Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


6. Decepticons, nuff said

"Ivy, what happens in Transformers Animated?" Bulkhead asks.

I am helping the Autobots find the right patch of rock where the Allspark lies. There is a big mountain'ish design up ahead that reminded me of the scene from the first episode where Bumblebee helped Bulkhead.I was able to see the long episode 'Transform and Roll Out' thanks to Transformers at Transformers Animated dot com.My step dad, Kelton, bought the season 1 DVD for Transformers Animated that start off 'home is the spark is', yet I had seen it,except my siblings hadn't watched it. So I had the opportunity to rewatch it when my little siblings were around.

The Angry Archer reminds me of Robin Hood with a hook, wait, does he have a hook attachment like Captain Hook?

I hope to find this out later.

"Uh." I said, slowly tapping my fingers together. "Uh..."

"She can't tell you a potential future, Bulkhead." Bumblebee said.

Why thank you for replying to Bulkhead, Bumblebee.Seriously, thank you for being a life-saver.Because at this point the Transformers Animated future can be established once more in this universe that is way different to the Cartoon.All I have to do is not spoil. I bit my lip just thinking how much the future could be screwed up into what it may become if not a spoiler was released.

"A future that is not possible, anymore." Bulkhead said."How can the future be any different now?" Bulkhead's large feet makes a rock tip over then roll down the rocky climate scenery. "It might be the same after we find the old allspark."

"Well..." I said, tapping  my fingers together.  I look up towards Bulkhead with my brightest of all smiles that is fake. "Top secret!"

"Can you give us the slightest hint?" Bulkhead asks.

"Techno-Organic, Lab, touch, girl." I said.

"So you were touched at a labatory by a Techno-Organic." Bulkhead said. "Uh, that doesn't make sense."

I rub the glass covering my face that is part of the helmet.

"That was a hint, Bulkhead." I said.

Bumblebee blasts at a rock across and then out came a bright blue shining light. Oh well; looks like we just found the Allspark just in the crosshairs of being bored. And that Bumblebee was probably fed up hearing my fast speaking that I cannot be aware of at any times as dictated by the laws of physics and the fourth wall. Sentinel had Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Prowl deliver the Allspark back to the ship.

Yet I am afraid that the energy signature may have been caught by the Decepticons already.

___                               ___

....Fifteen minutes later...

...Still on the rocky place...

"Bulkhead, what do you mean the Space Bridge is broke?" Sentinel asks.

I am leaning against the wall with a sly smile growing across my face.

"...It broke." Bulkhead said.

"How exactly did that happen?" Sentinel asks.

Bulkhead taps his large crab digits together shyly.

"Bumblebee may have, uh, shot at it."  Bulkhead said.

"Ivy." Sentinel turns his helm down towards me.  "You knew about this, and didn't tell me."

I meekly shrugged still wearing a smile.

"I didn't notice it." I lied. "I was picking my nose."

"Ew!" Sentinel said, disgusted as he took a step back.

Five points for little old me!

"Uh, boss-bot, organics can't pick their noses in space." Bulkhead reminds Sentinel.

"True." Sentinel said. "But this is organic is different."

"Hey  Sentinel, want me to pick my nose in front of you?" I ask, holding up my right index finger close to my nose.

"No!" Sentinel said. "Go bother Prowl with your disgusting habit, or, do it to Bumblebee."

I shrug.

"Kay." I said.

I walked away from the two. They carried off a conversation that really shouldn't be written in fan-fiction; it is private stuff that doesn't concern everyday Transfans to listen in.I came to the bridge--at least that's what Bumblebee referred to it--that was pretty much empty. I climbed up the seats using those little dents poking out using them.Funny thing is shortly after Prowl--in the dream--had said those words of reassurance; my Step Dad had turned the lights on and woke me up. Here's the not-so-much surprise: I am not dreaming.

I fell into a deep luring sleep.

