Badass Horan

Crissy Collins fell inlove with the towns BadAss... Niall horan. He's just the opposite of him... He has blonde and brunette hair.. She has black and pink hair.. He is a kick boxer, she is a developing artist. He makes D's and she makes straight A's. What will happen when they are assigned partners for a class project? read to find out.


1. Meet Crissy Collins

Hello!!! I'm Crissy Collins but everyone calls me CC. I'm 17 and I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters... Yea I know right.. I'm on the cheer leading team ( cheer captain here !!! 😀 ) All my brothers are in middle and high school. My brothers are: Carter, James, Michael and Lucas. My sisters are: Amber and Rose. Amber is is high school and so is Rose. I'm inlove with Niall Horan, the towns Badass. There's two problems here... 1. He's my brother James' best friend. And he basically holds the world record for getting on my last fucking nerve. He sits next to me in ALL of my classes. I've known him since the fifth grade. He ignored me all those years up to about 6 months ago. I have no idea why he's so interested in me. I have the best grades.. I'm the most athletic and yet.. He's just there to bug my ass off. All he ever wants to do is piss me off. In class he throws notes at me.. In the hall he whistles at me. And at lunch he constantly winks at me. And he leaves love notes in my locker, he follows me home.. And the creepiest one yet... He tries to get my attention EVERY goddamn time I am even in a 10 mile radius from him. But the worst thing.. He's so hot.. Sometimes I imagine him naked.. And once in the shower I imagined him just banging me into oblivion.. But that can never happen because I'm just little Crissy Collins the sweetest person ever. They all are SO wrong.. I'm a BadAss who is falling HARD for Niall Horan.. The towns BadAss.

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