Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


12. Why is Starscream's optics blue?

Not everything turns out the way we want it, seriously.Not even in the strange and unusual version of Transformers Animated.Surprisingly we think landing in a different version of Transformers Animated can be the best thing that could ever happen to us. I have unfortunately discovered that it is totally wrong.

"We have to go." Bumblebee said.

"Fine, take this with you while at it!" I tossed the card to Bumblebee. The card landed on his black striped carhood that is above the headlights. "I don't need the card anyway."

The ship had been repaired with the card; it was Sentinel's last request.

Before he was reluctant to use the card, of Allspark power, on the ship. To repair the damage that had been done during the crash landing into Lake Eerie. If it isn't still obvious to what happened; the Card had not brought Sentinel back to life as he should have been. I turn away from Bumblebee keeping myself together and the anguish down.

I didn't need to look over my shoulder to know that Bumblebee has a really reluctant look.

I am staying at Sumdac's place; at least until things are sorted out.

Sentinel's shell had been damaged 'beyond' repair, or so Prowl speculated as to why the card wouldn't revive him.His shell is aboard the ship and so is the Allspark.I went into the crowd of people watching the Autobots board the ship.I turn around to face the gigantic ship. Bumblebee walks up the gray metal platform not sharing a last look to the crowd.

Also, Starscream went 'missing' after the tug of war with Sentinel over who should take the allspark.

I guess Starscream landed in a dumpster.

"It seems the Autobots are leaving." The Reporter robot said.

Well duh.

I recalled how I attempted to resurrect Sentinel and came to no success.

"Come on, card!" I shouted, jabbing the card at the  gray Autobot symbol. "ENTER!"

Prowl had put his servo on my shoulder.

"He has gone to the Well of Allsparks." Prowl said, in a low voice.

I always had kept my anger in, even as I turned towards the Reporter bot, feeling unbelievable fury. I knocked down the Reporter bot at the screen using my balled up right hand.I could feel relief wash over me letting go of the anger gathering in my body.Perhaps this is how men feel after punching out an irritating opponent who had been nagging them.

"That's because they are leaving, duh!" I shout.

The ship left lifting off into space.

I hear the whiz of a laser blaster to my right so it caught my attention. I look right up towards the upcoming red blast tailed by a low dark smoke.I closed my eye expecting for a deadly and imminet impact.I could hear the screams of people shattering the air--and my poor ear-drums--in the way that could outshine a dolphin swimming backward in the water squeaking.A long high pitch noise riddled my ears.


 That sounds much like Starscream.


 I open my eyes to see Starscream has a red helmet with a 'v' shaped yellow design,his faceplate is a light gray, his wings are red with  a yellow hockey stick design on both sides that had a pair of Autobot red Decepticon symbols, his lower shoulder armor is red and his shoulder plating is a dark tint of gray.My eyes went huge seeing his blue chest plating armor that had the design of a yellow star on the red outlined cockpit. One of his optics is similar to a microscope.

Why does Starscream have blue optics?

"Oooh, there's those little baby blue optics." Starscream said.

I screamed.

"Oh." Starscream said, leaning away. "And there's that annoying scream."

I point at him, screaming.

"You can stop screaming at me." Starscream said, covering his audio's. "If you continue screaming your voice box will stop working and you will become a mute." I stop screaming. "Ah, that is much better." Starscream lowers his servos acting relieved.  "Do you know who I am."


Starscream had covered his audios.

"Oh boy." Starscream said. "They went the extra mile."

"Pretty boy; explain." I said.

"Well, you've been out for a long cycle; little...thing." Starscream said.

"My name is Ivy." I said, watching Starscream's optics slightly widen. "Brooke Bell."

"Uh..." Starscream taps his digits together, shyly. "Is that really your first name?"

"Yes." I said,frowning. "I was born under the slagging name 'Ivy Brooke Bell'; I.B.B." 

Starscream sighs, looking over to the left.

I saw there is a red forcefield up that revealed other cells.

Oh scrap I am in the Elite Guard ship again--wait, why is that force-field red not blue?

"I knew someone named Ivy." Starscream said.

I raise a brow.

"Hm?" I ask.

"She's the only reason why I am alive." Starscream said. "She was you."

"What was her full name?" I ask.

"It is fairly long." Starscream said, warningly.


"Ivy Underwood Autospring." Starscream said.

"Man, that is long." I said.

"She went by the nickname 'Auto'." Starscream said, fondly. "A great friend I would treasure."

"What happened?" I ask.

"Bumblebee killed her." Starscream said. "She was like you...Except she came from this world."

"How did you know I am not from your world." I said, folding my arms.

