Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


22. Just riding and riding and riding

Jolt raises one of his optic brows at every instance I mentioned along the way.
Deb translated for me when I spoke really too fast explaining.
"Can I meet up with Inmate Prowl?" I ask.
There's a feeling in my gut the two sisters may be using the card on a certain vehicle by accident.
"Uh..." Jolt said. "That's a strange request."
I smile.
"She's strange all right." Deb said.  "She's a young lady who politely asked to meet up with a inmate--without a crowd--who she is very familiar to."
"Why that inmate is in check up." Jolt said. "He's been showing signs of Energon Pox."
"So he has the Chicken Pox." Deb said, with a laugh. "Woah, I didn't realize Cybertronians could get shingles!"
What the slag is shingles?, I thought, it sounds really weird.
"Please let me see him."  I said.
"You must really want to intrude on Ratchet's duty." Jolt said. "Not many bots  have the guts to do that."
"RATCHET?" I yell. "The grumpy old medic with one part of his horns missing?"
Jolt looks startled as his optics briefly turn off then sizzle back to life.
"He has both horns." Jolt said.
I calm myself down.
"You must be a big fan." Deb said.
Emotions are a baggage especially requesting to speak with a mech and perhaps rope the other one into coming down to Earth.I turn my head towards Deb then share a short nod, excitedly, feeling that maybe Alternate Transformers Animated has spared Ratchet of the worst differences. Jolt sighs standing up from the table.
"You'll need to be in the..." Jolt said, though he couldn't figure what to call the vehicle we had arrived in.
"Car." Deb finished for Jolt. "It's a car."
"Yes, car." Jolt said. "You must ride in the 'car' for safety while I lead you to the Medic room."
"Uh...isn't every dangerous cybertronian in their cells?" I ask.
"You never know the temptation some bots feel towards Organics." Jolt said.
I zipped my way into the car, buckle my self up,and then roll up the window. Jolt and Deb share a 'wait, wasn't Ivy just here?' kind of facial reactions. I only knew because Jolt's optics powered off briefly blending into the darkness made by his helmet. My legs are shaking, I can feel the excitement growing inside my body, and the squeal wanting to come out.
I couldn't resist the squeal.
"Wee!" I squeal. "Weee!"
I saw Deb's phone ringing beside the handle grip thing--that has a name I am not entirely aware of--vibrating up and down as the screen glowed a bright blue.Jasmine's name is on the screen. While in the middle of my squealing spree I picked up the little mobile phone then press on the green button and put it to my ear.
"Alice,Alice,Alice, Alice!" I squeal.  "I am in the stockade and I'mma tell Prowl about the car--"
"Screamer just got away with Alice!" Jasmine's voice came to. "And stop confusing me to my sister,damn it."
"My bad!" I squeal.  "You want me to tell Deb?"
"Ask him if he gave the tracker to Alice!" Jasmine orders me.
"Sure."  I said. "After I let out my excitement, thank you."
Jasmine hangs up on me and then flipped the phone over my sholeder.
"I AM GOING TO MEET ONE OF THE LAST POSSIBLY IN-CHARACTER MEDIC BOT!" I squeal. "WEE!" Jolt had covered his audio's walking past the car muttering a phrase I cannot hear. "Wee!"
Deb gets in to the car.
"Still squealing?" Deb asks.
"WEEE!" I squeal, hopping up and down in the seat. "WEEE!"
Deb  mutters 'I should of believed the little helicopter dude.' over my squealing then he looks over towards the back and  gasps.
"My phone!" Deb said, reaching his arm back towards the backseat floor.
"Wee!" I squeal.
"How did that get there?" Deb asks, getting his phone out.
I bump my legs together feeling a lot like fireworks set off.
"Weeeee!" I squealed.
"Ivy," Deb said, as I continued squealing. He looks over towards me with a sharp glare grabbing his phone. "This phone is not a toy."
"Weee!" I  squeal.
"Oh hell." Deb said, rubbing his forehead.  "I am talking to a thirteen year old."
"You betch'ya!" I squealed. "Wee!"
Deb buckles himself in then starts the car and followed Jolt. I squealed for five minutes straight--that I know because Deb set up a timer--passing the endless blue electronic shields set up in the walkway along the cells. I look over to see a slumped over cybertronian in one of the cells with blue fur,gray shoulders, two sets of shoulder armor,purple optics, long sharp claws,a tail, a black necklace with many tied up fangs did not compliment the lighter blue chest armor, there is a visible arrow pointing down to his non-existent private area. I could tell there is four claw marks on his right shoulder.
I couldn't see what is wrapped around his other shoulder.
"Woah," I said in awe. "A cybertronian werewolf."
"That is WolfNight, a neutral, apprehended after making a fellow cadet into a Techno-Organic bear." Jolt said. "That cadet escaped the Medical institution under the name..." WolfNight turns his head over towards us.The shadow made by the fangs on his wolf mode  seemed eerily scary to my perspective. "BlackScar."
"Sounds like a name I would make up." I said. "WolfNight...that too."
"Huh, how many names can you make up?" Deb asks.
"Revenger, Mysterious, Jessica,Maxagone,Agubee,Browl--who" I tap my fingers together feeling shy. "Lets not talk about that. Agubee is basically a Digiformer capable of becoming Agumonon AND evolving! He resembles Bumblebee helmet wise."
"I get it." Deb said.
"Yep." I sad.
"What's Mysterious look like?" Deb asks.
"He's a Spidermech." I said, seeing a teal and golden mech with the mode of an Anaconda--He had a jaw thing similar to Bulkhead and he had a lot of those horns on his helm that resembled a...what do you call it again when someone shaves their hair but leaves one strip of it just to be cool? I don't remember it now.  "A mysterious mech."
"That is Conda." Jolt said.
"...Anaconda?" I ask.
"Just Conda." Jolt said.
"...Sounds like a name I would make." I said.
"Conda is a Decepticon and right hand mech to the Decepticon scientist Rex 5."
"Okay, I wouldn't a rip off name like that!" I said.  "Never in a million years!"
"He's spending the rest of his lifecycle for crimes against Cybertronian lives; bringing in cybertronians for Rex 5 to experiment on during the Great war." Jolt said. "He has been left unaged due to an experiment that went wrong on him shortly before being apparehanded.His voice box is not the same as it had been because of it."
I stick my head out the window.
"You musta' been a tour guide  a long time ago." I said.
"Tour guide of cybertronian history." Jolt said.  "It was the best job I ever had."
Figures for a guy being a tour guide right now.

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