Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


14. Rosegarth, just rosegarth

It feels too good to have annoyed the Prowlster badly enough to get out of a cell.

"So, is Blitzwing German?" I ask.

"No."  Prowl said.


"He is not." Prowl said.

"THEN WHAT ACCENT DOES HE HAVE?" I shout, waving my arms. "Scandavian, Russian, Polish,Egyptian, cat, pig, horse, donkey, chicken,rooster, pup, bird, British, England?"

"No." Prowl said.

"Canadian, pig,pumpskunk, swellow, pikachu, charmander,squirtle, bulbasaur." I continue.

"Those are not accents." Prowl said.

"French?" I ask.

"French Legionnaire."  Prowl said.

"Like the kinds seen in The Tarzan movie featuring one of the bad guys dying in a black pit sand, Tarzan getting a pet wolf who he had helped as a child, befriending a bear, the bear surviving in the end wearing a white band-aid on the side near a waterfall,the tiger seen in the beginning that ate a few men which resulted in Tarzan--as a child--getting lost in the jungle that had inhabitants which would later raise him as their own?"

Prowl remained silent.

"The beginning started with these people and a kid in a carriage going through the forest." I babble on about the movie.  "I remember the beginning because the beginning credits featured drawn pictures and a unique music track that reminded me strongly of Indian in the Cupboard. The beginning cr3edits involved a amber-yellow light on these images that had a dark outline always being present when the scene changed. There was also this image of a tiger being shown, or at least I think it was in the  beginning credits, foreshadowing what may happen in the beginning."

"Can you please shut up." Prowl finally said.

"And one of the leading bad guys died by fighting against an Anaconda in a temple but  he didn't make it." I continue. "He was bleeding so that is how the Anaconda found him, also that the orangutans were clapping as though anticipating a really good fight to come on while he was like 'what' and we see the anaconda slither under the gold."

"Stop." Prowl said.

"I also watched a movie where it featured an anaconda against these people; about half of the people were killed." I went on, as we went down the hallway. "The cool part was when the Anaconda puked the guy out. Or was it a woman?" I scratch my head thinking. "Anyhow one of the good guys in that film had been bitten by a snake, and another guy tried to take over the boat, so that somehow ended up going into a building that had monkey blood and a abandoned like farm house being old feely."

Prowl stops in his tracks.

"You make up strange words." Prowl said.

"Tell that to my brain." I said. "And the beginning of the anaconda movie started with the Anaconda crawling up a pole to a guy with a shot gun." Prowl resumes walking shaking his helm. I followed after him. "Unfortunate for that guy he was eaten--which was implied right in the middle of the movie after several scenes later. There was newspaper clippings on the wall while the gang were searching for food or survivors using flashlights."

"That movie must have been called Anaconda for a reason." Prowl said.

"Oh, now that you say it, that was the title!" I said. "And in the ending a bunch of villagers boarded the boat to safety,it turns out they had been hiding from the Anaconda for a long time."

"What happened to the bad guy?" Prowl asks.

"He fell into a snake pit." I said.

"And the Anaconda." Prowl asks.

"It was killed by the leading good heroine woman." I said. "The guy who was bitten by the snake recovered."

"Oh." Prowl said.

"What is Lugnut's theme color?" I ask.

Prowl looks down towards me.

"You are aware about our optic sight." Prowl said, as though it were a fact.

"Uh no." I said. "If it were mentioned in TFA then I surely have forgotten about it."

"We're colorblind." Prowl said.

"Oh!" I said. "I remember now; Slipstream shot down Optimus and realized her mistake."

"...Slip who?" Prowl asks.

"Slipstream." I said. "She is Blitzwing--no, what am I thinking!" I shook my head. "She is Starscream's femme personality." I look up towards Prowl raising a brow. "Normally people don't catch all of what I am saying;do you have a recorder that you replay in your processor?"

"We have the fastest Autobot aboard this ship." Prowl said, coming to a stop to a door that reembles the one to the Bridge where the Ultra Magnus and the other guys normally would be. "I have been around him long enough to understand a fast speaker."

