Drowning in Air

This story is inspired by a tumblr post I found by the blogger screaming-till-im-numb
It is a great concept but just letting you know it is not mine


1. Prologue

My hair billows around my face as the sailors surround me. One of them comes up to me and crouches down. "So you think you can just come aboard? We have protocol against women on boats, especially pirates" I look up at him through my hair, my green eyes boring a hole through his head. I lift my chin and spit, it lands on his eye. He looks at me, his stony eyes glass over like an animal about to pounce.He jerked his head to the side and wiped the spit from his face. Before I knew it I was being hauled to my feet, my hands and feet tied together and then I was lifted into the air. The sailors carried me to the edge of the boat and held me over the edge. I caught the gaze of a young sailor, he couldn't of been more than 17, he looked at me and I mouthed words to him Help Me he looked away and I felt my face fall. And then so did I.

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