Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


15. Off the space we go!

I am tired of telling how much of a outcast I am.

So I am taking the oath of 'no-more-talking-about-cry-baby-outcast-past-in-school-throughout-my-adventure'.Anyhow Alice finally agreed to help me return to my universe.This version of Transformers Animated is way too unfamiliar,where  I am not quite familiar to,for a transfan to be taken in.Heck, I wrote a Shattered Glass story that is in a rough draft phrase in my mind of this universe.Wouldn't it be weird to be in a universe you decided to start writing in--but never got past chapter 3 at each time it is redone--that now you can see the canon version?

Yes, I think that would be too surreal for someone who is a fangirl and not afraid to squeal their life away.

"So we  need Icecream to get outta here?" I ask.

"Mostly." Alice said, with a nod.

"That's a first." I said. "Naturally, in most Transformer Animated Fanfics, the Techno-Organic gals never go Starscream for help."

"Unlike those fanfics we have a Lugnut." Alice said. "One who loves to paint."

I gasp.

"Really?" I ask.

"Really." Alice said, nodding.

It makes sense since Lugnut usually faced Bulkhead in Transformers Animated.

"What is Lugnut's theme color?" I ask.

Alice sported one of a kind grin.

"Take a guess, any guess." Alice said.

I didn't have to be play the pause card.

"Strawberry, peanut, apple, orange, grape." I guessed.

"No." Alice said.

"Tell me!" I plead.

"Jack O-Lantern." Alice said.

I stare at Alice.

"You gotta be kidding." I said.

"Not at all." Alice said. "I detect you have a spark."

"Well, the Allspark took me in then  changed me to a Techno-Organic." I explained.

Alice made a little  'hmm' looking at me ever so skeptically and narrows her illuminous green eyes towards me. The eye changing direction reminded me strongly of a argument going on between Good and Evil on Alice's shoulders similar to a very iconic cartoon that usually airs on Boomerang these days.To be specific on the cartoon name that is Tom and Jerry. Then her eyes stopped changing directions returning to their normal size

"Hold your hand out." Alice requests.

I held my right hand out.

"Good." Alice said, as her hand's skin metal retracted to reveal a crystal like sphere in the palm of his hand. "Hold still." She turns my hand over.Alice discharged a large electrical blast of prickling hot energy into my hand. The pain is so terrible an average human would have cried.But did I cry?Nope, no way could I cry in front of a 50 year old. "...Oh, so you don't have energy blasters."

I snatch my hand outta Alice's hand.

"Ah ha!"  I said, covering the bleeding wound. "You thought I have a similar design like many Techno-Organics!"

So Techno-Organic girls wearing dresses by other artists isn't the only cliche thing. 

"There's usually energy blasters implanted into hands." Alice said.

"Except mine." I said.

"You're a strange exception to that." Alice notes, turning towards the door. "This ship has a room for dysfunctional and discarded inventions."

"Oh, so...the ship has a junkyard." I said.

"Enough junk to create a bridge to send you back." Alice said.

"And what if it doesn't?" I ask.  Alice turns her head towards me.  "I wouldn't want to get too excited over something that may not work."

"This is where Starscream comes in." Alice said, with a grin. It is the kind that naturally belongs to a person who loves to plan and enjoys seeing it come together . "He can make a bridge watch."

"...A bridge watch?" I ask.

"It takes you to different places; anywhere, most importantly." Alice said. "The 'Cons gave it a shot; it didn't turn out too well except for one made on Earth. The Original Bridge Watch was sent back in pieces with a little note that where they were was better."

"..Bridge watch." I repeat.

"It's a watch." Alice said. "Capable of teleporting. Starscream can make one in two minutes if he were there. I found it quite hard to believe that Starscream, the heroic one, could create a watch in two minutes.I guess evil Starscream would make it in a day. "How well do you sing?"

"Awfully." I admit. "I've been singing since I was a toddler...still practicin'."

Alice put earbuds into my ear and handed me a thin device.

"Listen to this song." Alice said. "Four times."

"Uh..." I look down to see the format is similar to a MP3 that I have. I listen to 'Gotta be somebody' a lot on it using my ear buds. "Oh! I know how to use this little beauty!"  I look up grinning ear to ear towards Alice. "Come on Alice in Wonderland; I got the gist of your plan, in a sense!"

I grab Alice by the arm and went through the closed gray door--well, that's just an exaggeration, Alice made a hole that wasn't perfect, and we walked-- leaving behind such boring deception. It would have been cool to walk through a door using incredible strength. It would of meant that I had become in a sense some level of superhuman techno-organic who could make claws extend out of her knuckles.How a former X-men fangirl can dream.

About...lemme count...4 plus 4 is 8 so add four then get 12, next 16,and finally 20.