I narrow my eyes towards Prowl standing to the side as the doors opened.

"Come in." Ultra Magnus's ancient voice drew my attention.

Auto's father is quite literately seven feet away from me, and, there is a huge chance of mistaken identity.

Prowl went in first, and then, I walked in second.

"I saw Bumblebee offline you." Ultra Magnus said. "Who dares bring my daughter from the well of allsparks?"

"I am not your daughter!" I shout  back. "I am the daughter of Dan Bell."

"Dan Bell." Ultran Magnus repeats.

"Short for Daniel." Prowl said. "Most men on earth use that as a nickname. Your father's  name is Daniel Bell."

"A truck driver." I said, in pure pride. "I am Ivy Bell, daughter of Christina Mary Estep and Dan Bell. Born in Burlington on June 6, 1996."

"Very specific." Ultra Magnus said.

"Agreed." Jazz said.

Jazz is black, mainly black. The parts where his TFA counterpart had black designs now mirrored those designs in white. I saw Bumblebee standing by sharpening one of his long clawed digitts connected to his white sport glove designed hand. He is white and purple. He had a jaggered tooth sticking out from one corner,and there is visible parts of a collar reading 'S' remained around his neck.

"I have a teacher at Marshal Elementrey named Miss Bonnington." I said. "She advised me to spell Burlington correctly."

"How are you alive, Auto?" Ultra Magnus asks.

"My NAME IS IVY!" I raised my voice up in my most angered and deep tone.I actually quite startled Prowl because he fell right over landing on his back. Prowl's fall had made a thump that made me be above the ground three inches for two seconds. "Call me by my name you son of a--" I cover my mouth moments before I could say the cussword. I didn't wanna say a cuss word like Russel did to me. I didn't feel it is appropriate enough to say it in front of his face. "Meep."

"Why, that's the only name you preferred to be called." Ultra Magnus said.

Prowl gets back up.

"I am thirteen years old and I come from Planet Earth." I said,after I uncovered my mouth. "I don't know about you, Mr ruler of the Autobots,but I ain't YOUR daughter!" I point directly towards Ultra Magnus.  "I ain't sure if this is where I am going to be in for the next two seasons." I look down to see my fingers have something peeling off. So I took the great liberty to take off the peeling,graciously.  "I never got past chapter 3 for Shattered Dreams so this is incredibly nerve wrecking."

It is quite good to have my attention on something while speaking to a highly regarded figure in the world of Transformers and Transfans.

Bumblebee looks up with this sly smile on his faceplate that soon faded away.

"I killed you." Bumblebee said.

"I am not Auto." I said. "Call me Ivy."

"She doesn't look old enough to be Auto." Jazz said. "And tall."

"Woah, Auto was tall!" I excitedly said, flailing my arms. "Like how much!"

"5'2."  Jazz said.

"Wooohoooo!"  I cheer. I look up towards the cieling with my arms in the air. "Thank you god/gods who live in heaven or some other realm!" I danced back and forth feeling incredibily happy that one of me was taller. Go tall, go tall, go tall! "Uh huh! Go tall! Go tall! Go tall!"

"Prowl, why did you bring  this duplicate?'' Ultra Magnus asks.

"She wants to leave." Prowl said, collectively and in a eerie calm attitude.

"Show this duplicate Teenage Auto." Ultra Magnus said.

I feel rather insulted so I stopped my  cheerful celebration to see a teenager flicker before me.

She had a dark purple hoody,black pants, dark brown hair that ended at her jawline, her eyes are a dark blue gray kind of color, purple shoes that had green spikes sticking out, including a spark-chest thing that is gray with her spark being a mix between blue and red.She is even taller by me by some consideration. She reminded me of the first picture I made of her on a TFA Sari base except she is better drawn correctly and colored in well on a thoroughly formated base.Auto looks older than good old me but I can see the resemblance between our faces.

