Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


18. Did Shanni really

A week passes.Yes; a week. Nothing much happened for a week in Detroit. Except the oddest of all odd requests came straight to my email that apparently is still around on yahoo after forty-one years in the zone of inactivity.Surprisingly I am still able to use my Speedywomen account that has never ever been hacked in that time frame.

Also that DeviantArt is full of Viruses from Russia.

So guess who cannot get on their  favorite site without a tough Anti-Virus program installed.

The answer is incredibly easy; me!

"Going out so early?" Shanni's voice startles me so I squeak and jump doing a karate chop turning around. "Nice Jackie Chan moves."

My heart is pounding.

"Shanni!" I somewhat whisper,balling my hands up into a fist.  "I told you; don't scare me like that!"

I know how Jasmine feels when Shanni does it.

Shanni shrugged.

"I didn't scare you." Shanni said, ever so casually with her arms folded and a meek shrug.  "I got your nonsuspicous attention."

"Nonsuspicous..." I repeat.

"Not very shady to the human eye." Shanni said, with a wink.

"I don't get it." I said.

"So, where you off to?" Shanni asks, rubbing at her big blue hair, then eventually digs into it.

"Sumdac tower."  I said, staring at Shanni's hair digging.

She was digging through her big hair as searching for something.

"In the dark morning of Detroit, I think not!" Shanni said, yanking out a flashlight outta her hair. SHANNI YANKED A FLASHLIGHT OUTTA HER HAIR. "Take this with you to the tower." She hands the flashlight into my hands. "You might need it to fend off unwanted passerby's." She gave me another wink. "There are some boys out there who you can easily kick their butts using karate."

"Okkaaay." I said, as Shanni takes her hand out of my small hands.

"I know." Shanni said. "I know what you're thinking."

"PSYCHIC!" I screech, jumping back.

"You're thinking I have such big hair that I don't have enough room for my noggin." Shanni said. "My hair is full of items."

Note to self; the Rosegarth family is pretty odd.

"Right." I said, straightening myself.

I left the building in the nearly dark Detroit city. I pressed the bumpy button built into the side of the flashlight. The flashlight beams up a ball of light towards the darkness that blanketed much over the sidewalks including the roads.Goody this flashlight doesn't have a talking AI to pesker me what my destination is.This is exactly what I wanted to experience without Sumdac's robots-that-have-a-name-I-can't-remember asking so many questions!

Fifteen minutes went by during the walk--there's a clock setting on the flashlight--to Sumdac's home.

Something shiny twinkled in the white ball of light nearby a trashcan. Oooh a clue!, I thought at first approaching this shining metal, ...wait why would someone leave a valuable bracelet in the corner of a street? I furrowed my eyebrows seeing this item is small, unusual, and the hook to the other side of the chain is not connected to the circle part.

"A shiny bracelet." I said, picking up the loose bracelet.

I held the dangling bracelet in mid air and shined the flashlight to the flat metal square at the center.There is two initials that stand out  for some completely odd reason that logic may not be able to thoroughly explain. These two initials are upper case 'R' and  'B'.

"Rapunzel Stiliniski Beyonce?" I said out loud, squinting at the words.

It is still a little blurry even with a flashlight in the dark morning hours.

"Eh,maybe the lights to the tower inside will bring a better focus." I said, putting the bracelet into my right pant pocket.

I continue my walk to the tower.About five minutes later while resuming the walk I saw a familiar jet land in front of me beaming what seemed to be be light purple beams  towards me. I jump to the side missing the small laser blast shot which probably hits a nearby trash can tipping it over. Yep, that's exactly what happened behind me.

"Hai evil high pitch voicebox!" I greet Starscream; running past him.

"Die organic!" Starscream screeches, shooting after me.

"Nevaaaah!" I jokingly said.

Starscream continues shoot after me.

"Stand still!" Starscream snaps.

I run, backwards, then use a flying hoverboard that goes past Starscream's speed limit.

"Suuucckaaah!" I  said, turning around and stick my tongue out at him closing my eyes.

I shook my booty at Starscream.

"Stop shaking your aft!" Starscream demands.

"Go to American Idol and be thrown out by Simon Cowel's grandson!" I shout back, saluting Starscream as the hoverboard flew.

"Never." Starscream said, with a sneer.

I then hanged direction on the hooverboard which in turn sent Starscream crashing into a landfill of garbage.It made the start of my day a little more ridiculous, hard to believe, and quite the unexpected  conflict. I used the flashlight to  help me see in the dark on the way to the tower. I pulled up my hood over my head feeling  cold breeze.Riding a hover board in a slowly temperature rising night is not the kind many kids can very much idolize.

I came to a stop in front of the Tower doors.

"Brr," I said,rubbing my shoulders.

Instead of stepping off; the Hoverboard turns sideways about two feet above the ground. I fell right off landing on my side.

