Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


7. Chapter 7

HAHA well that was a good way to leave off the chapter, let's continue aha

Luke's POV

He looks back a me and pushes me down onto the bed. Coming close to my ear he seductively whispers "I''all be your daddy"

I think i forgot how to breath. I just stare at him. Not moving. I'm too flustered. "Luke, do you want me?" He asks. "No-" he grinds against me. "Yes," i moan "Ashton I do, I really do" I mumble under a hot breath. He smiles and pounds his lips onto mine. I have never had this feeling before.He plays with my lip ring. It turns me on if I have to admit. Instead of just sitting there enjoying this moment I join in placing my hand on his hair and tugging on his curls as we kiss. Ashton stands up. "I don't even know what to say" he smiles as I laugh. He taps my ass cheek as I walk past into the bathroom. "I really need a shower now." I tell him. "Can I join?" Ashton smirks. I playfully punch him and shut the door. I had a shower and when I was just about done, the door opened. The glass was too foggy so I drew to eye holes. "Ashton what are you doing!" I scream embarrassed even though he can't see my body'. "Oh just bringing you pyjamas." He laughs. "That's just a pair of boxers." I inform. "Well that's all you need, it's summer, now hurry up before I climb in with you. I need a shower too"

Once I finish I realise he is sitting on the toilet waiting. My towel is on the rack and I can't reach it without stepping out infront of ash. So I grab his towel and wrap it around me. "Dammit." He yells. I go up to him taking my boxers smiling and walk out so he can shower.

A few minutes later I hear him call. "Luke, bring me a pair of boxers" i went to the laundry to find a pair of his mothers panties. Laughing I decided to give him them. I walked in shutting the door and as I turned around it revealed Ashton exposed. I kept thinking in my head 'do not look, just don't look' but if course my eyes traced over his body. And I was pleased. He stared at me smiling. I chucked the panties at him. "What? These are my mothers!" He yells throwing them at me. "Aaaagh old lady panties!" I scream laughing. "My mothers not old!" He playfully punches me. It hurt because of my bruises but he didn't mean it. "Well it's panties or nothing" I inforce. "Well I'll wear yours then" he says yanking down my boxers. I blush really noticeably. I see Ashton smiling as he scans me. I turn around and pull my boxers back up before punching him in the shoulder smiling. He walks to his room putting on a pair of boxers. "Okay you win" I say. It's 7:40 already. "Luke let's get dinner" he states.

Ashton's POV

I go to the kitchen trying to find something worth eating. "Fuck it we're getting pizza" I yell as i dials the delivery service. "Yeah two large pepperonis and the garlic bread thanks" I hang up. I look at Luke. "Your eating this okay" I make sure he knows. We sit on the couch waiting for the pizza. I decide to put on a shirt so the pizza man doesn't see me in just boxers, Luke does the same. Ding dong I hear the bell. "Luke I'll get it" I tell him. Opening the door I see calum in his uniform. "Woah wait you work here?" I ask. "Oh Harry potter. Here's your pizzas. Don't tell me your having 2 to yourself." He ponders. Well that's none of his business. "No." I whisper taking the pizzas and garlic bread from him. "Whatever" he scoffs as I hand him the money. Luke walks over and immediately sinks. When spotted by Calum he knows he can't leave now. "Oh so fat fucks eating this aye? So much for going on a diet." He says. "Calum I will call the pizza place and report you for bad customer service" I inforce. Calum remembers this is work not school. "Okay I'm outta here" he yells as he got into his car. I look at Luke. "Your not fat okay? I don't have to tell you this again". I place my lips on his and wrap my hands around him.


The door opens and calum speaks "sorry here's your Chang- oh. Oh." He is lost for words. "Harry potter and fat fuck? Together? Not surprised. Haha wait till the school finds out" he yells as he slams the door. Ashton stares at me. I look down. What have I done. Now Ashton's going to get bullied as well. I think a tear rolls down my cheek. "Hey hey Luke don't worry, it'll be fine. Calum will probably forget by Monday." He reassures. Even though he doesn't know. we eat our pizza. Even though I just nibble on garlic bread.


"Hey Ashton?" Luke asks me staring into my eyes. "What Luke?" I reply. "Do you love me? In that way?" He asks pleading with those beautiful eyes. I look at him and say....

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