Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


19. Chapter 19

Michaels POV

I sit down on Ashton's bed. Luke stares at me Abit freaked out. "Luke you were uh in the kitchen last night?" I ask and he nods. "I was right. I knew as soon as our lips touched that it wasn't ashton. Your lips were softer" I state and luke furrows his eyebrow. "If you knew it wasn't Ashton then why would you have kept kissing me?" He questioned. "Actually that's what I was going to ask you, Obviously you would've known you weren't kissing Ashton considering you kiss him all the time" I say puzzled. He looks around the room then back at me. Searching my eyes for an answer. I begin speaking "I uh, heard you earlier last night. With um Ashton." I let him know. He blushes but also looks a bit mad. "Sorry. But you guys are kind of loud" I giggle and he smiles lightly. "iwouldkissyouagain" I blurt really fast. He takes awhile to comprehend and then sort of looks around the room again. "Your so awkward Luke" I laugh as I stand up off the bed walking towards him. "I was meant to uh bring Ashton's phone, he's probably thinking something's going on" Luke stutters shuffling to get past me. "something IS going on." I smirk and he stops with a confused look. I push him against the wall and slam my lips onto his for a short moment before walking away. I look back at him while I unlock the door. He looks frozen. I smile and walk out. I can't love Lucas, he isn't mine.


Ashton's POV

Luke finally meets me in the kitchen again. "What the hell took so long? . "I went to the bathroom" Luke mumbled. "Well I had breakfast while you were gone but you should still have some." I say pushing the box of corn flakes towards him. "No thanks, not hungry" he continues to mumble. I give him one of those faces that I give when he won't eat and he sighs grabbing a bowel and pouring the cornflakes In. I Head to the couch wrapping myself in a blanket, it's raining and cold. He joins me on the couch. Morning tv is full of kiddie cartoons. SpongeBob is still hilarious though. Once Luke finishes his cereal he reaches over me and puts his bowel on the coffee table. He then snuggles into me. I open the blanket and allow him to creep inside. He smiles and rests his head on my chest. Now I'm warm. I look down at him and he smiles. "What?" He playfully laughs seeing me staring. "Just admiring you." I reply. He places both his hands on my cheeks and kisses my lips. When he releases I press them back together.

Michaels POV

After kissing Luke I went back into calums room and played some games on his x box considering he usually sleeps half the day away. I was getting bored at being so good at the games, it was making me hungry. I'm always hungry anyways. Well I suppose I could make myself some sort of English buffet. Some bacon, some toast and eggs. joking I'm too lazy. I walk downstairs and spot the pair making out on the couch. I look away and start raiding the cupboard quietly. Yum Vegemite! I grab the jar and put it on the bench. I look up, yep still going. I look at the way Luke tugs Ashton's hair. The way that he straddles Ashton. Do you reckon he's hard right now? Ugh I'm getting out of hand. Since when did I feel like this about Luke? I pop the toaster before its done so it doesn't alert them. Once I'm done buttering and spreading the Aussie treat I simply head towards the space on the couch and sit down. Only then do they stop and look at me as I change the channel. "Didn't mean to interrupt. Just eating breakfast" I announce. Luke sits back down and snuggles into ashton. I star at his face only to be caught by ashton who looks at him and places a kiss in his hair before looking back at me. I look at the screen. "I have to do a shit Luke" he laughs before leaving. Luke laughs and shuffles over to where Ashton was sitting and rests his head on the pillow. He looks so adorable eyes shut and resting. I grab the other half of the blanket and shuffle into the middle. Luke must've thought I was Ashton back already. He turned around and placed his head in my lap. I slowly bring my hand to contact his face lightly stroking it. I feel his little stubble and smile. I try to lean over my self to kiss him but he speaks. "Don't michael" he whispers. "You know it's me?" I question quietly. He opens his eyes. "Ashton doesn't stroke my face like that." He says sitting up. The toilet flushes and I awkwardly get up leaving the room. I have to mentally tell myself.

Luke is Ashton's. Luke is Ashton's. Luke is Ashton's.

Screw that. Luke is mine. Well at least he will be...

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