I take out the ear buds after twenty minutes and hand it back to Alice using my right hand.My right hand had developed a energon clot--That is what Alice used as an excuse when it became apparent that my hand was not bleeding--that produced a protective layer. Being a Techno-Organic for real is the most, and perhaps, certainly unusual life changing milestone.

"Know the lyrics by spark?" Alice asks, unsure.

"Leeeet ittt goooooooo." I sing in a slow depressing and Linkin Park kind of tone. "When all you find in this desperation is victory."

"Gotcha." Alice said, and hands back the ear buds.  "No, you keep it. Auto bought it for me." I closed my hand around the black thin device that had the wrapped ear bud. "Don't worry; the device will switch lyrics to your universe only...from the future."

"That is kind of spoiler full." I said.

"Not much when one song describes Disney's Frozen." Alice said. "Don't worry; you just listened to Iridescent." Alice leans over the corner of the hall. "Kay,Prowl is by the doors. All you need to do is distract him and the other Bots while I flawlessly get  Icecream out."

"His name is Starscream." I said, putting the device into my jean pocket.  "And you know, there is some flaws getting out a seeker from a stockade theme cell."

Click click click clack clack went the heels of Prowl.

"Go get 'em." Alice said, shoving me into Prowl's path.

"Hai!" I cheer, waving  my arms and then land flat on my face.

Ow, that hurts but not enough to cry.

"How dare you escape the very place I put you!" Prowl said.

I get up rubbing at my nose.

"I can't dare myself to escape." I said. "That is illogical."

"No, it is not." Prowl said.

"Is too." I said.

"Is not!" Prowl argues.

"You look better in a black and golden theme color." I said.  "Including in that upgraded ninja mode."

"This is nonsense." Prowl said. "Nonsense!"

Prowl reaches his servo out towards me.

Okay super duper plan it is time to begin!

"When you were standing in the wake of devastation..." I start to sing as Prowl takes a step back somewhat  startled."When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown, and with the cataclysm raining down Insides crying, 'Save me now!' You were there, impossibly alone." I repeat the lyrics,without the ear buds, in a low voice. "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?" I twirl in a circle just singing the memorable lyrics. "You build up hope, but failure’s all you’ve known--"

"Back into that cell!" Prowl threw one of his shenanigans towards me.

I dodged because of my twirling.

"Remember all the sadness and frustration!" I raise my singing voice doing ballet miraculously missing his golden metal shaped stars. Aren't they called Shenanigans in most Transformer Animated Fan Fics?  "And let it go, let it go, let it gooooooooooooooooooooo!"

The Shennengian's returned to Prowl like a Frisbee.

Okay I'mma just call Prowl's weapons as 'The Shiny Metal Stars'.

"And in a burst of light that blinded every angel." I literately walked on the walls being chased by Prowl. "As if the sky had blown the heavens into stars, you felt the gravity of tempered grace, falling into empty space,no one there to catch you in their arms." I fell as Prowl went past me. I landed on the floor by a thump even continuing to sing.  "Except for when there's a diamond glittering in the sky!"

My shoes somehow detracted out skates powering me through the hall.

"When you are standing in the wake of death and devastation,all around in the halls of cataclysm." I sang, waving my arms both ways. "Raining down upon you; save me now!" I heard the metal  golden tip fly by my ear. "Remember all the anger and frustration; and let it go, let it go, LET IT GOOOOOOoooooooo!" I slide onto the walls somehow defying gravity--as did little old Prowl chasing after me--in some cliche way. "Because nobody wants to be the last one there!"

I rotate in a complete circle missing Prowl's servos by an inch. 

"Stop moving, music box!" Prowl shouts.

"Aww, the evil prowlster just called me a music box." I sarcastically said. "How lovely to complement a terrible singer!'

"That's not a compliment, vocal butcher!" Prowl name-calls me.

I laugh skating on The ceiling and then take a brief halt letting Prowl almost whip past underneath me.Oh boy that is when the gravity defying skates let loose.Oh I also saw a faint blurry figure headed down the hallway when landing on Prowl's neck.I hopped off Prowl using the what-the-hell-do-you-call-the-motorcycle-part-that-has-the-gas-fuel-door- then landed right behind him.Prowl  came to a skidding halt using his cybertrionian mode themed legs.

"Stop your plight, little Techno." Prowl said.

I never heard of the word plight, and that is rather new.

"Little Ivy." I correct Prowl.

"Little pest." Prowl said. "Same difference."

I narrow my eyes towards the Ninjabot.

"Try to kill me!" I shout.  "I dare you."

"I do not need to be dared." Prowl said.

"Apparently if you're the bad guy; you do." I said.