I feel along my chin then up to right eyebrow right above to feel a marking that resulted from something such as the Chicken pox.I've been told that I flicked off a sore that wasn't ready to fall off my face. Auto did not have that marking but I had that marking. I breath in feeling along my nose to feel on my right side of nose that it bent inwards while the left side did not.We were the perfect mirror to each other in differences; she was everything I wanted to be except being older.

"Woah..." I said. "My own character...My persona....Face to face."

"You didn't create Auto." Ultra Magnus said. "I did."

"Then why did you send little missy to Earth?" I ask.

"That was an accident by a spy from The Decepticon cause." Ultra Magnus said. "I intended her to become a spy and infiltrate to cripple them down by befriending them, next taking them out to where  we can ambush them, and finally take down those cons once and for all."

"Then why is she dead?" I ask.

"Because I killed her." Bumblebee said, in such a proud tone.

I felt disgusted at Bumblebee's Shattered Glass character.

"You know..." I said. "Maybe Hot Shot should have been used as a main character in TFA instead of you.I am seriously how doubting how much I really liked you,good or evil,but the attitudes I am getting from both Bee's is a huge turn off." I shook my head. "I want to be taken back to Earth, MY EARTH, and not the Earth  you guys had just departed."

It just breaks my heart to see how wrong I figured Bumblebee as a potential heroic, awesome, little brother, and unique Autobot.It seems I don't know actually how much of a fan I am to many of the cast in Transformers Animated. I am starting to lose faith in Bumblebee's character; all of it.

Ultra Magnus grips at his hammer with a 'hmm..'.

"The only reason why she died is because choose Megatron over deflecting  to her rightful heritage." Ultra Magnus said. "And we can agree on one thing alone; you should not be in this universe and remain dead to many of the Decepticons."

"...Auto fell for Megatron?" I said, feeling shocked.

"Take her to the room Rose is in." Ultra Magnus said. "You, Prowl, take her there."

"But you could have--" Prowl started to say but Ultra Magnus silenced him.

"No buts about it." Ultra Magnus said. "We have her killer and a co-accomplice; you, on the other servo, have nothing in part of Auto's death."

___                                        ___                                                           __

...After Prowl walks down the hallway for another 15 minutes...

...With me in his servo staring awkwardly to his most visible blue optics...

Prowl had me in his servos, literately, it made me believe I was put into a box that didn't allow light inside. I figured fifteen minute had passed since time felt so slow also that Prowl found me annoying that he didn't want to hear my blabber all the way to some room.However, there was a small hole I could take a peek out of those servos. Underneath that red visor is a pair of a crystal blue optics.I could not believe my eyes.

To the fans of Prowl, it is a mystery what his optic color is.Some theorize he's a neutral or a former decepticon so he wears a blue visor that masks the optics. I, for one, knew the truth behind the mystery. Prowl had once been a Decepticon in his youth before his ninja-trainer-version-of-Yoda took him in.

"Hm?" I heard a teenager's voice. "What does Ultra Magnus want now?"

"Deal with her." Prowl said. "Alice, see her for yourself."

Prowl tossed me into the room,then closed the door in front of himself, and left me landing on the floor face first. I get up rubbing the side of my head that felt aching.I look up from the floor to see a black teenager with...okay, how am I going to make sense describing her hair color? Okay, I should use a different word for her skin! Yes, that solves my little problem! I saw a teenage girl with chocolate skin, black hair that had a curl over her right eye that resembled the middle of a rose, she wore a black shirt that a wide green line, her eyes are green, she had dark blue jeans on, she had six freckles--3 freckles under both her eyes--in all, she had unique shoes on, a gray shoulder thingy that usually is what shows the rounded spark but does not.

She had a milk beard above her lips.

It actually seems like some-one cut a oval out and gave it to Alice for her to wear.

Alice wears black gloves that ends to her elbows.

Alice's long curly black hair ends at her shoulders.

Alice's green eyes went wide, and then she kneeled before me.I folded my arms then tip my head downwards while rubbing it with index finger and thumb. Generally I do feel irritated by this sudden kneeling after being proclaimed I am dead and someone else. I wonder how all those girls in movies and stories handle being suddenly called Majesty after being picked up from earth and be informed they are of royal blood.

