Another story


3. chapter 3

Luke's POV


I knocked on the door and she opened it and I just couldn't help but stare at her. She looked AMAZING. She was looking at me I was looking at her and then she said "can we go now" I replied with "yea sure". She asked "where are we going" and I said "I will tell you the first place but the second place is a surprise first we will go to the music shop because I know you love music. And I hope you don't mind but Calum and his new girlfriend Marina are going to meet us there".


Lara's POV


When we got to the music shop I went to listen to some music after 10 mins of doing that I walked over to Luke and at that moment Calum and Marina walked through the door. I introduced myself and Marina said "I know who you are" and i was like "how" and she said "Luke talks about you all the time". I said "we should go talk to the boys" she said "yes". So we walked over to the boys and at the same time they said "I see you guys are getting along well" we replied with a "yea". I said "Luke can I talk to you outside" he said "sure".


Luke's POV


Lara told me she wanted to talk to me outside we went outside and she said "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over later". I said "sure do you want to go to the second part of the date" she said "sure". So we went to the park she asked me "why are we at the park" and I said "because I used to come here all the time as a kid and there was one girl who I had a huge crush on that always played here and she was one of the only girls on the park an one day I came and took a picture of her and I've had it ever since I still have a crush on her but I don't know who she is" then Lara said "if you show me the picture of that girl I'll help you find her even though I really like you I'd love to help you". I said "ok but I want to ask you something first". She said "sure" "I said will you be my girlfriend" she replied with "yes yes yes a million time yes now show me the photo" so I got it out and showed her she said "I know who that is" I said "really?" She replied with "yeah it's your girlfriend" I was confused but then I realised she was the girl I'd had a crush on since I was 2 I said" it was you" she said "about time you realised" and then I leaned in for a kiss she leaned in to and before I knew it we were kissing .



So I hope u like this if I can get to 5 favourites I will have a pic of me on the cover ✌️out ~Lara


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