Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


9. Back up!

I grab the Barney with my outreached right hand. I whish toward the right lifting my head up towards the light coming from above seeing rounded crystal blue bubbles pass my face.My lungs are getting full of water. Yes,I had been stupid enough to open my mouth to cheer after grabbing Barney. That is one of my most stupid mistakes, ever.The card feels heavy on my  chest.My legs started to lose energy tat they had jumping into the lake. I am not meant to die drowning, I thought.I kicked my legs  quicker forcing myself closer to the light.

My eyes began to see my life come across.

Oh yes,that boy who seemed like the perfect figure to be my Optimus Prime.

That boy was Russel.

I despise Russel with all my heart, not since he called me 'bitch' and I learned he was going to dump me in two weeks. All of that just to leave me in pieces. The funny thing is his intentions to leave me in a mess failed because whoever he stole that drawing from--that Russel claimed he had drawn of me--actually inspired me to start drawing better instead drawing in chibi style.It had the initials 'RS' on the right hand side of the paper.I started drawing the eyes first.

I was the one who ended the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

So go me,go me, go me!

My ears are getting full of water with the 'er-irr--burr' noise.

I almost gave up.

Then something metal hit my leg and there was a car honking in the water. I had my eyes closed clinging on to whatever come into my time of need. I can feel my heart race, and the grip on the wet Barney toy become tighter. Next I heard water crash; the sound of pesky bird, the chaos, and a child screaming 'my barney!' which made me snap open my eyes.

"Ew,ew,ew!" That is Sentinel. "Get off my roof, I must disinfect my roof!"

"Kay then, Obsessive Compulsive Detective Sentinel." I said, sarcastically falling right off the hood to the engine.

Yes, I am a big Monk Fan. 'Cause it is a Jungle out there! I raced to the kid waving the wet Barney.

"Ew!" Sentinel cries. "My bumper!"

"Barney is saved!" I said, handing the child his Barney.

The boy hugs the wet Barney.

"Thank you, mis..." The boy said.

"Ivy Swan." I stop. "No, stop thinking about Twilight, damn it." I rub my forehead.That was a terrible book series to read girly, I mentally remind myself, do not associate yourself to that series!I make a pretty reassuring smile for the boy. "My name is Ivy Bell."

"Thank you,Miss Bell." The boy said.

"No prob." I said. "Go back to your mommy."

The boy nods,happily, and then runs off into the crowd. I shift myself towards the other direction to see the  walking stick with a big ball of blankets wrapped around the ending part. I shake myself sending water everywhere to those who were across from me. Yes, I did a dog thing to try myself off.Sometimes the inconvenient is very convenient.

"Sorry!" I apologized.  "I had to dry myself off!"

I grab  the walking stick then look up towards that scene where the Autobots revealed themselves to the general public. The Autobots had transformed into their robot modes all the while 'wow-ing' the public. I didn't see any Sari Sumdac in sight.  There wasn't a running around metal dog on four feet wagging its tail. Sentinel takes out a can  of disinfectant and then sprays himself all over.

I see Detective Fanzone by his compact yellow and black car.

"Oh,goody."  I said. "I gotta  fill in Sari's role!"

For being a really short girl--I am not five foot, sadly. Wish I were taller.--I made my way through the crowd watching the Autobots take care of the big mistake made by Isaac Sumdac.I made my way behind Fanzone.There were some differences between the first episode to what is currently happening right now.I mean it is kind of hard to take seriously that the monster insulted Prowl's armor so he attacked it without back up.

Without the order of Sentinel.

Wait  a second there, Prowl did the same thing except under different circumstances in the first episode.

Okay so things are still somewhat following the chronological order of things.

"Who the hell are these guys?" Fanzone asks.

"They're the Autobots." I said. "And they are saving you the loss of causalities. They are the good guys."

Fanzone looks over, his face is so white and his nonexistent eyes that usually were shadowed by the yellow eyebrows had become big.

"How did you get here?" Fanzone asks.

 A couple of men were staring down towards me sharing the same question in their eyes.

"Well if I am correct then that's something you won't believe." I said. "They come from Cybertron, and, uh..." I watch Bumblebee go into the building. "Had some accidental crash landing from fighting against some Decepticons." When they didn't have Ratchet aboard. "And their spaceship suffered some damage crash landing."

Fanzone's eyebrow's rested.

"You look familiar." Fanzone said.

"I was found two days ago by Carly Witwicky." I bluntly said. "So of course you've seen me before."

"How do you know so much about the Autobots?" Fanzone asks. "They just came in."

I saw Bumblebee on the rooftop.

"Like I told you." I said, watching Bumblebee jump off the roof towards the gaping mouth open monster. "You won't believe me."

"What about the snow plow?" Fanzone asks.

"Sentinel has a little OCD." I said, with  a wave of my hand.  "I don't belong in this century--" I saw that Bumblebee had leaped into the monster with stingers blazing.I grab a huge Director's thingy--a name that I do not know off--from a man's hands and turn out towards the huge crowd. "EVERYONE PLEASE BACK up! There will be monster guts flying all over the place in three minutes!"

All the vehicles, somehow under some law of time and logic, were moved five feet away leaving me in the open without that Megaphone.

Oh, so that's what it is called.

Then a lot of alien gooy guts was sent flying all over.

"Wow, that is the fastest backing up I ever have been in." I remark, seeing one of the gray purple parts flying towards me.  "Oh, I wonder if the direction it is falling means this part is gonna go right past my face." I stood there like a home grown idiot seeing the part flying closer and closer. "I bet it will!"

Fortunately I got hit by one at the head.

Then it became black, again.

Damn this black out thing is going to be cliche by the time my adventure ends.

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