I Can't Love You!

Mystic Weasley, what is there to say? Oh yeah, she looks and acts nothing like her twin brother Ron. She is a Gryffindor,but, she has a little bit of each house in her. What happens when she lays eyes on Draco Malfoy? ________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks Mxfia Ariana for the cover Also, thanks JustAsSaneAsLuna for pointing out all the editing mistakes.


1. About Mystic Weasley

Hi im Mystic Weasley, why? Cause I am different from my family-

I have Purple eyes(they change into neon colors with my mood) and dark brown hair almost black

I am best friends with Pansy, We met when my father took me with him to the ministry when i was 7 years old. You should've heard how Pansy's dad and my dad was fighting. We were just talking getting to know each other when they were fighting. 

I am Ron Weasleys twin, but I'm older

I am very intelligent and very sarcastic also sassy, plus short tempered

The rest you will find out!


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