Prowl reaches his servo out towards me, however, yet again I managed to leap up then kick off Prowl's visor and slap him at the face using it.I left a pretty long scar down the right hand side of his faceplate trailing over his light blue optic as well.He staggers back clenching at the bleeding optic that is leaking a blue fluid. I believe blue is the opposite of purple since that is what happens to be the same situation for both Starscream's theme colors. I ran past Prowl, oh dear this evil one is a cold hard complainer, laughing so amused at his pain.

"Never hesitate on a dare!" I call.

A white and red blurr stops in the hallway. No wait; that is not a white and red blurr. That is a black AND red blur!

"Hold-your-engines!"  Blurr said, holding out his servo that has a red armored part over the dark gray secondary theme color coated armor.


"I-said-hold-your-engines!" Blurr demands, quickly.

"AH, I AM LOOKING FOR YOUR MISSING OPTIC!" I said, being very observant for his missing optic.

"I-lost-it-in-a-fight." Blurr said, kicking me right at the stomach and to hit the ceiling.

Ah how terrible can this get?

"Ow." I said, hurling  over.  "My stomach." I had my hand over my stomach feeling the terrible, and most awful iteration,of sickness. "I feel my previous lunch coming up my throat."

"Stand down."  I walk over covering my mouth.  "I-said; stand-your-aft-down!" I came over to Blurr's leg then puked out my lunch near his red triangle shaped wheel. "Oh-my-primus; you-are-one-disgusting-horrible-ugly-fat-and-infecting-organism!"

"No." I said, feeling shaky from the sickness. "You're fat."

"I-am-not-fat." Blurr protests.

"You are ugly than Optimus and Ultra Magnus put together." I said.

"I-am-not-ugly-as-those-two-are."  Blurr protests, again.

"Look,you got some of my puke on your wheel!" I cry out, pointing at his black wheel that drips of my puke.

"My-poor-leg-has-been-infected!" Blurr cries out, holding up his leg acting frantic.

I ran right past Blurr merely snickering at his intelligence.I skid past Ratchet, who had TFA Starscreawm's theme-colors except he had those Lockdown-ish horns on the roof to his vehicle mode,and his symbol is a deep shade of purple.I grab on to a door--that had the words 'Stockade cells' in English underneath the Cybertronian text--equipped with a hard handle. I slid myself right into the room feeling relief wash over.

The doors shut behind me.

Lo, and behold, is Starscream and Alice bickering!

"And you left her; with Prowl." Starscream said, his arms folded.

"Hey look, she's okay!" Alice said.

"Alice." Starscream said. "This argument is not over. You know if Auto died, and then she died in this universe; life, as we know it, would crumble and tear apart to make a whole new reality where there never was a Ivy in the first place BECAUSE SHE DIED IN THE REALITY OF HER DOPPLEGANGER!"

"Sheesh!" I said. "Back to the Future ended years ago."

Starscream looks towards me.

"Uh no." Starscream said. "That is not what I am talking about." He looks down towards Alice. "RoseGarth, if Megatron were here; you wouldn't be having custody of your sister on Earth any cycle soon. What you did was reckless."

"She took care of herself." Alice said. "At least Auto's counterpart can make it through a hallway without dying."

"Excuse me, but I gotta puke." I said.

Starscream hands me a little box.

"Now, tell me, wouldn't you be sick after fighting off two Autobots WITHOUT having access to battlemode?" Starscream asks.

Geeze,Starscream is nicer than Alice!

"...Yes." Alice said. "But you are not my dad."

"I am not at the liberty to call myself a fatherly figure; that is all Megatron." Starscream said, as I puked into the box. "I call myself a loyal supporter to the Decepticon cause to protect and to defend from the Autobot's very disastrous missions." Starscream walks over to the doors. "Scoot over, little scout, and there's a square button underneath that clears the puke."

I look up, and there, Starscream's facial reaction changes.

"Alice." Starscream said, fuming. He looks over towards Alice. "This counterpart does not have a model like many Techno-Organics in this universe!"

"Sorry?" Alice said, meekly.

I pressed the button and then puked in another bunch.

"Apologize to Ivy." Starscream said, pointing down towards me. "Now."

"I am sorry for blasting your palm away."

"You didn't blast a hole through my hand." I said.

"Alice made a hole that only showed your wiring." Starscream said. "Now accept her apology."

"It is okay." I said, accepting Alice's apology. "I just learned to skate on the walls running from the evil old Prowlster!"

"Is she always like this?" Alice asks.

"You just met her." Starscream said. "When we met Auto; she was a matured version of this counterpart."

"And talller!" I sang.

"And a terrible singer." Alice said, insulting my singing voice.

