated. "No thanks, bye Malfoy!" I said finally reaching Snape's. When I got in there, there was a girl with blonde hair. "Hi I'm Luna Lovegood. I'm known as a oddball." She said. "Hi Luna, I'm Mystic Weasley." From there we just talked.

But, before we knew it, it was time for class. He got us all assigned seats and of course with my luck I got paired with Malfoy. "I finally got my legs under control." He whispered. GOD HE'S SO ANNOYING! "Good for you! I don't care!" I said waving my hands in the air.

In the background I heard Harry getting nailed by Snape. Harry obviously doesn't know them, it isn't his fault he grew up in a muggle house! I would've switch place for him right away! After Snape's class we had charm's. From there the day went by fast.

The only drag in the day was Malfoy. But, other than that I loved it! I was now in my dorm that I have to share with Hermione. She would not turn off the light for the life of it! "You probally going to hate me but, Silencio! Imperio, now turn off the light and go to sleep!" I demanded.

She just obeyed what I said. Then I fell into a peaceful sleep but, the dream was a nightmare! It was about Malfoy and me dating! How horrifying!


Hey guys I haven't updated for a while so I updated! I love the spells I used in here! The next chapter in going to be skipping to the detention in the dark forest!  

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