Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


24. Epilogue

"He's a god." Jasmine said.  "Though we all call him Big L."
I blink at the unusual man.
"So, ...just L?" I ask, raising a brow.
"L." Mister L said.
"Mister Loser?" I ask.
Mister L frowns.
"No," Mister L said,shaking his right hand. "I am not a loser."
"I'll call you 'Mister L'." I said.   "So Mister L, what's it like up in a gigantic space ship operated by several unusual human looking individuals with unusual alien qualities?"
Mister L laughs amused by my reply.
"I never been aboard a spaceship." Mister L said. "And you don't quite believe I am a god."
"That's because aliens have probably been the most logical answer as to how gods were considered in history." I said.
"Test me." Mister L said.
I look at Mister L, tilting my head, leaning back into the chair.
 "How..." I ask. "Precisely?"
"Ask me anything about yourself." Mister L said.
I lean back into the chair grinning while thinking Mister L made a terrible move.
"Okay." I said.  "If you're a god,theoretically, then you start telling me things that's been confusing."
"The beginning," Mister L said. "I was bored." I hunched my eyebrows together. "I knew enough by your internet history and viewing history what kind of things you were interested in." I raise my eyebrows making a 'seriously?' kind of look. "I had gone through the same search on other people."
I folded my arms unconvinced.
"But that was until I came across the roleplay you were having through notes." Loki said. "Every few seconds there were a new message. You browsed for Transformers Animated Sari pictures long after the girl from Virginia had stopped replying. You have an interesting imagination there turning a original character into a fan character."
"Tell me his name." I said,keeping an open mind.
"His name is Revenge with a long sword inscribed with "Not a hero, nor a villain" on the side." Mister L said. "You're never going to grow taller than 4'11,you're short, and that's how you're going to be until you die." I feel anger coming through my veins. "I decided then to transport you into the past into  a ship--that you have been aboard, of course,for some time--to prove that in fact you're right."
"Uh...what?" I ask.
"You had a journal entry." Mister L said. "It went on to say that you believe Transformers exist and they're going to appear in 2050. You had several replies from many users on it. Or I believe it was a deviant story entry. Anyway many people shared the same thought. I am the one who teleported you, switched the card on the floor in the hospital room, and teleported you into Shattered Glass."
I couldn't believe it.
How could Mister L know all this stuff?
"So you hacked through the internet and used a tube thing to send me on Sentinel's chin." I said.
Mister L smiles.
"Not so much with a tube." Mister L said.
"A glass teleporty tube." I said.
"Teleporty is not a word." Mister L said.
Jasmine is drinking paying not an attention to the conversation.
"Slaggity." I said.
"Not a word." Mister L said.
"Slaggit." I said.
"...That's not a word." Mister L said.
"Supercagilificousalifdosses?" I ask.
"Yes." Mister L said.
"I rest my case." I said.
Mister L looks so puzzled at my reply.
"What does she mean by that?" Mister L asks.
"I don't know." Jasmine said.
"Jasmine," Mister L said. "What does she mean?"
"Are you familiar to Law?"Jasmine said.
"No." Mister L said.
"You gotta watch some Law and Order some time," Jasmine said. "She'll make sense in no time."
"What about the crazy and random things that's been happening since I came?" I ask.
"I had no part in it." Mister L said.
"Riiight." I said, unconvinced. "Then, hypothetically, there has to be another reason why you sent me here."
"Hypothetically; I sent you to see the consequences of your favorite show being real." Mister L said. Mister L looks towards the sky. I look up,too, noticing a bright glowing circle among the dark clouds. I look away as my vision is clouded by red glowing dots in my vision. Mister L smiles turning his attention away from the strange sight towards me. "Excuse me, I must attend to some business."
In a blinding white flash Mister L is gone leaving only a empty chair behind.
____                                     ______        
...3 years later..
I lunge forwards panting.
"Wow," I said. "That was quite a scary dream."
The dream mainly involved upgrading myself using a key and choosing a side to be affiliated to on the spot. I pat on the middle of my chest feeling the smooth wrinkles to the PJ's. I take some deep breaths thinking about good things to make myself feel better.I push back the mess of blankets off my legs.
The alarm clock read 5:42 AM.
It is relatively dark in the room.
I slide my legs off the bed  then trudge my way out the open doorway and use the walls as my guidance. The hallway is long and narrow between the living space to the sleeping space of the apartment. I have learned you don't need a spark chamber exposed to be called a techno-organic. All you need is the pretty nifty battle mode to prove it. Further and further I went down the narrow hallway feeling along the picture frames tilted side-sideways.The unexposed windows  let moonlight pour into the living room in a artistically beautiful way. Thanks to the moon I can see where I am going.
I came to a stop behind the couch.
I thought back to Jasmine learning Alice died. I thought back to many of the crazy things that unfolded leading to a very uneasy hate Jasmine developed towards Starscream on top of Alice's death. Fortunately Alice had died in a way she could not be buried. I always thought the seeker femme who had a helmet with a curly rose shaped part armor on the right corner of her helm could actually be connected to Alice.
Lets say that seeker femme told me 'You are crazy.' and then made sure to shake me off her tracks.
Jasmine became even more protective over the younger Rosegarth taking a part in stopping Decepticons. Sentinel had to take Jasmine to the side for a private discussion a couple months ago. Jasmine's protectiveness only went down a little but not that much, and oh Deb, Deb tried his best to adjust in the new life style.  Alice,Deb, Sentinel, and the others 'Bots had gone to Cybertron aboard StarLight Supreme with the captured Decepticons including Megatron himself a couple hours ago on the light note that the war is over.
Three years definitely has been crazy.
Ratchet had told me if I were to come with Jasmine to cybertron then I would be a subject to studying. Jasmine took the chance, she just wanted to free of that half, that cybertronian cursed half. Shanni is in her room, sleeping, well she is in the basement sleeping over a big body of metal that is a robot designed thing to help lift big items into spaceships. Shanni's just lucky no one has suggested that to Sumdac. Shanni preferred not to go. Deb, on the other hand, wanted to live his days as a human with Jasmine so he wouldn't live on while she died as an old woman.
Deb told me in private he was going.
I accepted their choices.
I trail my hand on the top cushion to the couch taking a sigh.
"Three years," I said. "And it all turned out all right...." I slide my hand on the side. "Well except for Optimus's fate." I close my eyes thinking back to how Optimus failed to rid himself of his organic spider half and instead died by his own invention. "That was bitter."
Maybe I am wrong and aliens are not gods.
Maybe Mister L is a real god?
I look out the window.
Perhaps living in Transformers Animated isn't too shabby after all.
The end.

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