Another story


2. chapter 2

Lara's POV

I got a note from Luke saying I like u do u like me back. I wrote back yes and looked over at him when he read it he had a huge smile on his face. He passed me another note with his phone number and he said text me sometime. Luckily the bell went for lunch so I quickly ran out and to the canteen to find Anaïs or Emily or Eleni or Ben or all four you're probably thinking who are Eleni,Ben and Emily well they are my other three best friends. When I got to the canteen I quickly found Anaïs,Emily and Eleni aka Megan we call her that cause it annoys her. I sat down and ate my lunch then told naïsy,Emz and Megan all about what happened in class after that the bell went and the rest of the day went quickly when I got home I texted Luke

Luke's POV

I'm so relieved to know Lara likes me back when I got home I checked my phone to see if Lara had texted me she had texted me


Me:hi I was wondering if u wanted to hang out sometime

Lara😍:sure when?

Me:how does tmoz night sound

Lara😍:great c u then bye


I had a great feeling about this I knew exactly what I was going to do tomorrow night it was gonna be fun

Time skip next afternoon

Lara's POV

I have it get ready for tonight I decided on my ripped skinny jeans and my blink tank since it was summer that was my summer look. I didn't bother with makeup cause there was no point and I just put my hair in a high ponytail. My thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rang I ran to get it so no one would question Luke and make him fell awkward I opened the door for Luke and he looked wow just wow

I will update more hopefully soon but anyway I need some new characters so if u have and idea tell me in the comments thx ✌️out

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