It's ok, I promise.

Everything changes for Katrina Lewis when she gets out of middle school and into high school. Everything.


1. Dress

Hayden looked at me. "You should wear that dress. BUY IT!BUY IT!" 
"Hayden shut up. It's not funny. And besides, don't you feel that it's a little showy?"
"No... Well, maybe."
I love shopping with Hayden. He's gay, so he is honest, and doesn't try to get me into showy clothes.
"What about that blue one? That would look good for a promotion dress."
Eighth grade promotion was coming up, and I was picking a dress. There was going to be a dry run tomorrow, then on Monday, we were going to do the ceremony, then a dance. I was going with Jonathan. My hand tingled thinking about it. I was so excited. And so was Hayden. Hayden was going with a guy. His name was Tyler, and they had mad gooey eyes at each other for hours before I had to go. When he offered to come shopping with me, I was sooooo happy. 
I came to, and he gasped dramatically.
"Oh girl, that looks hawt!!!!"
I giggled. "Youthinkitdoesidontknowitsalittlehigh."
I talked too fast. "What?" 
I took a deep breath. "You think it does? Is it to high?
"No, no, it's perfect darlin'" 
So , I bought it. And a black scarf to go with it. I could borrow shoes from Kira. 
When I showed my mother, she grinned. "You can use my rhinestone necklace and earring set. And the butterfly." I gasped. She never let anyone borrow those. "Really?" "Of course" 
"Thank you, mom, thank you so much."

Kira let me borrow her shoes. She gave my two pairs. A pair of heels for the ceremony, and a cute pair of Nya's(Nya was her sister)sandals for dancing. They were all adorable. My moms butterfly, necklace, and earrings were gorgeous. I almost cried.
I was so excited for my dry run the next day, to see how it would work. 
Hayden came over again, and we chatted. Then Vanny came over. Vanny's name is Vanessa. She is gorgeous. We have been friends since kindy, when Vanessa and Hayden stopped Jay from pulling my ponytail everyday.  I loved them to death. 
   Vanessa doesn't know how beautiful she is. She is always wearing baggy clothes. She is so nervous for tomorrow. And Monday. But I'm not. Neither is Hayden. We try to comfort her, listening to 'Southern girl' by Tim McGraw. She finally sighed, and left. Hayden bounced up, and said, "I must gooooooooooo!" He sang the last part. I threw my stuffed blue bear at him, and he left. I was ready to go to bed in ten minutes. Sooooo tired. So I called Kira. Kira is my cousin , and she is amazing. We talked for two hours, until auntie tutu (auntie crystal) made her put the phone down. "G'night" I said.she answered with "to infnity and beyond" then paused." But really, don't sweat it. You'll do fine, luv you, good bye." I put down my samsung, and turned off my lamp. Tomorrow was a big day.




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