Badass Horan

Crissy Collins fell inlove with the towns BadAss... Niall horan. He's just the opposite of him... He has blonde and brunette hair.. She has black and pink hair.. He is a kick boxer, she is a developing artist. He makes D's and she makes straight A's. What will happen when they are assigned partners for a class project? read to find out.


3. The Assignment

There I was sitting in my chair just doodling in my notebook as always when I could scense someone beside me. What do you know, there sat Niall Horan. " what do you want ? " I scoffed. " why, I only want to see you babe " he replied. " don't call me babe " I stated. then the teacher walked into the room and it became VERY quite. " Good morning class !" Our teacher Mr. Freeman retorted. " good morning " everyone said lazily. " You will be working with a partner on a history project over the next few weeks. everyone whispered. " Don't get to excited I will be picking your partners " Everyone groaned. 

Amber and Leo, Ryan and Lia, Tory and Mason, Lizzy and Owen, Carter and Reed, Elizebeth and Scott, and finally Crissy and Niall. " When I heard my name called with Niall's my heart started racing. I could feel his eyes glued to my face. " RINGGGG "  the bell rang and I rushed out of the room and to my locker. " Wait up babe " I heard Niall yell after me. 

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