Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


8. I would make a terible key wielder

I seriously would like the universe not to make the terrible mistake with me.I get up from the bed feeling quite new to being in a hospital bed.I grabbed my space suit then pressed a  small rounded green button near the collar.The suit folded up into a small pocket sized version of itself. I tightly hold the small folded suit in my left hand. I grabbed a pair of new clothes--and snipped off the tags using some scissors--then grabbed a new pair of tagless underwear, new socks, and went straight into the bathroom grabbing a pink headband that was on the counter.

I put on the pink headband.

"Yes!" I squeal loudly. "It fits!"

I probably squealed so loudly all the people outside stopped ever so briefly sharing a glance towards the door,then they resumed walking.

"Wow." I said."That was kind of loud."

I take off the headband placing it on the side of the bathroom sink.I put the small miniature square folded suit lay underneath the pink headband. I closed the bathroom door.I get dressed into my new clothes that smell pretty good. For starters; a Transfan like me wouldn't have considered the hospital room to have a spare pair of clothes in the bottom of the closet complete with new shoes that did not have shoelaces. I mean this is kind of crazy enough that I may be in a movie similar to the one where this kid has a golden ticket which brings him into a movie that has a actor who's last name I can't spell right.

I go through my wild short hair using a pink comb.

"The advantage to not growing my hair out." I said.  "No curls to mess with."

When I was younger; my mom combed my long hair and there was tough curls in it. I decided to end that painful war-fare between brush and hair by cutting my hair; myself. It was really worth it using the scissors in the bathroom.I still believe to this day it had been the best decision.I put on my new hoody--which is gray--then tug the zipper down to right below my chest that shows a yellow part of the 'w' on the black shirt.This  black shirt  is a turtleneck with long sleeves reaching down to my wrist. The 'w' reminds me of the design on Prowl's earth mode motorcycle chestplating.It seemed to me that maybe my arrival into Transformers Animated was meant to happen. Yet not in the one I am familiar to.

My stomach makes a low rumble.

I look down towards my stomach.

"Hungry little fella?" I ask my stomach. I get another low rumble from my stomach. "Then get ready for hospital food."

I take off the wrapping around my head and drop the white wrapping into the trash can. I put on the pink headband.I place the card sized folded spacesuit into my jean pocket.I pick up my hospital clothes that were balled up into a bundle then open the door to the bathroom and went out. Well, more like slid out to be accurate.My shoes squeaked sliding across the metal floor while headed towards the bed.For some reason the floor had become slippery that it sent me falling on the bed.My stomach made another grumble so impatient to eat it could not wait while I was being really clumsy.

"All right, all right, all right." I repeat, helping myself up.  I dropped the clothes on the bed. "I will eat."

I saw two packages of jelly on the the table across from the bed.

My stomach growls.

"You want it that badly." I said, with a roll of an eye.

I slid forwards until stopping against the table.

Well I actually grabbed a handle to prevent myself from sliding out the hospital through the really large  window.This handle is part of the table counter. I could see a clipboard with a blue glowing screen complete with words.In the place of my name was 'Ivy Jane doe'.Anger spread through my face,my hands grew tight on the handle, and my teeth felt like they could become fangs similar to werewolves.I take off the card that was around my neck.

I threw the card right at the door to the room.

The card land at the corner to the door.

"THERE'S NO REASON TO LEAVE OUT MY LAST NAME AND PUT IN JANE DOE." I lash out. "Ivy Jane Doe is a improper use of Jane Doe. It is used to identify those who do not have names.I told my slagging last name!"

It feels good to lash out my anger.

It has been a long time since I had out my anger.

My stomach rumbles, yet again.

"You better be happy, bossy pants." I said,grabbing a plastic spoon.

I open the plastic lid to the jelly and then dived my spoon into the wibbly wobbly material.I forced myself to eat the horrible hosptital food atfter making digusted looks.After finishing the empty jelly containers I dumped them into the trashcan.The ugly taste in my mouth is not the kind I would want to feel again.

"...And you threw the card towards the door." I reminded myself. "Stupid head."