"Ow." I complain.

The hoverboard flew back into the street.

"Fine, be a living animate object!" I shout, shaking my fist after the hoverboard.

 ___                                                     ___

...15 minutes later..

...The door to Sumdac's lab...

I stare at the door feeling a tad bit nostalgia.Sari stood here countless times in Transformers Animated--before the Bots were awaken and after as well--before coming into the room.You gotta accept responsibility, I thought to myself taking the card out. How did get here without Security bots coming in to tow me out? Why Sumdac had already put in a message of the sorts that alerted them I was expected to the tower.

You're opening a can of worms, I reminded myself, this is the one thing that activates Megatron.

I slid the card into the machine.

The Doors gracefully open.

Go figure going to the place where Isaac Sumdac is 90% of the time.

"Walk, Ivy." I encouraged myself.

I walk into the lab holding a glass of milk and a doughnut, in case Sumdac had fallen asleep; again. I saw Sumdac's slumped over figure on the desk snoring. Why do I always have to know the things characters are not aware?, I thought walking over to Sumdac hearing a light electrical humm from behind. Do not show fear, do not show fear, do not show slagging fear! I  pictured myself walking down the DeathStar in Storm Trooper armor holding a gun. That actually helped my self esteem go up a lot more.

I came to a stop beside Sumdac. Sumdac is in his chair, slumped over, his head on the desk drooling.

"Proofessooor." I said. "Waaaky!"

Sumdac straightens, his hair very black--sadly that means Sari does not exist in this version of TFA as I assumed--looking pretty wild, and he wipe off the drool from the side of his mouth.

"Oh, Ivy." Sumdac said. "You brought this for me?"

"Well, I assumed you didn't eat breakfast." I said.

Sumdac tried to be polite, yet, he grabbed  the plate--in the politest manner possible as he did to Sari in the first episode--and then gulped down the drink without missing a beat. I tried to comprehend how a man such as Sumdac could gulp down milk in a couple cartoon seconds. The plate and the glass now are seemingly empty.

"You know me too well." Sumdac said.

I wanted to say it was because of the cartoon, but, I had to say something that is not creepy.

"Yep, I do." I agreed. "And you requested to be here."

"Right!" Sumdac said. "I have something in my office to share with you." He takes the empty cup too. "Be back in five minutes!"

"I am the most patient person you have ever known." I remind Sumdac.

"Quite the preteen." Sumdac agreed, with a nod.

Then he left the lab.

I take the bracelet out of the jean pocket into the well lit lab. I can feel a glare being forced upon me ever so cruel. Sumdac had managed to go past Megatron without noticing the glowing fierce scary looking optics.I turn to the left towards Megatron's head. He had one optic in the same of a telescope's viewing lens while the other red optic is in the shape of a finely carved crystal.The way he had something over his mouth reminded me of Darth Vader without his helmet on.

"Hi?" I ask.

"Do not talk to me unless I speak to you first; undeveloped organism." Megatron said.

Normally a person would feel offended; yet, I don't.

"I am a developed organism." I said. "And you technically first spoke glaring at me."

"No, I did not." Megatron said. "You are not the  intelligent organism in the room."

I laugh at Megatron, slapping my knee.

"No one is very smart!" I said. "I am surprised you have not recognized you are surrounded by idiots."

"I am surrounded by lifeless,dull, and boring machinery." Megatron argues. "Including  a organism claiming I am wrong."

"Which you are." I said.

"I am not." Megatron argues back.

"This argument is going no where." I said.  "How about we argue if you're real or not."

"No." Megatron said."That is a useless argument."

"Would you argue that you're smart?" I ask.

"Yes." Megatron said.

"Is Unicron smart enough to know Starscream is going to backstab him?" I ask.

"Unicron has been in a slumber since the start of my life cycle." Megatron said. "And the mech before me,Megazarak, and the mech before him."

"Megazarak sounds like a dragon name." I said.

"He was." Megatron said. "I exiled him."

"Interesting." I said. "My name is Ivy, and, I know who you are; Lord Megatron of the very diverse fraction of Decepticons."

"How do you know this?" Megatron asks.

"First; you're understanding every slagging word I am saying." I said.  "So you've been around a chatterbox."

"Starscream." Megatron said.

Why, that is surprising.

"Starscream is not much of the chatter." I remarked.

"You have not heard his speeches." Megatron said, in a deep grumble.

"Right." I said. "I am from 41 years ago; where people thought robots like you were non-existent. I am surprised Transformers became forgotten to the entire world and became lost in the data banks stored in machines hidden under the basements where dust collects, spider webs grow, rats leave their waste behind, make nests out of the cables, and birds raise their hatchlings in the small spaces during the extremely cold winter time."

"Being forgotten is the worse thing that can ever happen." Megatron said.

