The Foot Dillema

A famous writer visits a land where large feet are outlawed. He faces various problems due to his large feet. His boring life is turned upside down and inside out.


1. The Envelope

 Small feet make me nauseous. Feet are not meant to be small. They are meant to be large, so that they will support you when you walk. Or run. Or jog. Small feet do not do that. I feel like people with small feet are always on the verge of tipping over. What if those small feet could not take their weight?

 Of course, I never realized that having large feet could be a bad thing. In my mind, large feet were perfect for holding one’s self up. They could run. They could walk. Large feet were the ideal. Except in Maresia, where they weren’t.

 Being the successful author that I was, I had been to many foreign countries before. I had met foreign writers, learned foreign languages, ate foreign foods… the list goes on and on. I often wrote about these countries in my books. Books were the way I escaped my monotone everyday life, so I always incorporated the worldly in my books. The extraordinary was something I strived to find and capture.

Then came the letter. It had been a hot humid day, and I was not in a great mood when I arrived at my home. I also had a bad headache, which only served to bring down my mood even further.

 I stomped up the front steps, only noticing the brightly colored envelope on my welcome mat because my keys had fallen from my grasp. Grunting, I bent over, scooped up the keys and the envelope, and straightened myself out again.


 After a long nap and a cup of blueberry tea, I sat down on my dilapidated sofa to watch the evening news. The air conditioning had ceased to function after I had accidently spilled a cup of tea in the motor, so I fanned myself with an envelope I found lying on the sofa. After a couple of seconds, I realized that the envelope was the one I had received that day, so I ripped it open.

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