I'll always love you

I love him but does he really love me?


1. Always?

Ellise's Pov.


"I love you." Connor whispers into my ear. Did he love me? He always says he does. I stop myself from over-thinking, and just nod. "I love you." I say back. He smiles, making his deep blue eyes shine in the pale moonlight. As he leans down and captures my lips with his I feel the familiar spark that has always been between us. It is then that I decide, yes. He does love me.


*Present Day*


"Ellie!" Connor yells from the living room. I huff, frustrated that he won't let me finish cleaning. I heave myself up, careful not to strain my stomach. I walk down the hallways to find a shirt of Connor's on the floor. I roll my eyes at his sudden burst to just think he can throw his dirty clothes all over my house. Well he can't and he's about to find that out. I walk to the living room to see Connor and his best friend, Eli, playing a video game. "What?" I say. Connor pauses the game, coming to stand by me. He's a 6 foot man, with a 6 week pregnant girl friend. I look up at him with a confused expression. "So, you know Eli's  girlfriend Reagan? She's pregnant too! Isn't that great? You two can be like the pregnant twins or something." Connor beams happily at me, and sometimes I have to question him why he's always so happy. I simply nod, and turn to Eli. "Tell Rea that I said congratulations? To the both of you. You'll be great parents. Did I mean that? Of course I did. But I suddenly feel bad for Reagan. Eli is out most of the time, and Reagan works hard to support him and herself. I can't imagine not having Connor around to help me clean the house, or stand behind me while I'm cooking or washing the dishes. I would go mental.


"Babe? What's wrong?" Connor snaps me out of my thoughts by resting his hand on my stomach. "Is it the baby? Did it move or kick?" His beautiful eyes are full of worry and I shake my head. "No. The baby is fine. I was just thinking is all. I'm fine Con-Con." I smirk teasingly at the nickname I know he absolutely despises. He frowns when I call him that. "Don't call me Con-Con. Lise-Lise." He chuckles as I hit his chest because I'm to lazy to come up with a proper comeback. "Shut up Green Giant." I say. He stops laughing, and glares at me. "What did I tell you about calling me green giant? I'll say it and you know I will." He crosses his arms over his chest and I narrow my eyes at him. "You wouldn't dare." I test him. "Oh but I would." He narrows his eyes at me until we're both glaring at each other.
"Small Fry.." He mumbles. I stomp angrily away from him, making my way into the kitchen. I have no idea why I hate being called that, but it gets to me every time. He knows that I'm short, I know that I'm short. We don't need to discuss this on a daily basis. I mean, yeah I called him green giant and it was rude but it isn't my fault he's 6 feet tall. I'm only 5'9'', not nearly as tall as him. I've grown some, and I've been proud of myself for growing. Because when my baby's born, it is most certain that he/she will not share my genetics in height. If I'm lucky, he/she will be a midget.


"Elli? Are you okay babe?" Connor comes into the kitchen a frown set on his face. I turn away from him, grabbing a banana. I peeled the peel back. "Don't talk to me Connor. You said something very offensive to me, which also means you offended your child. Don't try to come and apologize to me now." I say. His face drops, and then he's shaking his head. "No. No baby. You know that I would never offend you or the baby.  It was a joke, I'm sorry. I love you so much. I would never upset you on purpose." He rambles, moving to stand between my legs. He places hands on my stomach, and squats down between them. "Wha-" He cuts me off by lifting my shirt up. He presses his lips to my stomach, kissing all over it. I couldn't help it when tears started forming in my eyes. "I'm sorry." He says, pressing his lips to my stomach once again. I am at lose of words from his overly sweet gesture. "Connor.." I whimper, tears streaming down my face. He stands up, leaning down to kiss me sweetly.


"I love you.." He whispers. I close my eyes leaning against his chest. "And I love you."



[Hiii! It's Bre guys, and I just wrote the first chapter of 'I'll Always Love You.' and I like it a lot. It's simple, yet short. But, that's just the beginning don't worry. And since I'm co-writing, I will probably update when I'm in school. Okaie, bye! x]


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