Starscream's optics narrow down towards me in precise detail

"There is two type of blankets wrapped around you." Starscream said. "I had to perform surgery on your chest." He folds his arms shaking his helm while slightly waving his right servo briefly closing his optics. "You were just there when they threw me in. Lain there in the corner of the room sprawled out damaged and out of it. I only came to realize that you were part of the explosion effect Auto had caused during her death."

"Explosion effect?..." I question.

"She...may have done something that made her body be destroyed to save many lives." Starscream sadly said. "Or you came here earlier. But I like to believe her death brought you here."

"Sounds like she did belong here." I said.

"She was Ultra Magnus's daughter." Starscream said. "She didn't take the news lightly. She refused to join the Autobots."

"Wait what?" I said, blinking multiple times.

"You're in my world, little girl, Shattered Glass." Starscream said.


Starscream nods.

"Yes." Starscream said.

"What.the.hell." I said.  "This is too weird."

"Tell me." Starscream said.

"First; this sounds like a far more sophisticated version of Shattered Dreams that I cannot pin-down a good version  to write without redoing it!" I pace back and forth. "You got a generally better design than how many Transformerfans would picture you as in Shattered Glass; to them you are the mad science and the medic."

"I am the loyal scientist and medic." Starscream said. "That part is right."

"This feels weird talking to a guy who'se...not the Icecream I know." I said.

"Call me Icecream one more time, and watch what happens." Starscream said, in  a warning tone.

"Oh, threats, goody." I sarcastically said.

"You're only lucky we're miles away from Earth!" Starscream said, unfolding his arms. "Yes, instead of your so called 'good guys' leaving Earth it is...why..." He came over to the sizzling force field then lightly taps at it paying not an attention to the magnetic electricity sizzling out. "Me." He looks over towards me with a different mood. "One of the last, and few, remaining seekers."

"You can't be the last." I said.

"Note how I mention few." Starscream said, turning towards the field. "They have their motorcyclist roaming the halls."

"Prowl." I said.

"Correct." Starscream said. "And if I can trick him into getting me out, bringing me to the allspark, and escape without costing my life; then perhaps the entire galaxy ahead wouldn't be in the dangers of a Autobot Armada in vast numbers coming to take over their planets."

"We can't let that happen!" I said. "The Autobot Armada part; I mean."

Starscream has a little smile.

"I know someone inside."

"...And you could have escaped earlier." I point out.

"Why our latest disagreements have left me...per say...unable to communicate using my comn links." Starscream said. "I need a Techno--...No way, that is old school." My eyes grew wide hearing the mere mention of Techno Organics. Whatever he had planned was considered old school.  He turns towards my direction.  "I need a Cybertronian Organic to speak with a Cybertronian Organic."

"Techno Organic." I said.

Starscream has a short chuckle turning away from my direction.

" old school." Starscream said.

"What the hell?" I said. "Techno Organic is so new!"

"Old, on the contrary." Starscream said. "Her name is Alice RoseGarth." There is a small pause as a red and white blur zips by. Starscream leans his side against the hall making a frown. "Though she goes by the name 'Rose'."

"Why Rose? Why discard the word Techno-Organics?" I ask. "I am still gonna use Techno-Organics, old fart!"

"She's an African American teenager who looks like a teen but is actually 50." Starscream unexpectedly said.

"...What?" I ask.

"She's 50." Starscream repeats. "50 years since the Allspark turned Rose and left her sister Shanni with a part of cybertronian in her." He turns towards my direction with a guilty look on his faceplate. "It is our fault that it happened to them."  Starscream lets out a guilty sigh. "It was my fault that I shot a part out of the Allspark. It was my fault I made this mess happen in the first place. I only tried to help my leader; that's all."

"You sound like a heroic version of Bumblebee and Ratchet put together." I said.

"No." Starscream said, with a smile. "Blitzwing is the Bumblebee of the team."

" you--" I ask.

"Science requires knowing that the coin is flipped in different universes for our roles." Starscream interjects. "So, does this mean you're helping me or not?"

I just realized they have the allspark aboard.

"Yes." I said.

"Good." Starscream said.

"Does Optimus have his head back?" I ask.

Starscream's optics flicker back and forth between colors; black to blue indicating he's blinking.

"...That is an unusual question." Starscream comments on the matter.

"I know, but I like to know what part in this season we're in for your version of Transformers Animated."

"We have no idea where Optimus is at." Starscream said, lowering his helm. "Let alone how to get  our mole Sentinel out of the stockade."

I gasp; Sentinel lives!

And he's in the brig, goody.

Which means he got caught red handed helping the Decepticons from Cybertron.

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