Starscream went out the doors, perhaps to check if the bots were so occupied searching for me, only there is a couple golden stars sent flying by Starscream's shoulders. Starscream raises his arms forwards looking to be well prepared for shooting at an oncoming Autobot. I toss the box to the side feeling better. Oh that is right when the golden stars were sent flying back to Prowl very soaked in powerful heat. I had the liberty to watch heroic Starscream get bad-ass.

The heroic Starscream grabbed Prowl by the arm--when the ninja bot had attempted to do a ninja-kick--and tossed him to the side.

"Using a smokescreen." Starscream said. "You don't usually use smoke to deter me." He walks forwards out of view making a snicker. "Is that suppose to make me feel special?"

"Same old Starscream." Alice said, as I turned towards her.

"Not the same to me." I said.

Alice had a small smile on her face.

"That is the great thing about you and this reality." Alice said. "You...get to meet this faulty robot, and then, you grow as a person interacting with this faulty robot. I remember a time when Auto introduced Starscream to playing Cards which he failed quite terribly at in the beginning." She shook her head making a small laugh. "Megatron still enjoys to beat Starscream playing cards in the base."

"In the beginning." I said, raising  a brow as the door had shut.

"Starscream has improved a lot since the time Auto awoke them." Alice said. "She woke up the Cons years before we came around." I lower my eyebrow. "She was at least seventeen when finding her way into the ship.It has been ten years since Auto found them."

"She was twenty seven!" I shout.

"Yes." Alice said, casually.

"Slag, she was old." I said.

"How old are you?" Alice asks.

"Thirteen." I said, proudly. "Gonna be fourteen next year in June!"

"You're old." Alice said.

"Nah uh." I denied.

"Uh huh." Alice said.

"You're at least fifty!" I remind Alice. "So, at least, you're the oldy."

"I give up." Alice said, throwing her arms up in the air with a defeated sigh.

"Alice,can Techno-Organics use magic?" I ask.

"No." Alice said.

"Green wavey electricity?" I ask.

"No!" Alice said. "Only gods can use that sort of magic, well; there is one god I am aware of that can use that color of magic." I cock up a brow. "He really doesn't come down unless for a very, very, very important reason."

"God's not real." I said, getting wide eyes from her. "Aliens do exist."

"...Honey, this god is real as you." Alice said.

"If this god is real why haven't I seen him?" I ask.

"Maybe because your story doesn't involve mischief and ice." Alice said. "And a hammer."

The doors open, then in came Starscream, holding one of Prowl's removed turbo boosters.

"Girls, can you stop bickering about god?" Starscream asks, looking over the corner. "Alien's have been worshipped as gods for thousands of years so both of you are right!" I couldn't find the words to reply staring at the not-leaking-motorcycle part in Starscream's servos. "Don't gawk at me like I know Megatron's into Call of Duty."

"Riiigggghhhht." Alice said.

Starscream drops the turbo booster.

"We have to go." Starscream said. "Departure room!"  Tur-urtch-etch-wur went Starscream's armor as it made a noise effect folding into a jet. "Get in; this is a one ticket ride that only comes once." Starscream's cockpit slides up. "You two, standing right there,get in!"

So without a further word; me and Alice get into the two seated part of the jet.Starscream's face appears on the monitor as the glass. I got lost  the endless of possibilities how this flight will end ignoring Starscream and Alice's conversation.The glass had became so dark that not a flashlight could be used to see what is happening outside. I assumed it was done to make sure we didn't see the terrible behind the scene stuff.

I snapped out of the daze when Alice had mentioned my name.

"And what did you tell Ivy?" Alice asks, tapping her foot on the floor.

"That she has been here for quite some cycles." Starscream said.

I heard grunting, shouting, and metal sliding against glass leaving only a scratch that too did not show.

"It has been six days since Auto died, and she wasn't in that cells, NADA!" Alice said. "Not until you were thrown in there a couple hours ago."

"Um. I am right here." I said.

"She was already there." Starscream said, narrowing his optics.  "You chose to ignore her."

"I saw them throw you where you belonged, and I saw a empty cell." Alice said. "Says the 'Con who promised to get that shard out of my sister, and you failed. You let her join the Decepticons! SHE'S JUST A KID."

"...If she is a kid then  she'll probably deflect back to the Autobots." I said, earning a glare from Alice. I then realized what Alice had said earlier. "I don't see how you're going to be raising your little sister as a gigantic towering robot."

"Ivy has made a good point." Starscream said.

"I make a lot of good points." I said. "Alice knows the door to the junkyard..Which we should be going."

"Um..." Alice taps her fingers together, shyly.

Starscream glares to Alice on the screen.

"What do you think I can do in a Junkyard?" Starscream asks. "Make a rocket?"

"A bridge watch." I repeat.

"Alice, we never use them for a reason." Starscream said.  "They do not work."

"..You little liar."  I said, glaring towards Alice. 

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