"Oh, so you don't want  fearsome reputation?" I ask.

"I do want a fearsome reputation." Megatron said.

I whistle, this time I did it good, leaning on the corner to a table. A couple machine parts fell over landing on the floor because I scooted myself on.

"Good luck." I said. "There are some old people and young people who still remember Transformers. Be prepared when fangirls of all fandoms attack or join you." There is silence coming from Megatron. "You know; don't be surprised if civilians--aka fans-- take action while Congress stands around demanding not to have another war."

Megatron is intrigued, that I can tell.

"Another war?" Megatron asks.

"They've never been in a war since..." I gaze to the ceiling. "Well, like, never."

"What are you holding in your servo?" Megatron asks.

I look down right towards Megatron.

"It is a hand, bucket head." I said, with a scowl towards Megatron. Woah; did I just call the most fearsome Decepticon in the known void of Transformers 'Buckethead' without a hesitated thought about him later come back to life and offline me? Yep, I am hurling down reckless-vile.Funny how I have a Original Character with Elita-1's body model except her helmet has a handle similar to a bucket handle. Her name is Bucketer or Buckethead; one of the two. Oh yeah, that character's paired up with Optimus in my dirty mind.  "I am holding a shiny and valuable clue."

"I have a feeling that is not what it is called." Megatron said.

I get off the table table and walk over to Megatron.

"Yep." I said, with a nod. So Megatron does have feelings in his gut that's not connected to his helm, I thought with a snicker.  "It is a bracelet." I held the bracelet close to his optic's view. "So shiny,golden,and small it can be melted down onto precious cargo." I lower my hand back feet away from Megatron. "Like a brick."

"What does R and B stand for?" Megatron asks.

It seems Megatron is full of questions. Maybe I should start calling him the Question box.

"I don't know." I said, turning back towards the table.

"What do you mean you do not know?" Megatron asks.

"I don't know." I repeat myself, putting the machine parts back where they had been--well, I actually guessed where they had been previously--before falling.

"That is not a settling answer." Megatron said.

"I guess; Robert Bill, Rodricka Botson, Red Botson, Rebecca Blain, Richard Birch,Remery Benjamin..." I guessed, turning away from the table. A whole slew of made up names entered my mind. "Rodricka Brooke, Rain Bell,Robby Benjamin,Robin Blank, Rae Book, Ray Bake, Benatrix Benesetrax, Raven Balemone, Raven Balooney..."

"Red Botson?" Megatron interrupts, questionably.

"Naaaah." I said. "That really sounds too made up to be a real person."

"But could that be the inscription to the bracelet?" Megatron asks.

I look down squinting to the bracelet.

There's a faint 'D' in between R and B.

"Naaah." I said. "Not a chance."

I seriously did not want to believe that someone actually walks around with the name Red Botson over their heads, if so, it sounds like they are a boy highly interested in fixing up alien robots that most certainly do not come from Earth.I hear the doors open so I turn away towards the doors putting the bracelet straight into my pocket. Sumdac held a set of keys in his hand. I honestly did not have  clue what kind of reason coming to the tower is connecting to keys.

I walk away from  Megatron's head meeting up with Sumdac.

"You're aware the Asgarths do not--" Sumdac starts to say but  I interjected.

"Rosegarths." I correct Sumdac.

"I always get their names fixed up with the strange two formal men." Sumdac said.

"I don't know who they are," I said. "But it sounds like they have a similar last name."

"No." Sumdac said, with a shake of his hand.  "They do not."

Now I am confused.

"I...don't have a clue why you confuse them." I said.

"I never know why, too." Sumdac said. "Are you aware the Rosegarths do not have a car?"

I had to hesitate.I had to think back  if one of the girls drove me somewhere during the week; which they do not. I recalled those excruciating long walks on the street just to get to somewhere. I had to recall on Friday using a bus to be driven to somewhere that I beat the girls too about fifty minutes earlier than they did.

"Not that I know of." I said.

I mean since Shanni has such big space in her hair I could picture her taking out a small vehicle that had keys in the seat.

"I have a truck outside for them." Sumdac said, putting the key into my hand. "I believe you know how to drive."

"I am thirteen years old." I said. Has Sumdac gone mad?, I thought keeping my cool.  "Kids can't drive!"

"You're an interesting little girl." Sumdac said, patting on my shoulder. "What most kids cannot do these days; is what you can do."

That is one messed up philosophy.

"Okay." I said, faking a smile, closing my hand around the keys.  "I will try."

"It is parked in floor two." Sumdac said.  "Just press the honk button to find it."

I nodded, pretending I knew what I was doing, feeling unsure how to find the parking lot.And to drive a probably huge truck.

"Where is the parking lot again?" I ask.

"Four doors away from the main elevator." Sumdac said.

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