Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek


5. All right look

"Prowl." I said. "What's a blank?"

"A protoform that lacks a spark." Prowl said.

"And what's a protoform?" I ask.

Prowl looks down towards me.

"You should know what a protoform is." Prowl said. "Since you are a 'fan' of this universe."

I shook my head.

"No, this is technically the wrong universe."  I said.  "And I know that  blank protoforms are similar to dolls  that have a almost triangle'sh hole in the center,outlines where certain armor parts should go,the forehelmet attachment center, and a black band around the lower neck that would connect to the neck collar armor when attached. The shoulder metal parts would hook up the second part of shoulder plating which connects to  the actual shoulder armor." 

Prowl looks at me strangely.

" do you know that?" Prowl asks.

"Sometimes I write scenes where my original characters or the canon characters transform into their vehicle mode." I said. "And detail is very tedious to determine which part goes where. For example if I was going to write a scene where a cybertronian was picking up a short cybertronian right over the top of a skyscraper yelling at them because the shorter bot had interrupted the taller cybertronain while speaking then I must know if the neck is called differently;such as neck plating."

I just pretty much described the 'I am speaking!' scene that happened between Bumblebee and the  outrageous high pitched purple loving Starscream. Wait, I don't know for sure if Starscream does in fact love purple.

"Hey Ninja bot, how's the blurr-human speaking going with you?" Bumblebee asks, with a laugh.

"Surprisingly, I can understand this human." Prowl said.

"I speak fast?" I said, clueless.

Bumblebee and Prowl share a look down towards me.

" woke up here." Prowl said.  "Did you talk much?"

"I told stories to myself." I said. "So not really."

"Prowl, what she say?" Bumblebee asks.

"No." Prowl said. "Counting talking to herself."

I must be the fastest speaker alive, really.

"Prowl,I am waiting on that protoform answer." I reminded Prowl.

"You asked for it." Prowl said. "Protoforms are made from Proto-matter mined from Cybertron's Sonic Canyons.  Before they are brought online; protoforms are placed into 'moulds', Pre-built robot shells,which their proto-matter expands to fill."

"And then they resemble featureless Maniqueins." I finished.

Basicially protoforms were proto-matter put into moulds.

"Manniquins?" Bumblebee and Prowl said at once.

I had to explain what mannequin's were; and, how I knew about them. I got all sidetracked thoroughly that I ended up explaining to them about the hilarious movie involving a Egyptian princess becoming a mannequin  and then human around a single man. I must admit the looks on their faceplates was well worth the explanation.

___                             ___                                           __

 ....That Space Bridge...

So I met Bulkhead in a space suit that had an unlimited amount of air. The Autobots will find it hard for me to stand around being a useless piece of scrap-metal made into a doll. I ain't a delicate piece of china.What many transfans like to think is that no matter the difference in character between Bulkhead and Bumblebee; Bulkhead is always gonig to be friend guy. Which is true while Bumblebee refuses to be Bulkheads 'little friend' and acted like he is still part of the Elite Guard.

So I made a fake excuse to speak with Bumblebee aboard the ship.

I had to speak;slowly.

"Bumblebee, do you know what makes a great member of the elite guard?" I ask.

"Be willing to kick Decepticon afts." Bumblebee said.

"No!" I shout. "You only got to become a member because you sent Wasp to the stockade and you have a decepticon in the slagging Autobot force!" I flail my arms. "You dumped Bulkhead to be in the force.Which not sticking up for Bulkhead and letting him get to be a space bridge technician may be a good thing because it was his dream."

Bumblebee rolls his optics

"Yada yada yadah." Bumblebee said.  "Too much information, organic."

I frown.

"You lost everything that made you admirable entering the elite jerks club." I said.

"Did not." Bumblebee said.

I folded my arms glaring up towards Bumblebee.

"State when you last helped a autobot." I said.

Bumblebee became  silent.

"Uh.." Bumblebee rubs the back of his neck.  ""

"Nada." I said.  "That is my point,Bumblebee." I point down to the foor using my index finger. "You lost yourself a long time ago. The bot who entered Autoboot camp got lost, and instead,someone else took his shell." I take a breath to calm myself down rubbing at my shoulders. "I always looked up to you."

"So?" Bumblebee said.

"What's your motto?" I ask.

"I don't have one." Bumblebee said.

I stare at Bumblebee, feeling mad.

"Never give up." I said. "That was your patrol model's motto." I managed to keep myself together."That motto is the reason why I am talking to you. The reason why I am still here; alive. I didn't give up when kids refused to be befriend me." Bumblebee looks shocked. "Please don't pity me." I shook my hand. "I am just telling you..." I look down away from the Autobot I once fangirled over. "Why I looked up to you in my darkest times like many Bumblebeefangirls."

I walk away.

Bumblebee  gets in my way.

"There's more of you?" Bumblbee asks.

I look up.

"Yes." I said, narrowing my eyes at him. "And getting in my way is not your best move."

"And I have a fan group." Bumblebee said.

"Yes." I said, folding my arms. How lightly should I spill out hopefully emberasshing news? Oh yeah, do it with an attitude. "Bumblebee, I used your model once to draw a femme."

"I look nothing like a femme!" Bumblebee exclaims.

"Well, you kinda do." I said. "Those curves." I spin my right hand in a circle pointing to the chest curves. "It's like your spark was debating which gender format your body should be."

"I am a mech." Bumblebee.

"You look like a femme." I said.

"You look like a boy!" Bumblebee replies.

"I know." I said.  "Who's your parents?

"You're a fan, you should know." Bumblebee said.

"On the contary, we don't." I said.  "Chibimax has a story of you being the sparkling of a Decepticon and Autobot in a story that is quite amazing and ends up with you having seeker wings. But at the end you get that Decepticon side taken out and everyone thinks its over however the end scene focusing on the all the rocks says otherwise."

"I am not the son of a Decepticon." Bumblebee denies.

I tap my fingers together.

"Then who is your mother?" I ask.

Bumblebee folds his arms.

"State your theory." Bumblebee said.

"Optimus and Elita-1." I said. "I would have been thinking Elita and Sentinel, meh. You do have a long chin that isn't way too big." Bumblebee looks insulted. "That isn't enough to convince me that you are part of the unusual pairing invovling the Knight with the girly shriek and the butterfly femme who doesn't hate organics."

Bumblebee's optics were huge.

"Which one am I right on?" I ask.

"The...the first." Bumblebee said. "Just the femme, not the father."

"Bumblebee, Transfans on Earth believe the elite guard is a secret club." I said. "A secret club that allows cybertronians to do what they already can do." Bumblebee seems to be a bit puzzled. "You do not need wings to save others and be the hero." I cupped my hands together leaning them forward way from my chest. "You can already do that as an Autobot."

I walk around Bumblebee's foot heading  back down towards the hallway .

"You're wrong!" Bumblebee said, catching up. "The Elite Guard is the important military branch of Cybertron."

"I am not wrong." I said. "In fact; I can't be wrong."

I rushed past Bumblebee.

If he wants respect from me; that has to be earned.

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