I dreamt that I was back at home, and depressed, yet feeling bright that I would be telling myself a story while through the crowded hall in a lowered voice. No one would believe that I had really been in a different universe that was in Transformers Animated style. I felt a hard square box slide me to the side jerking me awake when I was in math class. Actually, I am not in math class. I am still aboard the ship.

"Bulkhead, is the Space Bridge ready to operate?" Sentinel asks, sounding urgent. 

"Being that Prowl used some Scrap-tape on the cables to the space bridge's wires; almost." Bulkhead said, glaring at Prowl.

"You said it yourself, Bulkhead."  Prowl said. "Repairing the faulty cable would take a few solar cycles. I did a favor."

"Wha--what?" I said, hearing something hit the ship.  "What the scrap is going on?"

"We're being attacked by a Decepticon ship." Sentinel said.  "The Nemesis."

"Oh, so that's what the ship is called." I said. "I thought it was called The Decepticon mother-ship that most Transformers Animated fans dare not to write about."

"Is she joking in the middle of a Decepticon attack?" Bumblebee asks.

I stared at Bumblebee, making my best serious look.

"I am serious, Bumblebee." I said. "It is like taboo to write about the nemesis in Fan Fictions. There's rarely a Transformers Animated fan-fiction on Fan Fiction net or DeviantArt where they're in the Nemesis." I threw my hands up into the air. "It always has to be set on Cybertron or Earth!"

A blast hit the ship so I was sent sliding down away from the edge with my back hitting the wall.

"Someone has to make sure the Allspark is intact." Sentinel said. "Starlight Supreme; Autopilot mode."

"Autopilot activated." There came a female voice from the chair's arm.

"Starlight Supreme?" I said. "I wasn't aware they had a female version of Omega Supreme."

"They didn't." Sentinel said, getting up. "She's on a test run. Bulkhead and Bumblebee make sure the Allspark is protected." Bulkhead and Bumblebee left. "Prowl--" Something hit the roof of Starlight Supreme's  that triggered a red alert in the ship. "Oh scrap. Now they're getting aboard the ship."

"That's no Decepticon warrior!" I said. "I know who the slag is on the roof!"

Prowl and Sentinel look towards me.

"Who?" Prowl and Sentinel ask.

Then something went off on the roof making an explosion that sent me flying forwards right towards Sentinel while doing a Superman flight pose. I believe I can fly under the open sky, I believe I can fly in outer space, I believe I can fly! Sentinel is sent the other direction towards the right crashing against the panel.Oops I just landed on the chair's arms, by a freak accident of course. There was some heavy smoke filling the room so I reached my hands out then walk forwards with my eyes closed feeling around. My blankets and my hoody are awesomely still wrapped around me making it seem there's a really long cape around my shoulders and a hoody wrapped around my waist.

"SpaceBridge destination has been locked on." Starlight Supreme announces. "Space Bridge has been activated,engines have been started, coordinates have been changed from Cybertron to Planet--"

"No!"  Sentinel said. "This is a mistake."

"You're mistaking your retreat?" I heard the deep menacing voice belonging to the one and only Megatron. "You're the most stupid Autobot I have come across."

I heard one of Prowl's weapon strike against armor while walking.

I am starting to wonder if I am walking on thin air. There was a fight going on--that I could tell--when it became obvious that the ship's gravity systems had been messed up so everyone is likely floating.Open your slagging eyes!, I encourage myself while floating, Do it or end up becoming blind like DareDevil except without all those blue stuff that shows people moving. I open my eyes seeing that I am floating in the hallway.

"I am flying!" I cheer, waving my arms. "This is the best experience ever!"

Gee, SariGirl2008 and CartoonAnimeGirl would be so jealous of me right now.

So would AmayaWindNinja.

"I am in an actual episo--" I was cheering and then sent flying--more like falling down-- towards the floor.

I closed my eyes.

Thump went the metal I had landed on. I grabbed on to whatever was in the reach of my hands.

