Another story


4. chapter 4

Luke's POV

I broke the kiss first and I just looked at her and said "wow" she Said "I know" there weren't sparks in the kiss there were freaking fireworks. Lara was just looking at me and then I said "how about we go get some food yeah" she said sure. So we went to taco bill and got some food.

Lara's POV

We went to taco bill and got some food and then we just talked about random things and we decided to go back to my house. When we got back to my house my brothers were there so I introduced them to Luke. I said "Luke this is Dylan he's 22,Bryce he's 19 and Mason he's 13. Luke said "hi" then I suggested we go up to my room so we went to my room and Luke asked "do you want to play 20 questions". I said "how bout we invite Mikey,Ash,Cal and Marina over and we can play truth or dare I will also invite my friends Bailey and Katiana and we can try and set up Mikey and Ash with Bailz and Kat " he said " yes definitely" . So I called the girls and he called the boys

Luke's POV

When the boys and the girls got here we played truth or dare I went first so I said "Ash truth or dare" he said "dare" I said "I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with the girl of your choice as long as it's not Lara or Marina " he said "I should've chosen truth but I can't back out because my punishment will be worse and I choose Kat " so they got up and went to Lara's room considering her brothers were home.

Ash's POV

When I got to Lara's house we played truth or dare and I was dared to play seven minutes in heaven with Bailz or Kat so I chose Kat and we went Lara's room and when we got on there I said to Kat "I know we don't know each other very well but I really like you and I was wondering if you would go on a date with me" she said "YES" after that I asked "would it be a bad thing if I kissed you right now " she said "no" so I kissed her and surprisingly she kissed back and then we heard a knock on the door saying that the seven minutes were up. We went back out holding hands and just before she sat down I pulled her onto my lap and I looked at Lara and Luke who had big grins on their face.

If you don't know what taco bill is it's the Australian version of Taco Bell ✌️out~Lara

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