Open you Eyes

When Alice get's lost in Natura's, the giant forest that is on the verge of being chopped down for a parking garage, she learns that nature isn't all that bad and she learns her love for it.

( T h i s w a s m a d e f o r s c h o o l )


1. Chapter 1:


It was a perfect spring day, the flowers were blooming, and the temperature was just right. Emily and me were walking down Main Street. “Want to go shopping?” I ask Emily as we walk in front of the mall.

“Ehh, I kinda want to visit the CupCake Shop,” she mumbles as she plays Candy Crush on her phone.

We both walk past the mall and around the corner.

“CupCake Shop is on Commercial and Bur right?” I ask Emily. Emily nods “Next to Luke’s Diner and the gazebo,” Emily replies as the candy on her screen explodes.

I nod and watch the cars drive by

As we walked farther and farther up the street 5 people ran past us holding giant signs that said “Save Natura’s forest” and

“we don’t need more parking we need air”

“What is going on?” Emily nudged in my arm,

“Protesters.” I roll my eyes.

Natura’s was a giant forest that took up A LOT of space and I guess they are turning it into something for parking. I didn’t really like the forest, it always dropped branches in my way and the deer would always give me heart attacks when they run in front of me.

“Are they protesting for Natura’s?” Emily sounded sad, she always had a soft spot for nature.

“Uhh something about a parking lot.”

I muttered.

Emily stared at me and then turned away. We turned onto Commercial , and we strolled toward Burr Street

“So how much money do you have?” I mentioned.

She shrugged and dug into her pocket.

“Twenty dollars ” She said as she held up the twenty dollar bill

“Where did you get that much money, I have like five bucks.” I chuckled

“Working at the Pumpkin Patch last October.” She smiled

I rolled my eyes and nudged her

“I have five bucks from my birthday in October, does that count?” I giggled.

“Nah.” she replied

I dug my hand into my sweatshirt pocket, pulling out a ten dollar bill


“Correction, I  have about ten dollars in my pocket,” I cheer.

As we walked farther into Downtown, 3 more people ran past with signs.

“Must be a big protest.” Emily said concernly

I shrugged and continued walking.

The more we walked the more protesters ran past holdings signs with cheesy slogans.

Just as we turned on Burr we heard the protest begin.

“SAVE NATURA’S SAVE NATURA’S!” they screamed.

Natura’s is way across town and Emily was right when she said it was a big protest.

“Gosh, this protesters are getting on my nerves.” I mutter under my breath as we stop in from of Cupcake Shop.

Emily pushed the door open and I followed in.

It was mostly empty besides a man drinking coffee near the window and an old woman, eating a cookie.

“So, you know what you are getting?” Emily asks as she walks past the display of mouth watering cupcakes.

“I think I am going to take, Earth in a cupcake.” Emily laughs. I continue to pace around the display.

They looked so good, from pigs to paint splatter, to fall leaves to the Simpsons. As I paced along the side, more and more seemed to appear, altering my choices.

“I think I will take Corner Blues.” I announce to the cashier who nodded and punched it in.

The corner blues had a beautiful vision of a old time corner, the streetlight hanging above the window, lighting up the corner, illuminating the puddles and showing the signs of a pharmacy and a coffee shop.

It jumped out to me. “That will be $5.95 please.”

the man behind the cashier said.

Emily handed the man a ten dollar bill.

The man entered it into the cashier.

He handed her back $3.35

“I thought it was $4.05,” Emily whispered to me.

“Plus seven cents of tax,” I whisper back.

She nods and shoved her money back into her pocket.

“By the way you owe me $2.95,” Emily whispers.

I nod and dig my hand into my pocket and pull out my ten dollar bill.

“I will take that!” Emily laughs and snatches the ten dollar bill from my hand.

“Hey!” I snatch it back from her hand.

“I will pay you back later,” I hissed jokingly.

Emily nudged my arm.

I nudged her back.

“Here are your cupcakes,” the man at the counter hold them up.

I grab our cupcakes and followed Emily to the seat near the flat screen tv. The newscaster was talking about Global Warming.

I set my cupcake down on the table and pulled my phone out.

“You're really going to take a picture?” Emily laughs as she plants her teeth into her earth cupcake.

“I want to capture the essence of life.” I giggle.

“Ok…,” she grins

After I snapped a photo of my cupcake I put my phone back into my pocket and pulled the wrapper off the edges. I lifted the cupcake to my mouth and bit into it. “Mmm.” I sigh.

Emily and I started to crack up.

“I hate to ruin this perfect cupcake but it is so good,” I giggle. I bit once again in the yummy cupcake Until nothing but the wrapper was left. I licked the frosting off my fingers and then licked my lips. I crumped my wrapper and  got up to throw it away. I threw it into the waste basket and walked back to the table. “Ready?” I ask as Emily looks at her little chunk of cupcake.”Yeah, I am too full,” she sighed. I grabbed my jacket and she grabbed hers. We were about to leave when the newscaster caught our attention

“Today a big protest has formed in front of Natura’s Forest. Anna Lee Natura grew the forest by hand,when winning the land from a auction. Soon the forest got as big as central park. When Anne died 4 years ago, the property was free to anyone so the city sold it to Schnieders Company. They had announced that they are cutting down the forest to make a parking garage.

The protesters are not very happy with the decisions.

What do you think? Take the poll online here at,” the lady narrates as videos of protesters holding their signs up and screaming.

“They can’t do that!!” Emily yells in frustration as she banged her hands onto the table.

“Apparently they can.” I mutter

I grabbed the napkins and shoved them into my pocket

“Why are you doing that?” Emily asked perplexed

“You never know when you are going to need napkins” I smirk

“Honestly I could care less for that forest.” I confess

“How can you say that?” Emily howled.

“I just never really cared for Natura’s,” I shrug pushing open the door.

“Hey, I have to go to my aunt Suzie’s wedding,. Meet up later?” I ask, holding the door open, letting the nice cool spring wind blow through.

Emily nods. I smile and walk out. I could hear the protest still going on, and pretty strong.

I pulled my phone out and texted my mom I was on my way to the church, and I would be there in a few minutes. I shoved my phone back into my pocket and stopped at the crosswalk.

The hand told me to stop so I did.

I stood there, waiting for the hand to change, but the traffic was pretty heavy. I looked left and right and there was not even a little crack and I was not waiting for it to change

If I passed through Natura’s Forest, I would get there a lot faster, it is only a block away, and the church is right around there. I just don’t know if I can make it through without getting lost. “Why not.” I mumble to myself as I back up and turn left down toward the protest.

“Keep this forest! Keep this forest!”

Walgreen’s wall blocked my view of the protesters.

As I walked closer the giant crowd, the louder their screams were. I stopped before I could reach the crowd

“How am I ever going to get through this crowd of people?” I think to myself.

I slowly start to ponder around the crowd thinking about a way to get into Natura’s Forest, without, you know, getting blocked or yelled at by protesters.

“Well, why stop someone from taking a stroll through the park,” I think to myself.

“Excuse me!” I yell as I push through the protesters.

“Coming through!” I yell some more.

“What are you doing?” people yelled

I just pushed through.

Once I made it through I ran through the gate, I heard everyone else yelling at me to get back but I needed to get to the church before it gets too late.

It was already 2:45 and the wedding starts at 3:00.

As I ran, the trees started to take over the path. Giant roots covering the whole path. I jumped over many of them and tripped a little over others.

Just as I thought I made it past all the giant roots, I felt my foot ram into something hard, which revolved in me falling face first into the dirt.

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