Another story


7. chapter 6

Lara's POV

*next morning*

I woke up with Luke beside me he had his boxers on and I was in my undergarments and his shirt. I got up and went down stairs to find Kat and Ash and Mikey and Bailey cuddling on the couch asleep Luke quietly came up behind me quietly wrapping his arms around my waist making me jump "you scared me, but I have an idea lets wake them up with ice cold water" "yes let's do it you do Mikey and Bailey and I'll do Kat and Ash" so I went to get the buckets and I gave one to Luke and we filled them up with cold water and went to pour them on the couples" "ready 1,2,3" and with that we poured the water on them making them scream but it was hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing about it we ended up on the floor laughing while the others were glaring at us then Cal and Mari came downstairs and started laughing as well "it's not funny " Mikey said yet it was hilarious just the screams alone that came out of the guys mouth then I suggested we go out for breakfast so they got dry and we all got dressed .

After breakfast

Luke's POV

After we went out for breakfast we went back to my place and played FIFA I must say my girlfriend is exceptionally good at it "Lara how the fuck are you so good a FIFA ?" Calum asked "well you guys are shit but I play this all the time with my older brother" Lara replied "wait I didn't know you had a brother" said Ashton "I don't have just 1 but 3 , 2 older 1 younger" she said "wow" said Ashton back "hey Lara can I talk to you ?" I asked her . So she got up and we went to my room I said "Lara will you go on a date with me" she said "yes" so I told her that we leave in 20 minutes so she went to get ready (clothes/hair)

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