Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


3. We will rock you after watching this movie

"...Is this true?" Sentinel said, as the end credits rolled.

"It is fictional, Tick."  I said.

Sentinel reminded me of a fictional character in a blue costume with a big clear chin called The Tick.I mean seriously give Sentinel a bucket of blue paint and extended those audio receptors to hang in a curled up fashion then the resemble-ence would be uncanny between television and a really real life robot standing before me.

"My name is not Tick." Sentinel said.

"Tik Tok on the clock, I will fight until it is sunlight!" I randomly sang.  "Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like P-Diddy,boys break our phones, phones, phone, and so I decide to go out." I snap my fingers actually making a perfect snap for once. "Soo wo-o--oh-ah!" I twirl around in a circle. "Don't stop, make it pop, don't start the party until I walk in--"

"Toys; dying." Prowl interjects.  "Are you sure this is a youngling's movie?"

"Kids movie." I correct Prowl holding my right hand's fingers out and held my left hands fingers above them ready to mention some elements. "It has a slagging cowboy, a horse, and a indian brought to life in a cupboard!"

"That is not very fulfilling to a Parental movie." Prowl complains.

"The rat died, Prowl." I said.  "And so did the old guy." I point over to the ending credits showing the various figures from the beginning shown. "The ending significance was based on the boy being friends with the Indian much less visit Little Bear in real life in the forest." I seriously want to read some Indian in the cupboard books. "Omar had that vision damn it."

"Vision?"  Prowl and Sentinel said at once in a questionable tone.

I clench at my hair.

"You weren't paying any attention to the damn movie, weren't you?" I ask.

"The background was changing fast." Sentinel admits.

"It's a movie for pete's sake!" I said.

"I paid attention." Prowl said, folding his arms.  "I am only confused why you like it."

I pinch my forehead shaking my head while grumbling,  'Prowl is such a oldy' in a low voice to myself. Heck I won't believe that Prowl could hear such a lower voice going beyond the logic and realm of vocal tones being carried through an empty void of space. By this comparison I probably ain't making sense.

"Sentinal, you have my consent to pick me up." I relented.

For some strange reason Sentinel is wearing white large metal-armored similar gloves. Typical; Sentinel Prime is the cybertronian's lesser OCD equivalent to Adrian Monk the brilliant Detective in San Francsico on Earth and beyond; probably. I would find it safe to assume that Sentinel met up with Monk in a safe intergalactic warehouse located where little to no germs existed; so they exchanged some ideas to prevent themselves from ever getting infected or dirty by one another.

It is quite  a genius plot, actually.

"Finally." Sentinel said, picking me up.

"...Is your name really spelt as Sentinal?" I ask.

If only Sentinel had  a nose.

Prowl looks towards Sentinel's direction.

"There is not an 'a' in my name." Sentinel said.

"Then why does Transformers Animated at Transformers Animated Dot Com have it as 'Sentinal'?" I ask, getting a blank reaction from Sentinel.  "Actually..." I held up my index finger feeling a light bulb going off in my head. "Your name sounds as though it has an 'A' whenever it is pronounced in Transformers Animated."

"You are going to tell our leader what this  'Transformers Animated' is." Sentinel said. Oh yeah that probably is gonna be Ultra Magnus the white and blue cybertronian wielding the 'hammer of intimidation' instead of the hammer of leadership. I think the Matrix should take that title since it is so small and mobile enough to be in the chest.  "Perhaps this spelling  of my name is a temporary error."

Yeah right Mr I can scream like a girl and be taken seriously.

"You are a transformer, but animated." I explain to Sentinel. "On television!" I flail my arms.  "But in a cartoony version of Jake Long The American Dragon!"

"Riiggght." Sentinel said, not acting convinced.

I lower my arms feeling disappointed in Sentinel Prime a little.

Hey, at least nothing's changed about him!

I've read my fair share of Fan Fictions centering around Transformers Animated on Fan Fiction net. I very much believe that Kat--a brilliant artist on DeviantArt who made these amazing Sari Bases is friends with CartoonAnimeGirl--would probably be trying to act rational in my shoes. And if SariGirl2008 were here; she would be fangirling over jerk-aft Bumblebee in his pure unleashed inflated 'attempt at being at being a adult without much experience' in the real combat kind of moods.

"He's a boy." I said.  "A American boy capable of becoming  a dragon; hence the name."

"Sounds like a mech." Sentinel said.

"Yeah." I said. "I dunno what a mech is."

Sentinel looks down towards me walking away from Prowl's cell.

"We have what femmes do not have." Sentinel said.  "We do have breeders; mechs and femmes."

"Breeders?" I ask, tilting my head.  "Like a Pokemon breeder?"

Sentinel frowns.

"Not what I am talking about." Sentinel said. "There are certain bots out there who can have their own blanks."

"Uh blanks?" I ask.  "I am sorry but that doesn't make sense."

"Try me." Sentinel said.

I glance up towards Sentinel.

"You want me to talk dirty." I said.

Sentinel shook his helm.

"That isn't what I am asking." Sentinel said. "I am asking how it doesn't make sense."

"Did your femmer have a blank last night?" I ask, watching Sentinel's face become heated.  "Now imagined if it were 'did your femme moan last night after having a nice steamy spark interface'?"

Sentinel looks down towards me, disgusted.

"Where did you learn about a steamy spark interface?" Sentinel asks, appalled by my knowledge.

I was simply too young.

I am a thirteen year old.

"...Fan Fiction." I said. "I know how babies are made thanks to 'Look who's talking'. I love that movie."

Sentinel stares at me, quite oddly.

"What is another term for 'young' in your world?" Sentinel asks.

"Fan Fiction wise; sparklings." I said. "It is in the fandom of Transformers Animated."Sentinel is probably mentally praying he's getting close to wherever Ultra Magnus is. "Every single fanfic alludes to it."

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