I take a step forwards letting go of the handle.

Here I go again with this ridiculous sliding.

"Wee!" I cheer, enjoying the absurdity as I could.

 I am pretty sure absurdity is not a word.

S-screaaak went my shoes parking themselves close to the door. I lower myself towards the key reaching out my right arm while keeping back my left to continue resuming some little balance in this situation.The card disappeared before my eyes so fast that I stumbled down to the floor.The card magically reappeared with some green bubbles floating around it. The card had somehow been moved to the trashcan on the floor across from the third leg to the hospital bed. The card is right beside the trashcan, lets get that clear.

On really slippery and remarkably clean floor.

What the scrap?, I thought,when did this deserve weirdy magic?

"I do not recall magic in Transformers Animated." I said.

This time I slide  after the card on my butt.

I slid towards the card while sitting on my butt holding out both of my slagging hands.

"You shall not escape my hands, little rat!" I name called the key determinedly.

I snatched the card  then grabbed the fourth leg to the hospital bed nearly about to fly towards the window.

"Note to self; don't throw the card again when mad." I said, putting the card around my neck feeling the chain coolly rest against my skin.

Now getting back up turned  out to be a challenge. My legs had a big  'figuretive' argument with me whether or not they wanted stand still so I can go brush my teeth. I should have brushed my teeth first before going out to eat but that wasn't my number one priority with a growling stomach.After two minutes; I won the argument with my legs keeping myself still.

"Phew." I said, relieved.

I slid back into the bathroom leaving the door ajar. I came to a smooth-controlled halt in the bathroom feeling relieved. I walk over to the bathroom sink. I grab a toothbrush,squeeze the cap open,then pinch at the sides of the toothpaste's side holding the toothbrush right below. White curly substance with blue dots in it swindled onto the light gray parts of the toothbrush.

I turn the water on to the sink.

I put the toothpaste container behind the rotating things that make the water come on.

Seriously, what are they called again? I think it is water faucets but I can't be sure.

I brush my teeth really hard--like up and down---, then get some water in my mouth, swish it back and forth in my mouth.I spit the toothpaste right back out into the sink. I turn the water off. I put the toothbrush beside the toothpaste container.My next challenge was to get back into the room, oh boy. So after some fail sliding I managed  to get right beside the clipboard that has everything including what my condition was when Carly found me.

"Injured head, clothing all burnt, and unusual abnormalities." I read.

Too bad I didn't wear glasses. If I had glasses then I would have been able to read the chicken scratch the Doctor has written in.The data read that I had been unconscious for 2 days on the hospital bed deep in slumber in recovery.I put the board down grabbing a walking stick poking out from beside the trashcan.

A gut feeling told me to wrap my blankets around the back end to the stick.

This gut feeling is also telling me that I need to be somewhere,and, unusually random--perhaps good idea would be a better description--vivid directions leading to this important 'somewhere' that is bugging my gut.

"Why am I getting spidey senses?" I wonder out loud. I smack my forehead. "Duh, you're the only one in here!"

I packed my blankets around the walking stick--while leaning against the table--to make a big ball. I felt uneasy, scared, and nervous about leaping out the window.I carefully slid towards the windows very slowly. I came to the handle that is part of the window.There is curtains to the side blocking side view for anyone using a telescope.The windows have a dark tint that also prevents anyone interested in looking through hospital windows. My hands were trembling as did the walking stick  over my shoulder.

The walking stick over my shoulder feels slightly heavy.

"You can do it, Ivy." I coax myself sliding the door open.

Oh my this is only possible in crazy movies such as The X-Men.

Too bad they lost a fan by killing off Professor Xavier in the second sequel. As in; being a avid X-Men fan who watches the sequels. There is better ways to kill off a important character and make the ending seem like the future is going to be okay for the team despite that loss. The sequel failed to do that for me. And for that I made a vow not to watch any Marvel movies; ever.

I clear my throat straightening my shoulders.

"What would Storm do?" I ask.

