Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


16. Back to the confusing reality

Starscream transforms into his robot mode landing us into his servos. His high heels skid hard into the floor trying to make an impression of car breaks which he undoubtedly failed at. I blink multiple times trying to make sure that a super duper awesome scene really happened to me. Starscream puts us down to the floor.I fell backwards landing on my back. Alice, remarkably, seemed to keep herself balanced.

"Epic." I said.

"Megatron is more epic than Starscream when it comes to being badass in combat." Alice said.

I get up.

"This isn't a contest about being badaft in combat." I said. "If it were then there would not be a winner."

"The Allspark is somewhere around here in this room." Starscream said, looking over to a large collection of crates stacked in the design of a fort.

Starscream walks right over to the stacked crates. Wait, shouldn't Autobots and Decepticons be able to detect Allspark energy on their radars? I and Alice share a puzzled glance. Starscream makes a mess reorganizing the crates.The boxes then became scattered almost everywhere except for the door leading into outer space. The doorway to the departure room--that's what Starscream had called it--is blocked by several of the crates. There is hard banging that makes me flinch at the loud unbearable noise.

Alice covered her ears.

"Ah ha!" Starscream said, standing upright. "Found it."

I, too, had covered my ears.

"Still hearing banging even with my ears clogged." I said.

Starscream turned around holding the container to the Allspark.Strangely it has a different theme color that's the complete opposite to the Transformers Animated one. My left hand burns terribly so I uncovered my left ear lowering my hand. That is exactly when I then see the card had magically wrapped it's chain around my hand with the main cybertronian healing object lain on the palm.

"Ah, the key." Starscream said, acting calm. "The key." He repeats. "You threw the key away!"

"I make a terrible key wielder; kay?" I said. "I gave it to Bee."

"And it returned to its chosen owner." Starscream said. "One should not attempt to ditch the responsibility into some other bot's servos."

"Well, I did." I said."Geeze,am I eventually going to be returned or not?"

Starscream turns his helm towards Alice.

"...Alice." Starscream said. "Tell me you've come to the same conclusion as I about this counterpart."

"She's definitely an crazy oddball." Alice said.

"No, I mean about her existence in the opposite reality." Starscream said.

"I don't do computering or whatever did you to her." Alice said.

"Ivy,it has come to my attention that in the opposite universe to this, the one you were sent flying out of, you went missing in that universe as a child about 41 years ago." Starscream said, cupping his servos together. I stare at him. "The universe, the one you've gone to think is not real is indeed real."

"So..." I said, scratching the side of my right cheek. "Transformers Animated is for real!"

"And the databanks in your memory indicate you've done a fair share of time travel." Starscream said. "Being transported to the past and then to the future."

"...Databanks?" I said. "Memory?"

"He means to say the memory in your databanks." Alice said. "Starscream is very wordy."

Starscream walks over to the side, keeping the container into one part of his arm, paying no attention to the much harder banging on the wall.

"Very much." I said. "Now to my main question that no one is answering; how am I gonna go back to sweet old logical world?"

"Tap your shoes together." Alice said.

I did exactly that.

Nothing happened as a result.

"Hmm..." Starscream said, rubbing his chin using his free servo leaning against the wall while his other servo is pressing numerous buttons on a panel that had glowing red buttons and a black monitor displaying red numbers.  "Interesting."

"Big boy, spill the beans." I said, glaring up towards him.

"Why I'll sound crazy explaining it." Starscream said. "But I can do it."

"Then do it, Icecream!" I name called Starscream. Starscream picks me up,uses his blaster on the door that finally then opened, and held me past the gray wall opened to outer space. "Seriously? I have to die in order to escape a painful death?"

"No." Starscream said.  "Whatever sent you to the cell will send you back to where you came from."

"Oh Starscream." Alice said.

"Hey, what about you two lovebirds?" I ask.

"We're not in love!" Starscream and Alice shout at once

"Oh, so you've settled your differences on the way to the departure room." I said.

"No, I am still going." Alice said, her arms folded.

"I am going to return to Earth with the Allspark." Starscream  said. "Sadly Shanni's cybertronian side strictly not able to be undone. She has lived with the half for too long; her body depends on it, the cybertronian half has already spread to her brain, and her hair, primus, her big blue puffy hair can hold anything!"

"Shanni's hair is bigger by the inside?" I ask.

"Long story." Alice said.

"And you're wiling to return to Cybertron without having to be blasted at by the Allspark to make you cybertronian."

"No, that would only give Alice a further upgrade." Starscream said.  "The Autobots have technology beyond the Decepticon's wildest dreams. They can turn an techno-organic into a cybertronian without a hassle.Nothing can stop them when getting rid of the organic half in the most painful way possible." He glares towards Alice. "Some people are apparently up for the pain to leave their siblings behind and expect them to have open arms when they return a a cybertronian. I am sorry Alice but what you did by backstabbing your little sister; Shanni won't be much forgiving."

"Oh, she will." Alice said.

"And you cannot brainwash a girl who's made almost everything that you use." Starscream said. "So don't think about that."

"Woah, you have issues." I said. "If you're planning to deflect to the Autobot cause, Alice, why have you not done a thing?"

"I wouldn't betray a motherly figure." Alice said, in a low voice. "You remind me of Auto too much."

"So, lemme get this straight; you're not doing a slagging thing because I remind you of Ultra Magnus's daughter?" I ask.

"Yes." Alice said.


Starscream transformed into his jet mode, with me in the front seat, and the allspark in the backseat. He flew off into space leaving Alice at the door seemingly being unaffected by the lack of Oxygen in space.It made me wonder how exactly she isn't turning gray, then become seemingly empty, and float out into space coated by strangely beautiful ice.I saw a picture of teenage Auto sitting on the shoulder of a white and blue Megatron. I could see the date to the corner of the picture. She really looked happy--actually giggling at Megatron's confused facial reaction toward the camera---with a pair of bunny ears by what seems to be Blitzwing's servos in the background.

"She really was family to you." I said.

"Alice?" Starscream said. "We used to have a acquaintance relationship...but that fell apart quickly."

"I mean Auto." I said.

"Auto was one of a kind." Starscream said. "Her greatest weakness was helping people, and, robots not surprisingly." Starscream has a little sad sigh. "When Soundwave first joined; she gave him the benefit of a doubt and the team HYBRID. Soundwave is a part of it."

"Who's part of Team Hybrid?" I ask.

"Amiable Archer,Millisec,Private Princesss,Cyrys,Soundwave, and Professor Black." Starscream said.
"HYBRID means  Heroic Youths Battling Robots Infesting Detroit."

I had a little laugh.

"Nice to hear." I said. "At least there's a good parallel to Society of Ultimate Villainy."

"A little note." Starscream said. "You may meet Alice's counterpart; they look exactly the same."

"Why?" I ask.

"It makes sense to someone." Starscream said, and then he threw me into space.

It is then that my surroundings changed back into the one where Starscream, the evil one, was shooting at many people. I saw a bright blue ball surrounded by smoke expand then disappear in thin air followed by many people fleeing for their lives.I stood there staring at the sky to see the seeker, the one that seemed natural with his theme colors, taking in what just happened.

Starscream looks over towards me.

"What the slag?" Starscream said out loud. "Die already!"

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