Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


15. Chapter 15

"I used to- cut too" Ashton mumbled.

I looked at his wrists, Surely he is too perfect to have done such a thing to himself. Faintly i see scars that could be 2 years old or maybe younger. None of them are fresh however. "Why Ash? You are absolutely perfect in every way possible."

"Well, I haven't really talked about it with anyone before. You said you already knew Calum was my brother so I'll go from there. We were 16 and I was dating Michael who (even though he was Calum's best friend) didn't find out we where brothers since recently. So he was Calum's best friend and we were all good friends. Calum did not know me and Michael were together. One night at our other friend Jayden's party, me and Michael were kissing around the corner. Calum walked around and instantly Michael shoved me onto the ground and told Calum I'd "forced myself" onto him. Calum thought I was disgusting. Our parents were fighting a lot and we couldn't afford the 4 bedroom house we were in. Dad told mum he wanted a divorce. I was so upset as I saw dad walking down the stairs with his bags and my sister following. I started crying and ran into Calum's room for comfort. He turned around with his suitcase and shoved passed me. He was leaving aswell. I pulled him back and pleaded with tears "Calum please don't go, don't leave me" but He just scoffed "goodbye faggot" and walked out the door. My mum went away for a week to get away from the stress. Even at school from then on he ignored me. That was all happening and by then I was on the brink of suicidal. I became the quiet shy boy. The only nice thing Calum did was not tell anyone I was- well yeah."

I took in the whole story. Silence broke for 2 minutes while I processed the new information. "Then why'd you go back to them." I asked and his expression dulled. "Because well, I thought they were going to accept me now but I'm pretty sure they just used me to ruin your life. I was so stupid for falling for it"

"No you're not stupid, he is your brother. I understand how hard it can be when family members push you away. Luckily I have you" I say placing a kiss on his forehead. "And I have you" he replies poking my cheek.

"You can come back to my house, unless you want to stay here?" he asks me. "I'd love to go back to your house, half my clothes are there anyway." I laugh.

Ashton's POV

I walk into my bedroom and Luke follows. "Ash I've been wearing this for a long time, I'm going to go get a new shirt from the spare room." Luke says and I stop him. "No, no, I will don't worry" I say as he sits down. I open the spare room and head to the dresser. "What are you doing Ashton?" Calum says as he walks in. "You scared the shit out of me Calum! Why are you here?" I yelled. "Um this is my room. Why are you digging through my clothes?"

"Where did you put Luke's clothes?" I ask concerned. "I just shoved them in the closet" he replied. I opened the closet grabbing a pile. "Why do you need them anyways?" Calum asks suspiciously. I head to the door. "Hello? Earth to Ashton?- wait is Luke here?"

"NO. no I'm just returning these to him tomorrow." I say leaving. "Okay then good get those filthy things out of here" he scoffs. I enter my room again turning around and locking the door. I have to keep them from knowing that eachother is here. I turn around to see Luke trying on my clothes. He's wearing an iron maiden muscle shirt with ripped skinny jeans and a beanie, he wears it way better then me. "Luke I bought you your clothes." I say interrupting his fashion parade. "Yeah sorry you just took awhile so I got bored." He smiled removing his shirt. "Don't worry you looked great in that shirt, but I do prefer it when it's off" I whispered and wrapped my arms around him from behind. "Do you want your pants back or not because I can't get them when your holding me this tight" he questioned and I let go. "Sure take the pants off, doesn't bother me at all" I laugh and he giggles. He hands me my skinny jeans and I fold them away. "Yeah I'm pretty sure that's my under wear too so your going to have to take them off" I warn him. "These are mine you doofus." He replies. "Oh really? Take them off and let me look at the tag then" I ask. "Your not getting me out of these Ashton." He smirks. "Is that so Lucas?" I state as I push him into the bed. "Not even for a kiss?" I plead as I peck his lips. "Nope" he laughs. "Well then if they're not coming off ill just have to go in" I inform as I slide my hand down into his underwear. His eyes light up in shock. "Ashton what the- oh fuck" he stumbles his words as my hand pumps. "Shh Luke. You can't be loud" I say. "Why cant-" I push my lips onto him to shut him up. Can't have Calum hearing this can we. He is about to finish but not before letting out a moan. "Fuck Luke I said be quiet" I scold him. "Sorry ash I couldn't help it." He smirks. I taste the fluid off my hand and clean it up. "Ashton what the fuck was that?!" Calum yells from his bedroom. "shit." I mumble under my breath. Luke recognises the voice and stares at me. Calum knocks on the door. "You didn't answer me!" He says shoving at the door. "Sorry, I'm um getting dressed" I reply. Luke's face doesn't look pissed but more so scared. He quickly changes into comfortable clothes. Calum finally gets the door open. "Ashton where did that- Luke? Why the fuck is he here?" Calum scoffs. "Calum leave him alone. I don't want any bullshit." I warn him. "I thought you were dating Michael again." Calum says mad. "No, I am not. You can leave now please" I ask. He stares at Luke then back at me and slams the door. I turn around to Luke. "Well that wasn't too bad?" Luke just shrugs and sits down on the bed. "I'm going to drive and pick up some KFC you coming?" I ask him. "Nah I'll stay and fix this pile of my clothing" he replies. "One of those drawers is empty" I tell him and close the door.


I pack the last of my clothes into the drawer. Why would I fold them? I do not know. I hear Calum playing green day in his room. He yells the lyrics loud. "Shut your mouth cause you talk to much and I don't give a FUCK anyway!!" I hear the music get turned down as he shuts his door. Damn I actually like greenday. He opens Ashton's and walks in. "Oh your here. I thought you'd gone with Ashton." He said. I didn't reply incase I said something stupid. "I don't understand what Ashton sees in you. Well I suppose I don't know what you see in Ashton either.-"

"Ashton is a beautiful person, he is caring and sweet, something I don't think you know how to be" I say interrupting. "I don't appreciate you stealing my brother, I deserve him." Calum States. "You left him and so did Michael." I retaliated. "Well listen here. You can say anything you want but nothing will ever happen, ashton is my brother and in the end he is going to have to choose me over you. Even if I did this!" He says and punches me Across the jaw hitting my nose. It was just as Ashton walked in. "Whoops" Calum says as he sees Ashton stare at me. "What the fuck Calum, don't you ever hurt him like that." Ashton yells as I hold my face. "Ashton. He said, he said that you told him you don't love me anymore and that you care about him more then your own brother" he states. What a load of bullshit. I go to say something but it hurts. I hope he knows that Calum's lying. Ashton replies to Calum.

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