Another story


6. chapter 5

Skip the rest of truth or dare

Lara's POV

So I'm pretty sure Kat and Ash are a couple same with Mikey and Bailz I'm so happy for them now everyone has a girlfriend. I'm just happy that I have Luke as my boyfriend he's amazing I love him to death and I hope he loves me too

Luke's POV

I'm so happy for the guys I know about their secret crushes they had on the girls and now they're together. But most of all I'm glad I have Lara because she is an amazing girlfriend and I love her and I'm gonna tell her. "Hey Lara can I talk to you in your room""sure"she said "uh um I just wanted to say that your an amazing girlfriend and I love you" I was afraid if her answer because if she didn't love me I'd be shattered " I love you too Luke" I pushed her up agains the door. I kissed her and again, our hips met each other's.

"This is all about you" I whispered

"Tell me what you want" I whispered and kissed her neck. She took off my shirt first and then kissed me again. I also pulled off her shirt and then lifted her up. I walked to the side of the bed and sat down with her on my lap.

"Do something please" I almost begged her. She starts moving her hips on my crotch.

And we all know where it goes from there

Soz bout not updating✌️out~Lara

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