Another story


1. chapter 1

Lara's POV

He looks so cute standing there but it's so sad he'll never notice me. I should probably introduce myself my name is Lara I'm 17 and I like Luke Hemmings a little bit okay more than a little but ya know. My best friend Anaïs and I were walking down the hall to our lockers to get our books for our next class. We got to class just before the bell went and we went to find a seat luckily there were two open spots next to Luke so I sat next to him and Anaïs sat next to me.

Luke's POV

Calum and I were talking in the hallway near our lockers and then he asked me who I liked and I told him I liked Lara. He said "Lara as in Lara Sweeny" I replied with "yeah" I really like her but I know she doesn't like me back I mean look at her with her long brown wavy hair and those blue eyes plus she's tall and then look at me I'm tall with blue eyes and blonde hair every girl has a crush on me but the only one that doesn't seem to like me is her. Calum and I got our books and went our separate ways to class. I knew Lara was in this class so maybe it was time to tell her how I fell about her. She walked in just before the bell went and she sat next to me I passed her a note saying I like u do u like me back.

Sorry about the quality of this this is my firs fan fic if u notice anything wrong then please tell me

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