Learning To Love

How can you love when you are afraid of being touched?
How can you touch when you've been touched so many times before?
How can someone do something like that to a kid?
How can someone do something like that to his own son?
Lucas Heather has one of the worst pasts ever
He didn't share it
Didn't talk about it
But still...
Everyone knew what happened


2. Chap. 2

I looked around the dull blank room I have been waking up to for the past month.
You would think I had an important surgery or a really big health problem.
But the truth is far from that. Since I was 5 years old my dad had been hitting me and my mom
It started one afternoon when he got home drunk. They were olny a few punches.. nothing to worry about.. right?
Wrong. It started picking up from there. Until it get to the piont where he raped me.
The first time he did it I was 6.
He's been doing it since then.
Until a month ago. When my gym teacher saw me wincing in pain when we were running
He took me to his office and told me to took my shirt off.
I was so scared that he would find out the truth or try to do something that I had started crying
When he tried to hug me and I flinched away from him, it seemed as though he already knew what was happening.
He told me everything was going to be fine and called the police and then his brother, who turned out to be a psychologist, who also had experience with cases like mine according to him.
After that I don't remember much
I was just too tired to do anything and too scared somebody would do something or of my dad comming back that I was a mess
They decided to give me some medicines to make me sleep, I didn't protestedor said anything because the tought of finally sleeping seemed too good to actually say no
After a few days I woke up and some police officer told me that they had put my dad in prison and asked me if my mom had ever done anything to me
I told them she haven't because she never did, she only acted like that because she wanted to protect herself and make my dad believe that she was on his side. She even helped me out a few times.
They didn't believed me though and just left, I heard them talking and saying I was too fucked up to realize what was wrong or right.
Curtis explained later that I was going to be staying at the hospital while they did a research about my mom so that I didn't have to go to a foster home.
So I've been here since then
Waking up to the same roof
With the same person by my side
Always hoping it isn't just a dream and that I would never have to go back to that house
I've grown really fond of Courtis and he actually manage to calm me down after one of my nightmares
I am starting to trust him more but I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not
After all, every person that I trusted used me or hurt me



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