Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


23. Who's in that pod?

"Before I forget," I said. "Jasmine told me to tell you that Starscream abducted Alice."
"STARSCREAM DID WHAT?" Deb exclaims, still following Jolt.
"He snatched Alice." I said.
Deb looks at me wide eyed.
"How long have you known this?" Deb asks.
"Since you got into the car after chatting with good old Jolt." I said.
"Ivy,you shoulda' told me." Deb said.
"I was busy squealing." I said. "Very busy. But look on the bright side now you know!"
Jolt came to a sudden stop, next he transforms into his robot mode. I swear Jolt has to sit down in order to transform into the little cute helicopter mode which also means that Jolt has to stand up so he can get into his robot mode. Deb parks the car near the tall gray doors. I unbuckled the seat belt then get out of the car feeling slightly  guilty about not telling Deb right away because of the reaction. I can only determine this feeling is guilt because a strange heavy sensation came down my brain then over my heart and my shoulders.
I come to the side of the passenger side door then I may have used my side to shut it.
"Ivy!" Deb shouts. "Stop slamming the door!"
"I shut it," I said.  "Not slammed."
Deb sighs shaking his head lightly.
"...Why you goofball." Deb said.
"Goofball?" I ask. "What's a goofball?"
"A silly person." Deb said.
Jolt opens the doors to the medbay--or is that what the medical room in the stockades are called? I am not really sure since many Transfans have referred to Ratchet's 'doctor' room in the Base as the Medbay--by putting his digits into a handle like gear and slid the doors open. It reminds me of those ninja doors shown in the anime Naruto.
I see Ratchet  has a big magnifiying glass attached to a much short machine set beside the medbed. Instead of the glasses being transparent it is blue with images floating right above the main part used to observe what is small. I gasp seeing a much younger Ratchet--not old and grumpy--complete with two red horns sticking out that white square metal part.
"Jolt, I am busy." Ratchet said.
Frankly Prowl is not covered in purple dots.
"Oh my primus!" I squeal, waving my right hand up and down at Ratchet. "Ratchet looks so young!"
Prowl lowers his helm on the medbed with a relieved sigh.
"I told you so," Prowl said. Prowl seemed unusually content about my arrival. This scene reminded me of a TV show where a character wasn't being taken seriously about a really happening event. "And you didn't believe me."
"Speedy," Jolt said. "Calm down! Take a deep breath in and then out."
"You look so young!" I squeal.
"Well, thanks." Ratchet said, looking at me strangely. Ratchet tilts his helm and his right optic turns into a microscope related part that scanned me. "This is strange...." His unusual part turns back into an optic. "You have all the parts necessary for a human."
"Yep." I said.
"But you have Cybertronian quality in you." Ratchet said.
 I shrug.
"Lets go with Techno-Organic." I offer.
"Technological Organism?" Ratchet asks.
"Yeah!" Deb and I said at once.
"And why are you here?" Ratchet asks.
"We were transported by some means of unknown 'power'," Deb said. "While we were coming back from Fort Campbell in Kentucky."
"Next we're going to Iowa in Burlington!" I said. "IN THE SUMMER! I got 41 years worth of make up time for the Graviton ride."
Deb's phone rang and so he answered it.
"Yello," Deb said, then he had an awkward pause. "Calm down!" He lowers the phone. "I'll take this outside."
"Please do," Ratchet said.
....One hour later...
So in the chaos that ensued following a prison break; Deb learned Sentinel came back from the grave in the new car that Sumdac gave to the Rosegarths and the card no longer is operational. It feels pleasing that I am no longer required to walk around wearing the card around my neck or trust someone to hold on to it while I am on vacation.It truly did feel awesome.
"Oh goody," I said, using the cleaning broom on the foggy pod.  "Who's in that--" I cleared off enough of the fog to see a very familiar helmet, a very familiar faceplate, and very familiar sword sticking out the back compartment. My heart stopped briefly for those ten seconds. "REVENGER!"
I dropped the broom staggering back.
"A Autocon yet to decide his side." Jolt said.  "Most 'Bots around here didn't believe his story."
Deb grabs me by the shoulders.
"Start talking to me, Speedy!" Deb said. "Calm down."
I explained to him the entire roleplay.
" for the name Nitroburst." Deb said.
Nitroburst is not my character; she belongs to Luna-The-Wolf21.Jolt taps on the datapad lightly using his small digits.He looks up, perhaps lost, but the answer on his face didn't seem to be troubling at all.
"There is no cybertronian by the name Nitroburst." Jolt said.
"Why, that's a shocker." I said.
In the end a couple Decepticons escaped to Planet Earth because of a space bridge Jolt set up for me and Deb  earlier. So that meant the Autobots who were around had to come and get those fugitives back. Guess who we got? Ratchet and Prowl.
Though Prowl mentioned that Conda and he have unfinished business.

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