Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


1. Waking up in TFA

I should have known a girly high pitched shriek would wake me up this morning. Or is it morning?  I was falling instead of tumbling right out of bed. My eyes flipped open as my hands were clutching on my blankets watching a fast on-coming gray floor coming closer and closer. A black and yellow robot metal hand. I look up to see the one and only  Autobot who had a black heart shaped design on his helmet:Transformers Animated Bumblebee.

"Hi." Bumblebee said.

I was staring and pointing at Bumblebee

"You're real!" I said.

"Of course I am." Bumblebee said.

I look over seeing a Sentinel Prime cowering away and using a spray bottle--probably disinfectant--on his rounded orange screw huge chin. Wait wasn't his chin actually gray not orange in Transformers Animated?

"It appeared on my chin!" Sentinel cries. 

"You're a nice bed." I said. "I mean, the large screw part of the chin." I was babbling pointing at the outrageous orange bolt in the blue armor keeping it firmly in place. "You should get a whole army to lead and encourage them to listen to the chin."

"Don't talk about my chin that way!" Sentinel exclaims regaining his composure.

"I just did." I said, hiding behind Bumblebee's thumb.

Wait. Did I just notice that Bumblebee has Prowl's paint job and a elite guard symbol? I look up feeling scared outta my wits. I was in unfamiliar territory, and, that Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime were in the same hallway. Since when did Bumblebee become capable enough to stand Sentinel in the exact same room? Answers might be standing in front of my face, after all.

"Where is your owner?" Bumblebee asks.

It is safe to say I feel heartbroken that I was transported into a version of Transformers Animated that has left Bumblebee not part of Optimus Prime's crew. I had my blankets wrapped around mesah including the golden blanket.

"I...Slavery ended decades ago." I said. "I am...I am a human,and um....""

"Human?" Bumblebee tilts his helm very puzzlingly. "What is a human?" Bumblebee repeats glancing up when Sentinel sprayed disinfectant at his face. "Hey!" Bumblebee put up his battle mask. "Sarge, I know that you've got a thing against organics, but this is way too far."

"...Sarge?" I repeat, glancing up to Sentinel.

"I am not your sarge, Goldplug." Sentinel reminds Bumblebee. "You're only onboard to be transfered back to cybertron for your massive screw up with the Ninja Bot Prowl."

I fell out of Bumblebee's servo and land on the floor.

"Your name is Bumblebee." I said.

Prowl lives in this version of Transformers Animated!

"Hey, I don't like that." Bumblebee said. "I ditched that at Autobot Boot camp. And we need to return you 'home' or where-ever that is."

I look up at him, sadly.

"Stop looking at me like that." Bumblebee said, folding his arms. He's definitely trying to act mature. "Whatever you want; it is only a no."

"I thought you were a awesome guy." I said, watching Bumblebee's look turn into a hurt one. Like I had hurt his over-inflated ego. "I am a person. Not a  piece of property, and there's one thing that is messed up about your opinion about organics being owned; I ain't black. I am white. Black and Whites have the exact same rights these days."

I ran right past Bumblebee with tears growing at the edge of my eyes.

I really didn't plan to cry in front of Autobots.

I feel humiliated.

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