"Organic lover?" Megatron said, tauntingly. "Ah, and I thought Autobots disapproved of them."

I opened my eyes.

Sentinel lands against the wall--with me in tow, apparently--that is six feet across from Megatron. Sentinels gets up as I am very much trembling at the mere sight of a dangerous robot known widely in the Transfans community. I don't know how the hell many Transfans manage to make fanfics where their Techno-Organic Original Characters fall for him. I gulped as Sentinel takes me off his shoulder and held me out by my neck collar.

Wait, is he actually holding me without wearing gloves?

"Congrats for not putting on gloves!" I cheer. "One step in the right direction for you, Mr Knighty."

"You sent this organic on to our ship." Sentinel  said, accusing Megatron. "The Elite Guard does not welcome them aboard."

Megatron laughs in a way that was classic evil laughter. Very classic-y.

"Why would I send a human to your ship?" Megatron asks. "I'll give you a nanoklick to think."

Sentinel actually threw me right towards that gigantic, huge, and very close to impact coming Megatron!

"Wee!" I squeal as Megatron raises that steaming preparing to power up cannon. "I'mma be killed by a fusion canon from Megatron!"" I wave my arms feeling adrenaline, fear, and really sweaty. "This is the best life ever!"

I ended up colliding against a wall that delivered a hard feeling to my face then slid down the wall quickly and landed on the floor.Guess what Megatron's fusion canon blast shot had hit instead? No other than the girl shrieker Sentinel Prime. I look up to see Sentinel hopping up holding his right foot whimpering like a girl two years younger than me. I don't really hang around large groups of girls and boys; but what I do know about whimpering, yelping,whining all comes from the television set. For me, crying gets me no where.

"Ow!" I yelp once sliding down from the wall. Ah slag, my back hurts a little. "Damn it girl shrieker,  you missed the slagging target!"

"Coward." Megatron said.  "Give up, this fight will not end well for you. And tell your team to stand by so I can get the Allspark."

Sentinel looks up towards Megatron.

Megatron has a wound,the one that Starscream had planted a bomb on when there was metal, visible to the human eye.

"No." Sentinel said. "I will not." I heard a electric whiz from down the hall. "Bumblebee, shoot!"

w---whiz went a electrical strike on Megatron.Oh wow, looks like it hurt because Megatron stumbles back looking down the hall to see an upcoming Bulkhead and Bumblebee. Wait, this could only mean that Bumblebee's stingers have been upgraded to combat mode! I rushed away leaving the big living robots with personalities to fight it out. This is actually a lot different to Transformers Animated as a cartoon. And where the heck is Prowl in this chaos? Did he get written off or something?

Sheesh, can't the universe decide who goes where and what happens to who?

I guess not.

The  ship was sent directly pointing upward so that sent me sliding down the hallway far from the fight.

"Wee!" I cheer waving my arms while having an aching cheek.

Then the doors whooshed  behind me which only could mean they had shut.I stopped thanks to the large orange, black, and gray container to the allspark.It bore a significant resemblance to The Matrix of Leadership from the Transformers 1986 cartoon movie.The ship regained balance straightening up instead of facing downwards.I get up on my two feet dusting off my shirt.A sound came from The Allspark's container so I look towards the source of this sound.The container to The Allspark opens up revealing the almighty sphere crystal ball. I walk backward just thinking; No, I don't wanna be the Sari Sumdac of this universe! Please no.

A bright blue light emulated from The Allspark so I shielded my eyes.

"I know they don't have a medic." I said. "But that doesn't mean you can turn me into a key wielder that makes The Autobots slagging rely on the key that can get empty!"

I seriously don't want to do that.

I heard the doors open, and so, I look over my shoulder seeing  a damaged Sentinel running in.

"Ivy, out of the way!" Sentinel shouts.

That is the last I saw of Sentinel when a blue light engulfed me.

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