Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


17. Chapter 17

A/n this is a really crappy chapter. Just wanted to get one up though.

Ashtons POV

I walked into school with Luke. It's seems everybody had been awaiting my arrival. Calum stood in the middle alongside Michael who looked scared. "The two little fags are here!" He announced in a cheerful tone. Everyone snickered and laughed as calum continued. "Did you enjoy the handjob last night Luke? Certainly sounded like it." He sneered. I grabbed Luke's hand by the wrist and dragged him passed the crowd. People kept whispering under their breath as we dogded past them. Michael had a 'sorry' expression to which I mouthed 'fuck you'. Me and Luke sat in the corner of the library on the bean bags. The only people here were a few students doing late homework and a couple of people reading. Once me and Luke where hidden in the corner he started crying. "Luke why are you crying?" I asked worried. It broke me whenever I saw him like this. "Ashton I keep thinking your going to leave me, and now that you'll get bullied I just know you will" he cried sobbing into his knees. "Luke I'm not going to leave you. I will stand by your forever." I said intertwining his hand between mine. "I don't care if they know, it means we don't have to hide it anymore. I no longer have to hide that I'm utterly in love with you and no matter what they say, nothing is going to tear me away." I soothe him. He smiles and we get up. "Ash I love you too, so much more then you think." He adds and tightens his grip of my hand. We walk back into the halls just as the bell rings. Well that's pretty good timing.


Luke's POV

Me and Ashton walk to music class after lunch. It was pretty awful in the cafeteria. Everyone trying to trip you and making you feel like shit, but honestly, I'm just not letting it get to me. Yet. We walk in and I instantly see calum smile. What's he got now? He says nothing but turns back to michael. I remove my hand from Ashton's and we take our seats.

"Today we will be doing vocal tryouts, as you all know, the annual school concert is coming up and we need to put a band together. The instrument tryouts will be next Friday. But the instructions are as follows-"

After mrs Ensby had finished talking we each lined up with the lyrics to the song she had picked. "Stay with me~ Sam smith" I knew this song well so I was excited. I can sort of sing, but then again i probably sound like road kill. The girls went first and we all sat back and watched. Calum tapped me on the shoulder. "Luke your meant to be up there. I assume your the girl in the relationship. Every gay couple has one" Ashton (who was next to me) grabbed my hand and when I looked at him he mouthed "ignore him". By the time it was my turn I was really excited. My part was pretty simple. I got to do the 2nd verse.

So I sang

"Why am I so emotional?

No it's not a good look

Gain some self control,

Deep down I know this never works,

But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt"

"Great job Luke you have an amazing voice" mrs Ensby congratulated. I sat down next to Ashton but he was called next. Calum leaned close from the back row. "I expected you to have a good voice after all that 'deep throat' excersise." Well what was meant to be quiet turned into the whole back row hearing it and laughing. I tried my best to ignore and looked at Ashton. I'd never heard him sing.

"Oh won't you stay with me, because your all I need. This ain't love it's clear to see, but darling stay with me"

He was so beautiful, mrs Ensby smiled as he took his seat. I was so proud I him. "You were amazing ash" I told him. "Aww you to gonna kiss?" Calum snickered interrupting me. Ashton looked at Calum and then pressed his lips against mine for a moment. "Yeah how'd you know calum?" He laughed as the bell went. Calum shut up, well I don't think he thought Ashton would do that. I didn't even think Ashton would do that. "Instruments next week people" mrs Ensby yelled as we filed out. We had survived our first day of people knowing.

Ashton's POV

As we walked out the door calum stood at the same pole he always did. He stuck his foot out nearly tripping Luke but I caught him. I will not even speak to calum when he gets home. He had no reason to treat us the way he has. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. Why would I have trusted him anyways?

When we got home we went straight in the room to avoid all possible contact with calum. Luke laid down on the bed and stretched out sighing. "I know it was hard Luke." I told him as I sit at the edge. "Yeah" he mumbles with his eyes closed. "But I love you to much to let it get to me" I whisper as I lean in to kiss him. He opens his eyes and takes up on my offer. I hear the front door shut but continue to kiss Luke anyways. Luke sits up and I climb onto his lap wrapping my arms around his neck as I lick his bottom lip asking for entrance. Calum walks in just at that moment. But not alone. Michael was there too. I hopped off of Luke and death stared him. "Didn't mean to interrupt, well actually I did." Calum laughed. I paid attention to Michael. He looked unhappy. I raised my eyebrows and he looked away. "What Michael do you want to stay and watch?" Calum snickered. Michael turned around and shut the door locking Calum out. "Excuse me Michael but we are busy right now." I say holding Luke's hand. "I just wanted to tell you that none of that was my idea. I feel terrible but I can't really do anything and I know my apology is useless." He Mumurs and leaves. I don't think I want to accept that just yet. He could've said something today but he didn't. Calum walked back in for a split second. "Please stop making noise when you fuck. It's disgusting." He smiles as he walks out. "Jokes on him cause we haven't fucked." I laughed looking at Luke. I imagined the sight of me towering over him and the moans he would make. I shook my head before I got too carried away. I wonder what he's thinking right now...

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