"I am not a special super duper princess." I said. "Get the slag up!"

Alice gets up.

"You should be dead." Alice said.

"I am not the girl you think I am." I said. "How old you think I am?"

"Eighteen." Alice said.

I laugh, slapping my knee.

"No, I am thirteen years old." I said. "I am still considerably a child." I shook my hand. "Call me Ivy, please, and I am not from this universe."

"...You don't belong here?" Alice repeats.

"Yep." I said, with a nod.

"Then why are you in the waiting room?" Alice said.

"Because they are gonna send me back to my universe." I said.

"The Autobots lie, honey."  Alice said. "They're gonna see what they can do on you."

"Then why are you coming?" I ask.

"I made a deal with them." Alice said. "I am ditching Techno-Organic for the Cybertronian road."

"HIGH FIVE ME!" I held up my right hand. "NOW!"

Alice high fives me.

"You're...stranger than Auto." Alice said.

"I am stranger than anyone in this room." I said. " got a milk beard above your lips." Alice rubs off the milk beard.  "Much better."

"I am Rose Asgarth." Alice lied to me.

"Nooo." I said, shaking my hands in front of myself.  "I heard otherwise."

Alice tilts her head.

"Rosegarth, just rosegarth." I said. "Alice Rosegarth.A certain seeker told me you can help, like  he knew they wouldn't help me." Alice folds her arms eyeing at me. "Okay fine,l get that you don't enjoy fun so I'll just spill it; Starscream!"

"I should have known that mech of  empty promises would send you to me." Alice said, in hate.

"Hey, whatever he did, that's in the past." I said. "This is the present. And I want to get back into the terrible reality that sucks, Autobots and Con's are not real,students don't really attempt to befriend me. be the awesome outcast that I am, and continue being the person who helps other people online do the right slagging thing!" I raised my voice that somewhat deepened at the 'continuing being...' to 'the right slagging thing!'. "So missy, whatever he did, it's time to man up and stop moping over it. You're a woman, nearly to her eighteens I can assume, and you're wearing lipstick."

I quickly had forgotten how old Alice really is.

Alice at first, was stunned by what I had to say, but that stunned demeanor quickly faded away.

"I am not moping around." Alice said.

I slapped Alice at the face, and she rubbed at the cheek that wasn't showing any signs of a bruises.

Damn, she's lucky to have skin that masks her bruises. Seriously that makes me envy a girl who can blend into the night despise the whole bad parts of it in society where other people treat people like Alice lower class. Sometimes that results in kids like her to eye  at me and say 'I am watching you' thinking I am a real high classed trouble maker on the bus.

When on the funny, and most ironic side, I am a quiet girl.

"Yes, yes you are." I said.  "Stop being a depressed bitch and be the girl YOU ARE." I tap on her chest at each word feeling furious. "It takes more than an arrogant Autobot to call me his daughter and a mech like Bumblebee for me to call you a bitch." I back off from Alice. "Starscream may have made his mistakes with you; but that doesn't mean you can punish me for that."

"I am not." Alice said.

"The way you refuse to help me is saying it all." I said. "Tell me; do you honestly think I am not worth it to help?"

Alice has a really sad look in her eyes.

"That's what...Auto would say." Alice said, flicking off a tear.

"For pete's sake; I am not a teenager." I said.

"She was an adult." Alice said. "The best woman you could ever go to. She was like a mom; in every way."

I remembered the post that Kyle, from DeviantArt, had made about 'what do you think of me' post trade.I remembered the words quite clearly 'Speedywomen is like a mom to me'. Or was it 'Ivy is like a mom to me'? Kyle is one of the only transformer fan boy I know on DeviantArt, and, had a username along the lines of Stupiditty777.

"You blame Starscream for her death, too." I said,assuming off on her reaction. "You know, by what you're saying, I am starting to think the Cons would have some guilt too." I  approach Alice then put my hand on her shoulder. "Now, if  Auto were still here, what would she tell you to do?"

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