Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


11. Now the train is falling, oh great

Which is when a lance stabbed into Starscream's shoulder armor. Starscream looks up towards he balloon only to be kicked straight at the faceplate by Sentinel's  wide and big boot. Sentinel grabs the Allspark's container metal handle yanking it out of Starscream's long gray sharp claw like digits that were sliding their grip off. Sentinel also grabbedd out his lance so easily it made me feel  I was watching this on my bed  that was two feet away from the SONY television.

Starscream is sort of sent flying away.

Sentinel lands on the roof with the allspark and the lance in hand; and made a slight tremble landing on the rooftop. Thankfully I wasn't in the approximenty range where  Sentinel had landed; because if I had  been awfully close to Starscream then I wouldn't be alive.

"Why you overgrown cybertronian chicken!" Starscream shouts the most unexpected insult yet. 

Starscream shot at the train.

I turn my head towards the oncoming train freezing in plain sight.

"So that's how fast a fleeting train goes after Starscream shoots at it." I noted.

A flash of white metal blurred my vision and then being lifted up followed by running.Oh great Sentinel decided to be the hero, for once, by picking me up using his white gloved servo armor.I gawk at the passing flight rail based vehicle that crashed into Starscream. Starscream crashes into the nearby building.


"Relax."  Sentinel said. "While you were distracting Starscream; Prowl got everyone out."

I feel like an idiot.

"Oh." I said.

"I demand you out right offline this instant!" Starscream hollers, sending the train after us.

"Mad train, upcoming!" I shriek, and Sentinel screams like a nine year old as he zipped out of the train's path. "Gee, you're gonna burst some one's ear drums one of these days."

"Tell me what Optimus does in this situation." Sentinel said.

"You don't want to know." I  said, wide eyed and shaking my head.

"Yes, yes I do." Sentinel said.

I sigh.

"Spoiler alert." I said, and then whisper into his audio.

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