Badass Horan

Crissy Collins fell inlove with the towns BadAss... Niall horan. He's just the opposite of him... He has blonde and brunette hair.. She has black and pink hair.. He is a kick boxer, she is a developing artist. He makes D's and she makes straight A's. What will happen when they are assigned partners for a class project? read to find out.


4. Working on the project

I ran home and when I arrived I heard my phone buzz. On my way over to your place now babe. oh brother, I thought to myself. A few minutes later his car arrived and I showed him inside. " Hey " he said " Hi " I replied. " so I'm gonna change real quick wears ur bathroom ?" He said. " down the hall, third door on your right" I replied. " thanks " He stated and ran to the bathroom. He came down minutes later in a VERY tight shirt that hugged his toned chest and abs, and loose sweat pants. The sight was so hot, and I was so turned on. " Damn " I whispered. He chuckled and said, " like what you see babe ? " I nodded and he slammed me up against the wall. 

A/N: Wow, 40+ views already. I'm glad you guys are likeing my book. Thank you all so much. Love you guys.

         ~ Daisy

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