Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


4. The most elite

"Who are you?" Ultra Magnus asks.

I thought about my dream that I had a few months ago. I had recently watched Millenilum; I only knew it because of the faces that shaped out from the tree bark nearly lit room'ish scenery that was partially dark and outside-ry.This episode of Millenium I had seen had a scene that involved a wall displayed faces.Then the scenery had backed off to reveal the glint of a light blue visor on a ninja bot doing a form of Process Over Matter to collect the allspark fragments. That voice; that one line 'Don't change. Be who you are.' really stood out to me.

I will be who I am.

"Ivy." I said.

I feel nervous speaking in front of the Elite Guard.

"And do you have an owner?" Ultra Magnus asks.

A nervous wide smile grew on my face.

"I have the right to annoy you, any comments you make about me will be turned into weapons against you and if you do not have the patience to withstand my personalty then a bot named patience will be assigned to you." I look at my fingers to make sure there wasn't any unwanted things on them.  "I have the right to free speech, freedom, right to bear arms,to assemble, and to live freely."

"That is not an answer." Ultra Magnus asks.

 I tilt my head still smiling.

"Am I black?" I ask, in a low concerned voice.

The three Autobots--Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, and Jazz--were staring down towards me.

"Oh right." I said, feeling quite dumb.Quite a bummer, I thought rubbing the back of my neck ever so shyly from the attention focused on me.  "You are colorblind."  I shrug off the extreme awkwardness. "I am a transformer fan aka a Transfan." I turn around away from the two feeling nervous-wrecked that a bolder person should be here. "I only know about you guys because of a cartoon called Transformers Animated that is not canon to this very universe."

"...We're what?" Jazz asks, shaking his servos.  I could hear Jazz's elbows bending up and his servos shake in both direction.  "You must be kidding."

"I am afraid not." I said. "You like country music, I think, Jazzster." I don't know why that rolls off my tongue. "You're the Adrian Monk of the crew, Sentinel." I referred to the taller bot.  "And The Ultra Magnus guy is the dude who has the intimidating hammer." 

The door slid open and in came Elita-1.

"Elita-1?" I screech, backing up seeing Elita-1 alive and well.

Elita-1  tilts her helm curiously at me. She had one arm that had a big bulk of blue to it that would be suitable for a mech than a femme.Though the rest of her arm seems to be fitting well adjusted to the little upgrade--and unexpected armor transplanting--that may have been applied to Elita-1 several stellar cycles ago. Stellar Cycles means years in the Transformers Animated fandom.

"That is my name." Elita-1 said. Elita-1 then turns her helm up towards Ultra Magnus. "Ultra Magnus, how  does this involve me?"

"E...El..Elita." I repeated while staring at the yellow,black, and turquoise femme. "Oh hell."

So instead of Elita-1; it is Optimus...ah hell.

"I needed to see Ivy's reaction towards you." Ultra Magnus said.

I was gaping at Elita-1.

"...Optimus Prime." I said.

Elita-1 raises one of her optic ridges.

"How do you know of the name Optimus?" Elita-1 asks.

"Fangirl of a fictional show that turns out to be real." I said.  "You're in it; briefly. For one episode, and Optimus..." I look down taking a well deserved sigh. Hey at least she never became a techno-organic Decepticon. I look up towards the femme once more practically mustering all my courage. "He came up with the 'Never leave a teammate behind' philosophy."

A small fond smile spreads across her turquoise faceplate.

"Optimus died at Arachnia Seven." Elita-1 said.

"Autobot Optimus didn't die." I said, pointing at the blue attached part--a part that would be part of Optimus's arms for the grapplers--at the right hand side of Elita's arm. The right arm, kay? Okay; we're cool now.  "Instead of you timing out early; Optimus gave you his other grappler. And he fell instead of you."

"This is way too information providing, Ivy." Sentinel spoke up. "You know too much."

I turn around towards the three--Sentinel,Jazz, and Ultra Magnus--feeling shaky.

" knowledge of the future is invalid." I said, flat out. "Nothing is familiar to me."

"Yet, you know of the past." Ultra Magnus said.

"The past is different for you guys." I said. "I don't know anything other that is useful; other than the Allspark's location."

__                                             __                        __

I should have not said a word about the Allspark. Because if I had not told them about the allspark then they may have transported me to a planet Earth that has no evidence that I was born on that planet and all.It would have been hilarious how easily I would have re-established contact to Cybertron knowing how the systems worked; sort of.Ultra Magnus decided to send  Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee, and Prowl to this made up space bridge designation I told them about.

Apparently that space bridge exists.

Also Bumblebee doesn't have the elite guard wing symbol. And that he's been removed from the Elite guard; plus side is that Ultra Magnus decided to take the liberty of making Bumblebee's name to be the one Sentinel had given him during Autobot bootcamp.Yes, go luck, go luck go luck; keep going luck! Now I can officially call Bumblebee by the name transfans mostly adore.

"This is a wild ghost chase." Prowl complains.

"A wild goose chase, Prowlster." I correct Prowl sitting on the large upside down 'u' shaped machinery.

"You know more about this goose chase, Ivy." Prowl said.

"Wish it were a actual goosechase." I grumbled. "That would be funny as hell."

"This goose chase is the primary reason why you're not being sent to do drills for a cyber-month." Sentinel said from the chair. "This 'human' is from another...reality; what she knows is very little."

Truthfully I made up that space bridge name.

I turn my attention up towards the long prominent chined Autobot.

"One question, chinny guy; is there a space bridge technician dispatched at the space bridge?" I ask.

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