I pictured a deadly storm happening filled with dramatic thunder strikes hitting the radio towers, the sky being dark, and waves passing through the streets in a style that was resembling to  'The day after Tomorrow'. But then again that is over the top; Storm would make a white cloud (one that is similar used to carry Mary Poppins) to help her across.Then  I thought about HellBoy--He is not from the X-Men franchise--who would just jump to the next rooftop.

I slid back to the doorway.

"One..." I started, hearing footsteps headed to the door. "Five!"

I slid quite fast through the open space made by the pulled back windows and jumped off the edge.I went over the city streets over to the next rooftop where I landed with a tumble. My back hit a wall bringing me to a stop. I get back up feeling glad that the floor isn't slippery. Great, there is even more directions coming into my head.This path involved a lotta jumping.

"You can do it!" I reassure myself, jumping over the next huge gap.

I  figure that logic decided to take a vacation on me.

With my adrenaline running I went over several gaps and ran through groups of birds nesting on the floor. I got covered in feathers from head to toe.The directions brought me to the scene where that gigantic metal absorbing beast had erupted from Sumdac Lab--Or was it the tower?, it has been a long time since I have seen the first episode--creating destruction.The  vehicles had come to a skid which is a halt towards the left like many drivers had pulled the brakes.

They had just gotten to the scene, as had I.

"No wonder I was hearing sirens." I remark.

The last direction involved jumping down to ground floor.

I can't argue with these really detailed directions.

"Here I go!" I squeak, jumping off the building.

I'mma die, I'mma die, I'mma die, I'mma die, I'mma die.

Surprisingly I didn't die. I guess someone up there is determined to make me experience not-logical-events. Or that some guy up there really likes to see my reactions in this universe that is very,very,very different. What I really want to say isn't coming out the way that my brain is formulating it as.Oh! I've figured it out; some guy up there must have plans for me. Yes, that must be the answer, so of course it is the answer!

I landed on my shoes not breaking a bone.

Slag,this feels badass.

S-s-splash went something into the lake.

"My Barney!" A child yells, reaching their hand out towards the lake.


I look towards the lake feeling my heart race.

"I'll get him!" I promised, dropping my stick with the blankets.

I turn away from the kid and began running towards the lake.

"Barney is drowning!" The child yells as I jumped off the edge. "Save him!"

S-sss-plash  was the first sound I heard right as I dived dolphin style into the lake.

I wanted to prove everyone that they are wrong about me; the outcast who picks her nose, draws on her homework/notes/any paper, and speaks to herself is the kind of person that usually would not stick their neck out.I kept my eyes open--I've had my eyes open in the lake behind the house my grandparent's live in wearing a barbie life-vest other than fish for minnos using my metal bucket--all the while mermaiding it down towards the sinking fast red and green Barney toy. I held my arm out keeping my mouth closed.

My ears are getting full of water. I can hear 'wur-er' noise similar to my stomach growling from my ears except it wasn't my stomach.There were bubbles coming out of some corner from my lips that hadn't been sealed tightly. Only a little bit of water is able to get through my lips. The seafloor is a darker shade of blue. There is some fish swimming by--Wait,did I just see a fish resembling Magikarp gracefully fin by? I saw another one that could have been my imagination. H--holy cow!

I held out my left hand towards the closest fish.

My finger brushed across the soft slippery red scales belonging to the fish.

The fish made a surprising sound and made some bubbles.

"Magie-karp." The fish spoke, and then, the fish swam away.

I straighten my left arm.

Magikarp is considered one of the useless Pokemon in Pokemon fish history. That I know because the Pokemon can do flail and it can evolve into a fierce Gyarados. I thought about how people considered my stereotypical character a 'not willing to help' person.I have to prove them wrong, I just gotta.I gotta do it like Magikarp does by actually doing something when it evolves into Gyarados!

You're gonna be caught by me, I thought about Barney, you old fart!

I narrowed my eyes towards Barney; recalling how I lost my own Barney years ago growing up.

Never did find out what happened to him.

I am coming, Barney!, I thought feeling the sting in my eyes from keeping them open in the water. 

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